The Best All Around Weekly Workout Routine To Build Muscle

By | November 21, 2014

The Best All Around Weekly Workout Routine To Build Muscle!

399px-Cem_Erkara_2So you’re looking to find the most efficient program to build muscle all around your body? You’ve come to the right place!

I personally know how difficult it can be to search information on the internet. You get easily side tracked by the fitness idnustrys constant flow of SUPPLEMENTS which will guarantee your desired gains and weird programs…

Well let me tell you there is only one way to build muscle and it is HARD WORK!

I’ll give my actual workout routine in the end of the post but first let me tell you a bit of practical theory so you’ll get a grasp of the whole picture of building muscle and strength.

Building muscle requires 3 pillars which will build your basic foundation and they are:

– Working out

– Diet

– Rest

I’m going to break them all down here so you’ll have good basic understanding how to structure the best all around weekly workout routne to build muscle!

#1 WORKING OUTBar_bending

This is the most important of the 3 pillars. Even though your diet and rest are in pristine condition if you’re not doing the right exercises with correct intensity you WILL NOT see any gains. But have no fear I’m here and I’m going to tell you what works and what doesn’t!


You should build your weekly routine around HEAVY BASIC COMPOUND EXERCISES! So what are these exercises you might ask? The exercises include:

– Squats

– Deadlifts

– Bench presses

– Overhead presses

– Rows

– Chin-ups

By structuring your workout around these heavy basic compound exercises you’ll guarantee the fastest and most efficient way to pack muscle on to your frame! These exercises have been a staple of every single bodybuilder and strength athlete. Don’t get me wrong the concentrated bicep curls have their place as an “icing on the cake” and they shouldn’t be neglected but they are SECONDARY exercises, not a foundation.


This means basically how you’re going to “split” your workout for one week to exercise every major body part in your body. Ideal split would be:

– Monday (Back, Biceps)

– Wednesday (Chest, Triceps, Shoulders)

– Friday (Legs, Abs)

This might be a bit confusing information to you since most of the people think that the more you spend time in the gym the bigger you grow but this isn’t the case. By focusing on workout QUALITY rather than quantity you’ll build more muscle faster. And that is what the next section is about.


In order to maximize your muscle gains you have to put fort a sufficient amount of effort! You cannot be one of those people who sit and talk around the gym and read magazines.

Like I wrote before you should focus on QUALITY everytime you step on the gym. You have to exhaust different muscle groups of your body only once a week so make every session COUNT. And how can you rest assured that you’re doing that?

Aim for progressive overload. And what this means? Every week aim for more weight or reps than last week!

Simple isn’t it? Yes simple it is but it is not easy! To train hard you must be ready to put maximum effort every time you step into the gym.


The idea is to train HARD and train SMART. So don’t go now cranking up maximum lifts without first hammering down perfect form! If you’re complete beginner or been hitting the gym for a while but haven’t done any basic compound movements don’t go lifting heavy-ass weight!

See the thing is that it will take a while for your body to build neural pathways within your nervous system how to lift in the most efficient way possible. And it will learn it fast and your strength will go up quickly. But if you teach your body to lift in a faulty recruitment pattern you’ll end up injuring yourself and hindering your strength.

So all in all take a atleast 3 months to just work on the form with moderate weight. Once you feel that the lifts start to be natural for you start going heavier!

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#2 DIETsteak

So at this point you should have a clear picture what you have to do inside the gym. Next one to tackle is the diet, so you know how to eat right in order to maximize your bodys muscle building capabilities.

In order to build muscle you have to be in Calorie Surplus state!

This means you have to eat more calories than you spend during the day! If you neglect this your body simply won’t have enough energy to build muscle.

And from what should your diet consist of?

– Right amount of Proteins

– Healthy sources of Carbohydrates

– Healthy sources of Fats

By dividing your Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats in right portions you’ll build a succesfull diet plan which will guarantee your body with the nutrients it needs to pack on muscle and strength!


