The best supplements for building muscle fast – Don’t waste your money!

By | November 13, 2014

The best supplements for building muscle fast – Don’t waste your money!

Sports_Nutrition_SupplementsSo I bet you’re getting lured by the supplement companies and fitness industry to use supplements in order to build muscle fast. I guess you’ve been told that you need to take atleast this and this and this in order to get really big and strong fast? Well let me tell you something…

If you’re trying to build muscle naturally without any enhancement of steroids or other PED’s you ain’t gonna build muscle fast. Period. But that being said even though you ain’t gonna build it fast doesn’t mean you cannot maximize the potential to build it as fast as it is humanly possible!

Remember that working out hard and smart coupled with sufficient supply of nutrients through your diet is what builds muscle. You gain a really small performance enhancement through supplements but it’s not even close to mandatory! And 99% what the fitness industry tries to sell you is garbage.

The best supplements for building muscle fast in my opinion include the next products:

#1 CREATINECM-1000 lrg

The most researched and proven supplement on the market out there. Creatine has been proven to increase your lean muscle gains as well as strength. It is totally safe to use without any considerable side-effects.

There is many different kind of Creatines on the market but you should stick with the basic and most researched one which is Creatine Monohydrate.

Just take 3-5 grams per day (about teaspoon). You don’t need to take so called “loading phase” since the full creatine saturation of muscles reaches its peak about 30 days after you start taking it and your body can only utilize certain amount of it in a day. So 3-5 grams per day is the optimal amount everything above than that basically goes to waste. Just another trick in fitness world to get rid of your money.

One important thing to know also is that creatine doesn’t give you any acute performance ecnhancement. So if you’ve been taking it 30 grams in a day for a week you ain’t gonna notice any difference!


This has been praised as the golden child of bodybuilding and strength training. Whey protein is been made a MUST in the fitness circles without it your muscles will simply melt away from your frame. !!BUZZER!! Wrong.

Whey protein is not mandatory guys. It is just a little helper to get your needed proteins for the day IF you ain’t getting enough from your diet. I’m not saying it’s not a working supplement because it is. But it is just meant to be used for optional help. It is not a necessary building block.

All-in-all if you like getting some of your proteins from whey by all means do it. But if you chose to get everything from your food don’t feel like you’re missing some vital part of optimal muscle building!


These vitamins I believe to be the most effective of all. The thing here is that by just taking these vitamins you’re not going to get some magical benefits to your lifting career BUT… Most of the people find themselves to be deficient in these three since we usually dont get enough from sun exposure and food. So if you’re levels are where they need to be don’t bother but I almost guarantee you’re deficient atleast in D3 and Magnesium. When you’re deficient in these you’ll hinder your ability to recover and stay healthy by a big degree.

When I started eating D3 and Magnesium I didn’t get sick anymore, and if I did I just had some minor weakness for day or two and thats it.

Vitamin D3


This is the true king of vitamins. And the name vitamin is a bit of understatement because once your body gets vitamin D3 either from sun exposure or supplements or food it will turn vitamin D3 to a hormone called Calcitriol.

Some of the health benefits of vitamin D3 include:

– Boost of immune system

– Muscle function

– Cardiovascular function

– And many more…

So how much should you take it? Good guide for adults is 5000 IU / 125 micrograms. If you take 5000 IU as a supplement once per day its equal to about 15 minutes sun exposure to whole body on sunny midday on light skinned people.


You don’t hear too much of people being deficient in Magnesium but it is estimated that in the US about 80% of the population is deficient. Magnesium is much like vitamin D3 being responsible for many hundreds of different bodily functions! It is found over 300 different enzymes in our body.

Some health benefits of Magnesium include:

– Creation of ATP, the energy molecules of your body. Basically ATP is what your body needs in order to lift heavy WEIGHTS!

– Prevention of muscle cramps

– Better quality of sleep

– And many more…

So where to get Magnesium you might ask? I personally eat 100g of dried pumpkin seeds every day which yields over 500mg of extra magnesium per day for me. If you find indulging that kind of amount of seeds you could buy Magnesium Supplements. I’d prefer Magnesium Citrate since its found to be the most bio-available form of supplemental Magnesium.


Zinc is quite similar as vitamin D3 and Magnesium providing really big variety of health benefits. But for building muscle purposes the main ones would be:

– Strengthening immuny system

– Plays vital role in protein synthesis (this is the absolutely critical process for muscle repairing itself through eaten protein)

– And many more…

The flipside of Zinc is that its relatively hard to get. The richest sources reside in cooked oysters but I prefer to take my zinc as a supplement as 60mg of Zinc Orotate a day and that is what I currently have.

Omega 3 fatty acids1024px-Fish_Oil_Capsules

EPA and DHA are the ones were after here. The main effect in regards of building muscle and strength of omega 3 fatty acids is the joint health. When taking 2-3 grams Omega 3’s daily you’ll joint stay in pristine shape. Heavy weight training is really straining on muscle AND joints and this is what most people seem to overlook.

You’ll know it when your weights start to get heavy enough and even though you muscle are strong enough you can get quite annoying pains in your joints and supplementing with Omega 3’s will reduce that to a great degree!

Good sources are from fish oil or fatty cold water fish meat.


Like I wrote before these aren’t some magical steroid like enhancements which will make a beast out of you. But I guarantee you if you start to supplement with atleast the Creatine and Vitamins and minerals listed here you’ll notice some serious health benefits for sure!

These supplements will give you a bit more strength over the long haul and also you’ll be able to build a bit more muscle than without. And one of the major benefits include a ridiculously strong immune system. You can train hard and you just won’t get sick and if you do it will be over in a day or two.

Also one thing I want to tell you is that ALL of these supplements are quite cheap. A year supply of vitamin D3 costs bit over $10, magnesium citrate year supply about $70, creatine about $20-40 a year, etc. you get the picture.

Interested in building muscle? Check out my review on Sean Nalewanyj’s e-course HERE this course has everything you ever need to know about how to build muscle and strength as fast as humanly possible without using any performance enhancing drugs!

Did you find this article helpful? Drop me a comment below and let me hear your thoughts!

Happy trainings!

– Jesse 🙂

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