The Best Muscle Building Supplements – 3 Proven And Working Supplements

By | January 17, 2015

The Best Muscle Building Supplements – 3 Proven And Working Supplements

You’ve probably getting overwhelmed with all the supplement information on the fitness market and wondering what are the best muscle building supplements. Well it’s no wonder since there is literally thousands different supplements what GUARANTEE to pack some serious muscle to your frame.

BUT beware! About 99% of all the supplements on the fitness industry are completely full of BS. They’re marketing all the time new cutting edge formulas for different supplements and manufacture completely new product to spark your muscle gains to the next level.

But when we look at the already available few supplements what I’m going to list here, they’re been tested in numerous studies and research and the fact is that they really DO WORK! And on top of that these three supplements are really affordable!

So I hope after reading this you won’t be deceived by the clever BS marketing what the industry tries to offer and end up saving your money AND buying supplements that are scientifically proven and will enchance your performance to a certain degree! But that being said don’t expect any “steroid like” gains from using these.

So off we go…

#1 Creatine Monohydrateimage_24324_original_X_450_white

Truly the king of supplements. Creatine is the most studied performance boosting supplement in the whole fitness industry. Tons of researches show it’s strong effects in High Intensity Activities (Weight Training) anything from gaining more strength, maximizing recovery and adding muscle to your frame.

And it’s actually surprising fact that Creatine is not something made only in a laboratory. In fact our bodies synthesize it from food and you get about 1 gram of Creatine every day! But to enjoy the performance enchancing benefits of it, you should eat around 3-5 kg of meat in a day to get it. Needless to say that’s impossible.

That is why it’s good idea to supplement with Creatine.

What is the best way to take Creatine then? Well the Creatine products itself promote the so called “loading phase” where you take 5-7 days 20-25 grams a day but this is completely unnecessary since it doesn’t help your muscles to get saturated with creatine any faster than sticking with the basic 5 grams a day. So just take 5 grams a day (teaspoon) as long as you want to enjoy the benefits of Creatine. Another thing to mention is that it doesn’t matter what you mix your Creatine it or what time of the day you take it. Just try to remember to take it everyday!

To your muscles get fully saturated with Creatine it takes about 2-4 weeks of daily usage to reach that level.

What form of Creatine is the best? It’s the good old Creatine Monohydrate. It’s one of the first and oldest forms and that is the one that’s been researched the most. The funny thing is that it’s really affordable! You can get a 6 month supply with about 20 US dollars. I personally use Micronized Creatine Monohydrate and it’s just a finer grind of the powder, meaning that it dissolves better to the fluids I’m taking it with.

One thing to mention is that about 10% of people wont respond to creatine at all. I recommend everybody to atleast try using creatine for couple of month to see if it works for you!

#2 Beta-AlanineBeta-alanine_optimum

Beta-Alanine is probably the second most studied supplement after Creatine. But what it really is?

It is a non-essential amino acid and it’s a precursor to “carnosine”, and this carnosine is found in fast twitch muscle fibers.

How we can benefit from Beta-Alanine and what it actually does? The primary effects are from Beta-Alanines rising and keeping Carnosine levels within the muscle fibers. During intensive exercise sessions Carnosine works by neutralizing the buildup of hydrogen ions in our muscles. And hydrogen ions are responsible for that burning sensations in your muscles when coming to the last reps of a set, they are also metabolic waste product that inhibit contraction of the muscles.

All-in-all Beta-Alanine functions by buffering hydrogen ion buildup and this actually allows you to perform a couple of reps more in a set.

And what is the best way to take Beta-Alanine? Take 3 grams (teaspoon) per day. After about 4 weeks your carnosine levels should be raised approximately 60% & after 10 weeks 80%.

Beta-Alanine does not have any major side-effects apart from what users report of tingling or “flushing” sensation on your skin, about 15 minutes after consuming it. But this is nothing to worry about and it will fade off after time!

With the effects similar to Creatine I’d definately suggest people trying to supplement with Beta-Alanine if you’re looking to top up your performance a little bit!

#3 Whey Proteinimage_24349_original_X_450_white

This is a bit trickier one. In practical means Whey Protein will not increase your performance a one bit, unlike Creatine and Beta-Alanine. But what it really is, it’s a convenient way of topping up your daily protein intake if you seem it necessary.

Whey Protein is a good source of protein and it will be utilized by your body to repair the micro tears from weight training. So it really is a working supplement.

But unlike the marketers promise that it will directly enchance your performance that’s total crap. Whey Protein is just a convenient way to get more protein, nothing more nothing less. If you don’t use it don’t think that you’re missing on some great supplement that gives you all kinds of gains.

And about what kind of Whey you should put your money on check out my older in depth article here!


So there we have it. I truly believe that 3 supplements are the only working ones on the market. The good thing in them is that they’re very affordable and they actually work. So you know that you won’t be spending your money in some kind of mumbojumbo AND also they’re really affordable!

But remember small percentage of the people are “immune” to the effects of Creatine and Beta-Alanine but you should definately try them out if you’re looking to peak up your performance a little bit.

So to wrap everything up here are some pointers:

  • Take 5 grams of Creatine a day
  • Take 3 grams of Beta-Alanine a day
  • Take Whey Protein if you find it necessary

That’s all there is to it guys! Hope you found this article helpful. Drop me a comment down below if you have some suggestions or opinions, I’d love to hear what you think!

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Train hard and train SMART!

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