Whey protein before of after workout – Which one to choose?

By | November 6, 2014

Whey protein before of after workout – Which one to choose?

SONY DSCThe HOLY GRAIL of muscle building, Whey protein. This magical powder which will take your recovery and muscle gains to the next level. Praised by fitness industry as the most important supplement on the market.

But is it really that?

If you ask me, no. Not at all.

Whey protein is NOT necessary for recovery and muscle growth.

I’m not saying here that whey protein is completely useless. It’s actually a convenient way to add a bit more protein intake to your daily requirements if you don’t get them from your food.

The mantra revolving around the post-workout (after workout) protein shake has been praised by the fitness industry and yes it is true that post-workout protein is vitally important to the mucle building process but the issue here is the DEFINITION of post-workout.

“In recent research performed at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario Canada in conjunction with the University of Nottingham in England, it was found that the first meal after a workout is extremely important to many markers of muscle growth. They also found that this meal could be as much as 24 hours AFTER a workout [Burd NA, 2011].” – Quote from Brad Pilons book.

That being said it doesn’t really matter do you take the post-workout shake or not since you should be paying attention that you’re taking the advantage in the next 24 hours after weight training.

Just eat at your normal meal times and what you’re used to!

Don’t chug up protein-shakes or meals right after workouts just because fitness industry has painted this picture in your head.

It seems to make very little difference whether you take pre-, during or post-exercise protein supplements. So little, that I would worry more about the quality of my workouts rather than what supplements to take before, during and after.

Since the studies suggest that it is the WORKOUTS that leads to increased protein synthesis and create an anabolic response to protein feedings don’t worry about the supplementation with Whey protein just keep eating your daily requirements of calories and make sure you eat enough protein and you’re golden.

So to answer your question Whey protein BEFORE or AFTER a workout?

Up to you. Doesn’t make any difference. If you like to drink pre- or post-workout shakes by all means do it. But if you don’t, remember that it doesn’t hinder your muscle gains one bit.

Did you find this article helpful or not? I’d love to hear what you think on this subject! Leave a comment below 🙂

Happy trainings everybody!

– Jesse 🙂

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