Workout routines for building muscle – How to structure your workouts

By | November 11, 2014

Workout routines for building muscle – How to structure your workouts

It is easy to get confused with all the information available on internet regarding the workout routines and how to structure them. Often times people tend to overcomplicate these things. I’ll try to break it down for you with this post and give you practical information about the subject.


Basically the workouts are divided to different sections per week. There are different kind of “splits” which basically mean how many times you workout in a week and what body parts per day and how many times to hit certain muscle groups within the week.

Here are some common ones:

– 3 Day split consisting workout days for Monday (Back & Biceps), Wednesday (Chest, Shoulder, Triceps), Friday (Legs).
– 4 Day split is made of Monday (Lower Body), Tuesday (Upper Body), Thursday (Lower Body), Friday (Upper body).
– 5 Day split could be structured in this way Monday (Chest), Tuesday (Back), Thursday (Shoulders), Friday (Legs), Saturday (Arms).

As you can see the routines are based on how frequently the muscle groups will be trained per week.

– 3 Day split you get 1 workout per muscle group in a week.
– 4 Day split you get 2 workouts per muscle group in a week.
– 5 Day you round up with 2-3 workouts per muscle group in a week because the same muscle groups will get worked on Monday, Thursday and Saturday for example.

These are just one of the common way to structure your workouts but then there are also even 7-10 day splits which require more than one training session per day.

But here is the catch. Usually the more you split your workouts the more complex and specific your workouts tend to get. This is perfectly fine when you’re advanced lifter and you have a good understanding of your body and how it grows. But for beginners it is much more efficient and rewarding to be working with really basic structure like 3 Day splits.


I personally train with 3 Day splits and structure my workouts around heavy basic compound movements. These mean Deadlifts, Squats, Bench presses, Overhead presses, Chin-ups, Rows. These movements are the best for gaining overall size and strength.

Important thing is to aim for progressive overload with your workouts through more repetitions, weight, speed of the exercise or recovery time in between sets.

In my opinion for beginner and intermediate lifters the best workout routine would consist of 3 day split. Put maximum effort every day three times a week at the gym. When you focus on QUALITY reps and sets once a week per muscle group and build your routines around basic heavy compound exercises you body has no other choice but to grow.


This is a really rough stroke on how to build your workout routines. As you get more and more advanced in the gym you can start breaking the rules and make more complex splits if you feel the need to.

Monday (Back & Biceps)

– Deadlift
– Chin-ups
– Bent over rows
– Cable pull
– EZ bar bicep
– Abdominals

Wednesday (Chest & Shoulders & Triceps)

– Bench Press (Barbell or Dumbbell)
– Incline / Decline Bench Press (Dumbbell or Barbell)
– Overhead press (Dumbbell or Barbell)
– Dips
– EZ bar skullcrushers
– Cable tricep pulldown

Friday (Legs)

– Squat
– Lunges
– Straight-legged Deadlift
– Calves
– Abdominals


– Use 3 day split if you’re beginner or intermediate.
– Basic compound movements should be the pillars of your workout routine.
– Aim for progressive overload (reps, weight, rest in between sets)
– Execute movements with proper form

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Did you find this article helpful? I’d love to hear your comments on the subject. Drop me a line below and I’ll get back to you 🙂


– Jesse 🙂


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