The best ab workout for men – Killer ab workout at home!

By | November 3, 2014

The best ab workout for men – Killer ab workout at home!

As a former competitive boxer I’d say I have quite good understanding what it comes for having those sexy abs everybody dreams of. I did the best ab workout for men that I could think of and this is what I came up. One quick tip for these exercises since they are a bit more advanced:

Focus on keeping the tension in your abdominal muscles in both descending and ascending parts of the movement!

This way you’ll target the abs for the best possible result and won’t strain your lower back and neck!

One very important point for people looking for abs! You should understand that abs are only visible when the bodys fat percentage is low enough.

What I mean by this you might have really sexy and strong abs but if you’re overweight they will not show up. Doesn’t matter how much you perform these exercises but if your bodyfat percentage is high you ain’t gonna see the hard earned results. That said it’d be a good idea to implement proper diet to go hand in hand with the ab workouts. So without further ado, here is the list of my favourite ab exercises:



Frog crunch


A great exercise for targeting only the abdominals without putting lot of stress to the lower back. This was invented by Vince Gironda who was training bodybuilding greats such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was known of his unconventional but working training methods.

Sit down on a floor and cross your legs or if you cant cross them just put the bottoms of your feet against each other. This movement is not meant to be same as a basic sit-up it’s more like rolling motion. You should feel the tension in your abs for the whole range of motion in this exercise, unlike situps where people tend to rest on the bottom.

Rep range: 3 sets of maximum reps When you advance to lets say 15-20 reps per set you can add a weight plate behind your head to give more resistance.



 Plank / Static HoldsHold_1

There are many variations for planks. You can do them on you side, on your

back or on your stomach. I personally love the static holds done by laying on my back. It is very important to really emphasize the use of abdominals since these exercises that target a lot of other muscle groups also.

Here are my favourite planks / holds:

– Elbow plank
plank_1– Lying on your back static hold
– Side planks

Rep range: 3 sets per exercise. 1 set consists of time. For example Elbow plank for 30 sec x 3 sets. Total 90 seconds.





Leg raisesleg_raises

Great for targeting the lower region of abdominals.

Here some of what I use the most:

– Leg raises lying on your back

– Leg / knee raises hanging from bar

– Leg rises lying on your side

Rep range: I tend to move between rep ranges of 15-30 but you could go lower than that if it feels too heavy. Just do 3 sets of maximum reps.

This was my list on the best exercise for abs. Implement these to your routine for guaranteed results. I like to do all of these exercises as a group so for example start with Frog crunches then immediately followed by Leg raises and to top it off Plank for 60 seconds. Then have a minute or two rest and repeat the cycle for two more times.

Did you find this article helpful? Drop me a line down here if you have some suggestions or ideas. I’d be more than happy to hear your take 🙂

Happy trainings everybody!

– Jesse 🙂


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