What is the best way to build muscles – Get the no BS information here!

By | November 14, 2014

What is the best way to build muscles – Get the no BS information here!

backYou’ve tried to find information for what is the best way to build muscles? We’ll you’ve come to a right place!

The bad thing about all of the fitness information floating around internet is that everyone tries to get results FAST. See building muscle is not a overnight thing. To see results you have to put in the hard work for months and years.

Fitness industry tries to sell you their products so they over emphasize the need for supplements. In reality the supplements are not mandatory by any means. What is mandatory is the right type of exercises, intensity, programming, diet and rest!

So let me break it down you a bit:


It is really simple what exercises build the most muscles. But I understand as a beginner stepping to the gym it might be intimidating. The room is full of really weird looking equipments and you can get easily get overwhelmed by the freedom of choice.

What you really need is NOT the equipments.

Free weights should be the corner stone of your exercise programs!

Deadlifts, Squats, Bench presses, Overhead presses, Rows, Chin-ups, Dips. These basic compound exercises are the best for building muscle. Period.

Using those fancy machines can be incorporated to your routine as a additional exercises to pump the muscle but don’t structure your program around machines!


This means that you have to push your body to lift more weight, perform more repetitions, use more time under tension in repetitions, rest less between sets.

All of these parameters can be use to aim for progressive overload. For example you can make a 8 week program where you stay between 8-12 repetitions per sets.

Start the first few weeks lighter and aim for heavier weights and higher intensity every week after that. The last week should be your hardest and after that you can either take a whole week off from weight training or do some really light exercises this way your not driving your body to an overdrive.


To ensure that you keep building muscle you have to also eat right. Usually people like to think that the persons who have a well muscled frame basically sleeps inside the gym. Thats not true.

When you’re at the gym you break down the muscle tissue. So you’re BREAKING the muscle not BUILDING it. That is where the diet comes in. With proper diet you’re ensuring that your body will keep BUILDING muscle after your BREAK it down at the gym.

In other words your building muscle when you’re NOT in the gym!

To build muscle you have to be in so called Calorie Surplus state.

This means eat more calories than you burn. Another key point is the protein intake.

You have to eat about 70-150g protein per day to ensure that your body is prepared to repair that broken muscle tissue.

To calculate your daily calorie intake you can use the free calculator at my fitness pal.

# 4 REST

To ensure that your body keeps building the muscle you need to take rest into consideration also. If you’re really stressed out and cannot sleep well or sleep just a couple of hours a day you’ll definately hinder your ability to build muscle.

It is a good rule of thumb that you should get about 8 hours of good quality of sleep every night.


So to wrap all the main points here up here is what you should pay attention to:

– Train with basic compound exercises (Deadlifts, Squats, Bench press, etc.)

– Aim for progressive overload week after week (more weight per set or more repetitions per set)

– Maintain calorie surplus state and eat around 70-150g protein per day

– Get 8 hours of sleep every night

This is a really a scratch to the surfcase of muscle building and strength training but these rules apply 100% to every trainer out there.

If you want to dig a little deeper take a look at my review of Sean Nalewanyj’s Body Transformation Blueprint at HERE This e-course has everything you need in order to optimize your muscle building capabilities!

Did you find this article helpful? Drop me a line to the comment section below and tell me what you think about the subject!

– Jesse 🙂

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