The last one of our essential pillars. Rest. If you ain’t getting enough rest you’ll hinder your ability to gain muscle. If you’re stressed out it will affect your cortisol levels by raising them and cortisol is really powerful anti-anabolic hormone.

Another important thing is your sleep. If you’re not sleeping well you won’t have enough energy to put on the maximum effort on your workouts! And the broken down muscle tissue gets repaired (=grown) during your sleep!

Aim to get about 8 hours of sleep every night!

This will ensure that your body has had enough time to recover from the exercises.


So there we have it, the essential 3 pillars of building muscle! To wrap it all up I’m going to list all the important points down below:

– Structure your workouts around basic compound exercises

– Use a 3 day split

– Aim for progressive overload

– Execute the exercises with good form

– Stay in a Calorie Surplus state

– Enough Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats

– Sleep about 8 hours per night

By implementing these simple steps to your workout routine you will be well on your way to achieving your dream body.

So here is the best all around weekly workout routine to build muscle! :

MONDAY (Back, Biceps)

– Deadlift

– Chin-ups

– Barbell rows

– EZ bar biceps curls

WEDNESDAY (Chest, Triceps, Shoulders)

– Bench Press

– Incline Bench Press

– Overhead Press

– EZ skull crushers

– Triceps pushdown

FRIDAY (Legs, Abs)

– Squat

– Leg press

– Straight-legged deadlift

– Ab wheel

– Plank

Want to know everything what it comes to exercises, diet and rest? Check out my review on Sean Nalewanyj’s The Body Transformation Blueprint HERE This program has EVERYTHING you need to know about building muscle as fast as humanly possible!

Did you find this article helpful? I’d love to hear your comments or questions if you have something on your mind. Drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you 🙂

– Jesse

6 thoughts on “The Best All Around Weekly Workout Routine To Build Muscle

  1. Vince

    Great to hear about getting back to the basics. How often would you change up this routine exercise wise? That steak makes me hungry for some beef, to BEEF UP, haha

    1. Jesse Post author

      For that basic workout template I’d change the exercises every 1 month. Let’s say your program is designed for 3 months, about 12 weeks. For example you could change Squat to Front squats after first 4 week cycle and Barbell Bench press to Dumbbell bench press. Another option could be Change those same exercise with each other every week. These are just simple and working ideas what you could implement to your routine 🙂

  2. Jared

    I love the sample workouts you provided. Also I am new to the concept of progressive overload. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thank you Jared! Progressive overload is really crucial in order to build muscle and strength. But as important as it is to strive for heavier weights and more reps it is also as important to give your body enough rest in order to fully recover. This is where the deloading weeks come into play.

  3. Peter G.

    Hey there!

    Way to post some of the most important and crucial workouts for building muscle. However, I do find some of these exercises to be potentially overloading on one’s body if not done correctly. For example, I greatly injured my lower back doing deadlifts years back, and have greatly regretted that decision. Nevertheless, you provide an excellent workout routine. I just wanted to put the word out there that even though, yes building muscle surely requires HARD work and HEAVY lifting, just as important as rest and eating, is your form!!! I believe if your form isn’t right, can truly be dangerous. I hope you could shed some light on the importance of proper form when lifting in the near-future, not only will this prevent injury, but GREATLY progress your success in building muscle.

    Amazing post!!

    Thank you,

    1. Jesse Post author

      This is absolutely true Peter! The idea is to train HARD and train SMART. Correct form always comes first. And the good thing is when you hammer down the pristine form on any of the compound lifts you decrease the risk of injury and you get also stronger because your body is moving in the most efficient pattern it is DESIGNED to move! This will be a way too long answer if I start to go into details here but I’m going to do exercise specific posts for every single compound exercise and actually done already on the bench press HERE. And I feel you with the deadlift. It is in my opinion the best exercise there is and it LOOKS really simple, just pick the bar up from the floor and put it back down, BUT… It takes many months to learn the correct form suitable for your body type! And to MASTER deadlift that takes years and years of consistent lifting.

      I actually been writing the importance of correct form in my previous posts but here it “got past my fingers” thank you for pinpointing this VERY IMPORTANT subject here.


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