The Muscle Experiment Review

By | July 15, 2015

The Muscle Experiment Reviewtme_main

Scam or Legit?: 100% LEGIT
Overall Ranking: 80 out of 100 points
Price: $57
Experience level: Beginner – Intermediate
Type Of Training: Bodyweight
For what?: Muscle Growth
Owners: Mike Thiga

I stumbled upon Mike Thigas bodyweight training program called The Muscle Experiment on the internet and got curious since it’s not a traditional weight training program, instead you’re doing all the exercises with your bodyweight!

You’ve probably seen guys like Hannibal or Barstarzz doing crazy stuff with basic outdoor equipment, those guys are performing like the most advanced form of bodyweight training. This program is here to give you the foundation of that kind of training style. And we really don’t have to argue about will bodyweight training build muscle after looking at these guys!

There are both positives and negatives when it comes to debate over weight training and bodyweight training and which one is superior.

I personally lean towards weight training and it makes the core of my workout programs. Although I also throw in bodyweight exercises such as different pull-ups, dips and handstand push-ups.

But not all of as have access to gyms and equipment and some people enjoy more of the movement & agility aspect along with the development of static strength what bodyweight training brings to the table.

So let’s get into detail of this program and figure out why I like it.

The Author Mike Thiga

Mike is a natural bodyweight trainer with a deep passion towards fitness. He used to be very skinny guy with a medical condition in his another hand that has just one finger.

But he was determined to change his body composition from skinny to muscular and like everyone else he thought it would be a good idea to join a gym and get a personal trainer to get into a good start.

Mike had bad luck and he run into some really unprofessional trainers & f****d up people that wouldn’t take his ambitions seriously just because he was born a little bit different.

So the only thing that was left to him was to build muscle without the gyms. And from that point on he found his passion and paved his own path in fitness.


Mike has been helping people to gain muscle mass with this program for several years already and it’s proven effective time and time again.

He is proud to carry the flag of bodyweight training but he is not putting down weight training either!

I contacted Mike personally and he said that he could send me a review copy of his program. This tells so much about the person. All the scammy products will just ignore you because they do not give a rats ass about your goals, they just want to have another sale and off you go.

But Mike really wants to help people to build muscle and he is not afraid to put himself out there and stands behind his beliefs!

What Is The Muscle Experiment Workout Programtme_bundle

It’s a complete BODYWEIGHT training program that has information on training, diet and recovery. All these three have to be in pristine condition whatever your chosen muscle building program may be.

This is a 6 month program and also has advanced module that will cover the next 6 months after completing the first 6 month phase.

Also it’s worth to mention that all the workouts will cover your whole body so there is no stupid bro-splits in use. You’ll get whole body development and do not end up looking like the guys that do just bench and biceps in the gym (you know who I’m talking about!)

The contents are:

  • The Jump Start Quide – A quick instructions manual on which order you should read all the contents of the whole program. Really handy since there is a lot of PDF files for you to download so with this guide you don’t end up confused with the materials.
  • The Muscle Experiment: SuperFreak Manual – The main product of the whole course with 66 pages of hard facts on bodyweight training. In this book you get everything you need to know from bodyweight training and the science behind it. Exercises, reps, sets, rest intervals, proper form, nutrition, anabolic overdrive methods, recovery, rest, etc.
  • The 8-Pack Manual – Ab-workout regimen to be incorporated after the first 6 months of training with the basic program. The aim is to give your whole abdominal region a set of exercise for great ab development. Also you will incorporate cardio to burn off calories. Although I’m wondering is the calorie deficit from the additional cardio alone enough to burn off your body fat while eating the same way as the muscle building phase.
  • Bodyweight Exercise Database – Proper technique on how to execute all the exercises tha are listed in the workout plans.
  • Muscle Building Meal Plans – Ready made meal plans for 3000, 4000 and 5000 daily calories. Although after using the Anabolic Calorie Calculator you’ll have to fine-tune these meal plans to suit your individual needs.
  • The A-2 Factor – An in-depth book going into the importance of BCAA’s also known as Branched Chain Amino Acids. For those that are new to the game of muscle building these amino acids are vital for your muscle growth since they basically give your muscle the information to utilize protein as building blocks.
  • Printable Workout Logs – Pretty self explanatory. A way to track your workouts and progress.
  • Anabolic Calorie Calculator – You will have to calculate your calorie intake to stay in a calorie surplus so that your body will have the energy to build muscle. You just type in your age, height, gender & weight and you’ll get your individual calorie intake amount.
  • Advanced 24-Week Muscle Gain Program – Workout templates for the next 6 months after the basic program.

These all materials are linked to each other and form the whole structure of the program. But there are also 6 other bonus materials that will come in handy.

What I Like In The Programpositives

The book is really well written and also has some humour in it so you won’t get bored with it. I found the whole course comprehensive and written in a no BS manner that gives you everything you need to know when interested in building muscle without weights.

Here are my top recommendations:

  • No BS approach on building muscle, there are no secret pills, powders or potions, only hard work and dedication.
  • Everything you need to know about bodyweight training.
  • Gradually building up your strength, not just jumping in to doing pull-ups if you cannot perform any.
  • The minimum length of the program is 6-months, the truth is that you cannot make muscle growth in days or weeks, it takes time and commitment.
  • How to achieve progressive overload without weights, this means how to accomplish overloading of the muscles since you cannot add weight to the barbell.
  • Whole body training regimens to counteract muscle imbalances.
  • Electronic product so you can start right away.

What I Didn’t Likenegatives

However there was also some negative parts that I didn’t like which were:

  • Different bodyweight squats are not optimal for the best possible lower body development. Lot of my friends that do 90% of their workouts with bodyweight style still go train their legs in the gym.
  • Some minor lack of nutritional advice, such as the 8-pack programs advice on just incorporating HIIT cardio but not adjusting your calorie intake for fat loss. This just might not be enough if you’re already eating a lot.
  • If you’re really obese you might find the exercises very hard to do since you’re bodyweight is too much for you to handle. Although this is not the fault of the program, you should burn off the excess fat first!

For Who?

The ideal candidate for this program would be beginner with no prior muscle building experience that wants to build muscle and strength with the smallest investment possible.

Also intermediate to advanced lifters who are interested in bodyweight training after hitting years in the gym will find this beneficial, especially the advanced program.

Conclusion On The Muscle Experiment Review

When it all comes down to it, The Muscle Experiment is a high quality, working program for people that are looking to build muscle without weights. The material is well thought out and I cannot get the feel that it’s just thrown together to get rid of peoples money.

It’s a program that genuinely tries to help and advice you on how to build muscle using only your own bodyweight.

But that being said this program is not something you can just read and leave it at that. You have to be motivated to take ACTION.

Building muscle is something that cannot be done by reading books, you need to go out there and train!

So if you do as Mike instructs, you will definately gain good amount of muscle.

The positives of this program massively outweigh the negatives so it definately gets my seal of approval.

Also Mike gives you 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the progress you’ve made you’ll get full refund no questions asked.



Have you used this program? Got something on your mind? Drop me a comment down below and I’ll get back at you!

Remember to train hard and train SMART!

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