The Aesthetic Muscle Plan Review 2.0

By | July 29, 2015

The Aesthetic Muscle Plan 2.0 Review

Scam or Legit?: 100% LEGIT
Overall Ranking: 85 out of 100 points
Price: $37-67
Experience level: Advanced
Type Of Training: Weight Training
For what?: Muscle Growth
Owners: Scott Tousignant

Once again it’s time for another review for you guys and this time I got Scott Tousignants The Aesthetic Muscle Plan 2.0 in my crosshair.

It’s not that popular program and to be honest I haven’t heard anything about it before this review. But I have to mention that I was quite possitively surprised with the quality.

And one very important thing to mention is that I contacted Scott personally and asked for a review copy and he delivered it. This is something that really tells the kind of trustworthiness and seriousness person has towards their own product. They have to believe in it in order to take this extra step!

But before I’ll continue I want to emphasize that this is NOT a muscle building program for beginner or intermediate lifters.

If you’re looking for the best beginner / intermediate program take a look at HERE.

About The Author Scott Tousignantamp_2

Scott has been very active person playing different sports all throughout his life and describes himself as a “hardgainer” which means a person that doesn’t experience muscle growth easily.

Like the programs name implies Scott is very drawn into changing your body composition into a form of art rather than trying to look as big and strong as possible.

This mindset has earned him countless trophies in Elite Natural Bodybuilding.

But eventhough he has a really “Arnold Schwarzenegger” like mindset into bodybuilding, he understands the basic principles of muscle building and incorporates the whole spectrum of stimulus to your muscles, that really is something that separetas this program from all the others out there on internet.

Scott tries really to change your mindset from the poisonous “I-want-all-results-here-and-now” to a more holistic approach of building your own body as an artform. And to be honest this is something you have to embrace. No matter how you go about it building muscle without steroids takes a lot of time!

All in all Scott is a person who really cares about helping people to reach their fitness goals, there is nothing scammy or misleading in this product, it is 100% legit working stuff.

What Is The Aesthetic Muscle Plan Program?

It’s a complete 16 week periodized weight training system for advanced lifters.

The thing that sets this program apart from any other is the fact that you will be hitting every single kind of muscle type in your body.

You’ll target:

  • Fast Twitch (Type IIa) Muscle Fibers
  • Fast Twitch (Type IIb) Muscle Fibers
  • Slow Twitch (Type I) Muscle Fibers

I’ve personally not seen any other program utilize absolutely every single training method known to man and put it up as structured and well thought as this one.

And basically recruiting all of these muscle fibers you will ensure that you’ll not end up missing even the slightest muscle growth possible in your body.


Again I have to hammer the fact that this is a program for ADVANCED lifters and that is why the training uses a myriad of different special techniques such as:

  • Myo Reps
  • Intraset Stretch Sets
  • Peak Contraction Sets
  • Dropsets
  • Rest-Pause Sets
  • Straightsets
  • 8 sets of 8
  • 100 rep sets
  • Supersets

All of these different exercise methods are explained within the book along with the instructions how to incorporate them into the routines itself.

There is no guess work with this program since everything is ready made for you to use and implement.

For Who Is The Aesthetic Muscle Plan 2.0 For?

If you’ve read this far I’ve made it maybe annoyingly clear that it’s only for the advanced lifters.

And with advanced lifters I mean people who have already gained significant amount of muscle mass probably around 4-6 years of serious training.

Contents Of The Whole Programamp_4

The Science Of Aesthetic Muscle Plan Main e-book of the whole package which includes the science based in-depth informations of everything mentioned in the book from the different special techniques to muscle fibers, rep ranges, rep speeds, rest periods between sets, etc.

AMP Workout Sheets – Divided into 4 phases each consisting of 28 days to complete, 21 different workouts that willnot leave any room for error.

AMP Nutrition & Sample Meals – Information on what you should eat during the program and what to avoid.

Printable Workout Sheets – To track your progress and to ensure that you’ll stay on the right track.

Follow Along Workout Videos – Proper technique videos for each and every exercise that the book demands you to do.

Razor Sharp Sixpack Abs – Specialized Ab workout routine.

Stubborn Calves Solution – Specialized calf training.

Glutes Of Grandeur – Specialized glute training.

Cardio Guidelines – For effective fat loss & cardio in general.

All of the contents of the whole program support each other and paint a general picture to you how to really get maximum value out of the package.

There is nothing thrown in for the sake of just giving you free bonus, instead everything adds to the big picture!

What I like In The AMP 2.0positives

  • No BS approach to training
  • A wide variety of techniques to really hammer every single muscle fiber in your body
  • Information is easy to understand and implement
  • Fully electronic product so you can start TODAY
  • Every single aspect of training is explained, no guess work involved
  • Good quality form advice in the technique videos

What I Do Not Like In The AMP 2.0negatives

  • The nutritional information is not that in-depth
  • No information on mobility or injury prevention
  • The workout regimens will require a bit time to really get into the groove because of all the special techniques

Conclusion On The Aesthetic Muscle Plan 2.0 Review

When it all comes down to it, The Aesthetic Muscle Plan 2.0 is a great workout program for advanced lifters.

Scott gives valid points and bases all his training methods to accommodate the latest discoveries of exercise science along with practical personal anecdote.

There really is nothing left to guess in this program.

I’ve been working out for quite a while now and even I didn’t have a clue of some of the special techniques presented in this program that are meant to hit every single muscle fiber possible in your body.

The price is really affordable and won’t break your bank. Currently you have two options basic for $37 and premium $67.

Ontop of all this Scott gives you a full 60-day no questions asked refund policy if you’re not happy with the program so you got nothing to lose here.

This program definately gets my seal of approval and I can recommend the product for every natural advanced lifter that is seeking for new stimulus to break those pesky plateaus.


===> Start Your Journey Now! <===

Have you tried The AMP 2.0 program? I’d love to hear your experience. Chime in down below and let me know what you think!

Remember to train hard an train SMART!


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