The Best Whey Protein For Building Muscle

By | November 23, 2014

The Best Whey Protein For Building Muscle

image_24349_original_X_450_whiteSo I guess you’ve made a decision to start supplementing with Whey Protein. And it’s no wonder. In your gym where you go on a regular basis everyone is chugging it down from their shakers. All the big guys hammer it down after training in the locker room.

But let me touch a few things before I give you the best whey protein for building muscle.

Whey Protein enjoys a quite high status in the fitness community and in my opinion it’s way over hyped. The companies use all kinds of fancy terms for their products like anti-catabolic, fast acting peptides and super recovery whey matrix. You can ignore all this stuff since it’s only a sales pitch.

BUT even though Whey Protein is over hyped it’s still a great “supplement”.

I don’t personally like the word supplement which Whey is always categorized. To me it’s a food in the same way as chicken, beef, eggs, etc. It has both essential and non-essential amino acids and it’s very nutrient dense.

How Whey Protein is made?

It’s a byproduct of cheese made from cows milk. After the milk is curdled and strain the leftover is turned into Whey Protein.

Will Whey Protein build me more muscle?

No and yes. The way protein doesn’t build you any more muscle than other sources of protein such as fish, chicken, beef, pork, etc. But it’s a CONVENIENT way to top up your daily protein intake. One scoop of Whey usually gets you somewhere around 25-30g of protein roughly the same amount as 100g of meat.

And are there different type of Whey Proteins?

There is basically 4 different forms which are:

– Whey Protein Concentrate

– Whey Protein Isolate

– Whey Protein Concentrate & Isolate Hybrid

– Whey Protein Hydrolysate

Let me go a bit of detail in each of these:


This is the cheapest form available. It has the lowest actual protein conent of these three around 80% it has the most carbohydrates which tend to stay between 5-6% and highest Lactose content. If you’ve got a sensitive stomach this might upset it a little bit resulting in “protein farts”.


More processed form of concentrate and that can be seen in the price. Protein content around 90%, less carbohydrates and fat, also generally Lactose free. Claimed to absorbe faster than concentrate.


This is actually quite common mix between the products and the price is usually closer to concentrate than isolate. So when you’re buying your protein you can check is it a hybrid or pure form from the Nutritional Facts sticker. One trick what the companies like to use is that they’ll use some fancy name for the product like HYPER / SUPER WHEY PROTEIN and that usually implies that the product should contain only Whey protein Isolate but as you check the nutritional facts you’ll find that it’s a blend of concentrate and isolate.


The most expensive form of whey protein. The protein content moves around 95-99% and there is very minimal amount of carbohydrates and fats. Basically as “pure” as you can get the whey protein. Needless to say no Lactose here either. Claims to be absorbed best of all whey proteins on the market.


Basically the differences of these three are really minimal. The #1 thing that companies market these product are the absorption quality. The more “pure” the powder is the better it will be absorbed by your body and utilized to build muscle. There MIGHT be tiny differences between the absorption time how fast the protein will be digested but in reality it makes no difference if your protein is digested in the first hour or next 5 hours.

So what it really comes down to, here is what you should look into:

– Choose something you can afford OR what your stomach can handle. Concentrate is a great choice but if you’re very intolerant to lactose go with the Isolate or try hybrid.

– Also some people might get side effects such as acne or farts from the preservaties of certain brands. Different brands some times use different colour and sweeteners to their powder. Good choice in this case is to try and buy plain natural whey which has no taste or colour added to it, usually all the brands have this option.

– I personally would never buy Hydrolysate since it’s the most expensive one and I don’t see any real benefits over the others with it.


All in all Whey protein is a convenient way to top up your daily protein intake but that’s all it is. It is not some magical powder which will build you 10 pounds of new muscle in a week if you start taking it. And if you’re wondering which Whey protein to take because you want to gain as much muscle as fast as possible DO NOT go and buy the most expensive one in the market and pat your back that job well done.

It is hard and consistent work in the gym and correct diet coupled with right amount of rest which will build you muscle NOT Whey protein.

So lets recap the main points here:

– Whey Protein Concentrate is as good choice as Isolate and Hydrolysate

– Try using Isolate if you’re very sensitive to Lactose

– Try using unflavoured plain Whey if you get side-effects

– Whey Protein is just a convenient way to get more protein

– Whey Protein doesn’t give you anything SPECIAL what builds more muscle than normal food

So thats it guys and girls! Did you find this article helpful? Got some questions of thoughts in your mind? Drop a comment below and share your ideas!

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Happy trainings.

– Jesse

10 thoughts on “The Best Whey Protein For Building Muscle

  1. Loes

    Hi Jesse, well explained article, allthough I leave the muscle building to others:) thanks for the good read, greetings Loes

  2. Kathy

    I don’t use this kind of product but my son in law is always talking about building muscle. It’s an interesting and in depth article, I’ll pass it on to him. 🙂

    1. Jesse Post author

      Absolutely Kathy! Hope he gains some useful information from this 🙂

  3. Michelle

    Hi Jesse. This is excellent information for weight lifters. I know a lot of people who swear by using Whey Protein to build muscle, but it is just hype by the producers. I guess as always, it boils down to eating healthy and working out regularly. Thanks for a great article!

    1. Jesse Post author

      Exactly Michelle. I know some guys who take 50-75% of their proteins from Whey and those guys are big and strong but everyone does things by the way they see best fit. I personally swear by healthy diet and throw in a bit of Whey couple times of a week. Thank you for sharing your 2 cents here 🙂

  4. Nate

    Hey Jesse. Having used protein powders in a while but thinking of using it again. So true how you say that it is not really a supplement but another source of protein like meat and that its real benefit is the convenience. Is it true that it’s a good idea to take protein as soon as possible after a workout? If so then that convenience is a real plus. Thanks for the post! ~Nate

    1. Jesse Post author

      Nate absolutely not necessary. You can basically think your body to be in that receptive state for protein for the next 24 hours after a workout session. The “drink a protein shake RIGHT AFTER your workout is done” -thing really holds no value. Thank you Nate for reading through!


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