Whey Protein Powder Side Effects – Is It Safe To Use?

By | February 4, 2015

Whey Protein Powder Side Effects – Is It Safe To Use?

whey_scoopThe golden child of supplement industry goes by the name of Whey Protein. It’s been around a long time and proven useful. But often times people question that does whey protein powder side effects include some serious complications within our system?

Whey Protein is very safe to supplement with and does not have any serious side effects. It’s been studied in researches hundreds of times with different variables. With recommended dosages it’s safe to use.

Nutritional Profile Of Whey Protein

Whey is great source of protein since it has all the essential amino acids. The amino acids in Whey protein powder include BCAAs which are important to promote fat loss, prevent muscle breakdown and strengthening immune system. These three BCAAs are called Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.

What Is Whey Protein Powder Made Of?

Whey Protein is made from milk. It’s a byproduct of making cheese. So this means that people who are allergic to dairy products will probably be allergic to Whey also. But there is a catch here.

What Different Types Of Whey Protein Powders Are Available?ON_Gold

Whey comes in 3 different forms which are:

  • Concentrate
  • Isolate
  • Hydrolysate

And how these three different types of Whey differ from each other?

Concentrate is the first form of Whey so to say. It’s quite “pure” and not too processed. This means that the lactose levels in it are the highest and there is also the largest amount of fats and carbohydrates along protein. This is the cheapest available Whey Protein on the market. Usually people with sensitive stomachs to dairy products might get some side effects from this form of Whey.

Isolate is more refined Whey compared to Concentrate. It’s been processed to separate more fats and carbohydrates. Higher protein content is also being produced. The lactose levels of Whey Isolates are usually low. People who suffer with lactose related issues such as intolerancy or allergy usually won’t get any side effects from pure Isolate Whey.

Hydrolysate is even more processed form of Whey. This has basically no fats and carbohydrates and the highest amounts of protein. Personally I don’t see any reason to go with this one since it’s quite expensive and I don’t think it offers any real benefit compared to the Isolate.

Concentrate / Isolate / Hydrolysate Hybrids are whey protein powders made with different mixes between the three of these. Quite many Whey products are these so called hybrids. And usually the companies won’t give you the ratios of different forms used. You have to kinda figure it out by looking at the protein / fat / carbohydrate amounts of the product. The higher fat and carb content, the more concentrate it has, thus more lactose.

Dairy Related Side Effects Of Whey Protein Powder

So when it all comes down to it if you have sensitive stomach towards dairy products, try different types of whey and see how your body responds to it.

Anyway usually the amounts that people use Whey are quite small, about one scoop a day so basically you have to be really sensitive to dairy products to get any side effects from it.

But if you wanna be sure just stick with the product that is made from only Whey Isolate or hydrolysate if your wallet makes up for it.

Sweeteners, Preservatives, Colors, Flavours, etc. Related Side Effects

Another thing that might cause side effects are the different sweeteners, preservatives, colors, flavours, etc . Different brands use different ingredients to color the powder and fine tune taste. So that might very well be one thing to consider. Some brands will use only natural ingredients to color and adjust the taste, some use artificial, some use mix between natural and aftificial. But if you experience some side effects due to the different preservatives in Whey, usually all brands have “natural” Whey in their selection which doesn’t have any sweeteners or ingredients that colour it so it’s just plain Whey.

One thing to mention also that Whey products usually have some minimal amounts of Soy (Lecithin).

List Of Possible Side Effects When Consuming Whey Powder

Like mentioned earlier with recommended dosages Whey is safe to use. But possible side effects of high doses of Whey might be some of the following ones:

  • Increased bowel movements
  • Nausea
  • Thirst
  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Reduced appetite
  • Tiredness (fatigue)
  • Headache

Is Whey Protein Necessary?

No. By all means supplementing with Whey Protein is necessary. If you’re not consuming Whey you will not be hindering your muscle building by any way.

But Whey protein comes in handy if you feel that you’re not getting enough protein from your regular diet. Whey protein shakes makes it convenient to top up your daily protein intake to ensure that you’re getting enough protein to build muscle.

Ontop of that Whey protein can be a healthy, low calorie treat since nowadays the flavoured Wheys really taste good and mix well with liquid.

Conclusion On Whey Protein Powder Side Effects

All this being said it’s relatively safe to say that Whey doesn’t really have any serious side effects when used with recommended doses. But we are all different and the only way to find out is to try it for yourself. Ofcourse with everything too much is too much and Whey is not an exception.

But to be honest if you’re not supplementing with Whey you won’t be hindering your muscle gains a one bit. A balanced diet should always be the corner stone of your eating habits, Whey is just a convenient way to top up your daily protein intake, nothing more.

So to wrap this all up here is a some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Whey is made from Milk
  • Whey doesn’t have any serious side effects
  • Whey has all the essential amino acids
  • If you’re sensitive to dairy products go with pure Isolate Whey
  • If you’re sensitive to certain sweeteners, preservatives, colors, flavours, etc. check the Whey product what it contains!
  • If you’re very sensitive stick with Natural Whey Isolate
  • You won’t be hindering your ability to grow muscle or recover if you’re NOT supplementing with Whey

Did you find this article helpful? I’d love to hear your experiences or suggestions. Drop a comment down below and let me know what you think! Also Check out my article on what are the best supplements to use when the goal is to build muscle and strength HERE!

Remember to train hard and train SMART!

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    I was too afraid to even try Whey Protein until I read this article. I’ve always had problems with milk/dairy products but now that I know about the Isolate I’ll surely give Whey Protein a go!

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