The Muscle Matrix Solution Review

By | August 14, 2015

The Muscle Matrix Solution Reviewmms_4

Scam or Legit?: SCAM!
Overall Ranking: 20 out of 100 points
Price: $47
Experience level: Beginner – Advanced
Type Of Training: Weight Training
For what?: Muscle Growth
Owner: Ryan Hughes

Ok so this program was just launched on July 2015 and it sparked quite a lot of interest among the fitness industry since the guy promoting it is Ryan Hughes, IFBB professional physique competitor.

Some reviews have already come out and actually praising the whole system so I decided to take my unbiased look into it and find out does it really hold any value.

I’ve been doing these reviews quite a lot lately so let’s see how this one perform under my magnifying glass.

The Author Of The Muscle Matrix Solution, Ryan Hughes

The man behind the program is Ryan Hughes who has gained quite a lot of attention in the fitness industry. He has been a top personal trainer for a lot of celebrities in New York and he is international fitness cover model.

On top of that Ryan has been featured in many of the big game magazines of fitness industry and general media such as:



And now he is bringing his “secret” training methods available for everyone to implement. That is exactly what the brand new Muscle Matrix Solution has been released.

Ryan actually had a previous workout program called 360 fitness before this one and it was somewhat successful.

You can find Ryan at:


The Introduction Video Of The Muscle Matrix Solution

So before purhcasing this program I watched the entire sales pitch video of Ryans program and I almost ended up leaving the whole thing alone since the marketing was so full of gimmicks and really absurd promises of gains.

There were so many different pointless claims what you will achieve by using this program that it was absurd as hell.

This was by far the most horrible sales pitch I’ve come across, and I’m not kidding. Out of my 15 workout reviews, this presentation was the worst!


Ryan promises that he has found a well hidden “secret” to building muscle and losing fat at the same time. He claims that this program will surge you with so much additional testosterone that you’ll experience steroid like gains.

I mean there was just too much BS on the video that I still cannot believe it but here are couple of quotes that I picked out from the presentation:

  1. Ryan mentions sharing a strange “secret growth hack” that will give regular guys a massive and totally natural shortcut to getting insanely jacked and shredded. I’ll go a bit more in-depth this later so just hold on a minute.
  2. The growth hack takes effect on only your arms, chest, shoulders and back. Why neglect all other body parts and just focus on these? You should always train your whole body, not just the “show muscles”.
  3. And the secret that he is talking about will magically burn off your lower abdominal fat. Infact you cannot target your fat loss into single part of your body. As your total body fat reduces it is determined by your genetics where the fat will burn.
  4. You will see a dramatic change in your muscle mass in just a few weeks or less. Classic promise that will not happen. Building muscle takes months and years, not a few weeks or less.

Ok so I’m gonna stop right here. He goes boasting about this secret all throughout the video over and over again making those really absurd gains.

I really felt that now I’m getting scammed and hard by watching this presentation and that is never a good thing.

I understand that for a beginner that doesn’t know where to start, everything that was presented in the video would make sense but in all reality, it is just a bag full of empty promises!

And Now Things Get Interesting…

As I started to research more of Ryans training methods I found this video:

So in this video he gives actually good advice on how to build muscle. He tells that you should train with the heavy compound movements using couple sets per exercise and the focus is always with the multijoint movements and progressing on them for heavier weights.

Also the nutrition part is decent and makes sense. The advice he gives in this video is solid!

In this clip he says that you shouldn’t expect drastic gains in muscle mass. Instead you should make goals that are realistic and what you can achieve.

He completely contradicts the information that he is giving in this Muscle Matrix presentation video!

After I watched this it was getting quite clear what the objective of the Muscle Matrix really is.

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The Secret Effect Of The Muscle Matrix Solution Program

So the big secret of The Muscle Matrix program is to naturally spike your testosterone levels, growth hormone and decrease cortisol.


There is actually truth behind the methods that the program uses. You can increase your testosterone levels naturally, you can increase your growth hormone naturally and you can decrese cortisol levels naturally.

But remember, correlation does not necessarily imply causation!

What I mean by this is, just because you can improve your anabolic hormones slightly naturally, doesn’t mean that you’ll experience any real benefits in gaining muscle mass or your performance in the gym, since the actual levels within your body will increase so little.

This study was conducted because the researches wanted to find out that how different levels of testosterone within males effect on the muscle building potential of men. The conclusion was that if you’re at rock bottom levels, you will find it harder to gain muscle but if you’re within the normal limits, be it low or high end, it didn’t have any effect. The real muscle building effects kick in when the dosage is topped to 10-20 times compared to normal.

And even when you do everything as the Musle Matrix tells you down to a T, it will not have any effect on your muscle building performance!

And the same principles affect also Growth Hormone and Cortisol levels.

If you’re not getting high doses of these hormones, you will not experience any noticeable results. And naturally the amounts you can increase do not come even close to having any effect.

So everything the presentation is boasting about the “secret” unimaginable gains because you will have more testosterone, growth hormone and less cortisol within your bloodstream are complete marketing gimmicks to push this product to you!

What Is The Muscle Matrix System?

The program itself consists of workout regimens that you’ll do 3 times a week 30 minutes per session, diet module that teaches you how to eat to spark more anabolic hormones into your blood stream and some information on recovery also.

Ryans program is designed to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. And if you’re complete beginner or have high body fat percentage it can be done. Although if you want to build muscle you should put all your focus into gaining more muscle rather than trying to hit 2 flies with one strike.

The training module of the program is not the worst but it could be improved.

Dietary advice is on the same level as the training, it’s not the worst but not the best either.


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What I Like In The Programpositives

  • Incorporating basic compound movements into the workout routines.
  • Nutrition advice is decent.
  • Ryan seems to know his stuff. (more on this at conclusion)

What I Don’t Like In The Programnegatives

  • The whole core of the program that increasing your anabolic hormones naturally will yield steroid like gains is just a complete marketing gimmick and a scam.
  • The whole program is just revolving around quick fixes which in reality have no place if you want to build muscle or burn body fat. There are no secrets or shortcuts, only hard work and dedication will get you there.
  • The weight training advice could be better in terms of frequency and exercise selection.

Conclusion On The Muscle Matrix Solution Review

Ok so when it all comes down to it, if you’re serious about building muscle or burning fat this program is not for you.

I got the feeling that Ryan Hughes is not actually the creator of the program, he is just taken in as a face to promote it.

And the reason for this is the fact that Ryan gives such a different advice on different platforms compared to this product.

Like I mentioned before on the other video he gives really good advice and promotes heavy lifting with compound exercises and that you should not believe any fast results gimmicks and that building muscle really takes time.

But in this program there is so much contradiction with all of that stuff.

All the stuff with secrets, shortcuts, growth hacks… Just a plain old marketing gimmicks to get rid of your money.

The whole idea of training right and eating right to gain more anabolic hormones into your bloodstream is just a scam and it doesn’t actually make any real difference in the big picture.

I really hope Ryan would make a program based upon the information that he really praises and how he trains himself instead of this gimmicky overhyped stuff.

Anyway if you’re already made up your mind to start training with this program, by all means do it.


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