Stomach exercise equipment – 4 good choices

By | November 1, 2014

Stomach exercise equipment – 4 good choices

Getting rock hard abs has been one of the most common goals for anyone interested to get in shape. And its no wonder. Good set of abs really promote healthy lifestyle and longevity.

So the first question that pops to peoples mind when trying to get those sexy abs is what stomach exercise equipment is the best? That’s a good question and let me break it down a little bit.

But first let me tell you one little secret behind attaining those abs.

You need to have low enough fat percent in your body to get visible abs.

And this is accomplished by correct cardio work and diet and ofcourse coupled with ab workouts.

Here is the set of equipment I personally find useful:

#1 Ab Wheel

This is a great little piece of equipment. It’s small enough to with you where ever you go be it holiday for example. Also the difficulty of exercise is easily adjustable.

Variations of using ab wheel:

Rolling on your knees to a wall (This minimizes a lot of the range of motion and is lot easier for beginners)
Rolling on your knees all the way down (You could start only with the negative part of the exercise, meaning just go down if you’re not strong enough to pull yourself back up)
Rolling from a crouching position
Rolling from standing (Really hard to perform. Requires immense core strength)

#2 Sit up benches (adjustable)

These are usually the most common equipments for performing ab exercises. The harder you want to make the exercise the more angle you can put to the bench.

Here are some basic exercises for sit up benches:

Situps with different range of motions
Static holds with different positions
Situps with rotation
Situps with punches

All of these exercise should be done to activate the abdominals. If you try to just do a sit up without the mind-muscle connection chances are that you’ll strain a lot of your lower back and neck. Proper form and technique always come before trying to push yourself to the limit.

#3 Bars

Great for developing the core and the whole ab region. Also good for grip strength.

Abdominal exercises done from hanging a bar are usually quite challenging for beginners. But you can start with the easier versions of the movements which I’ll list down below:

Hanging Knee raises (These are easier for beginners)
Hanging Leg raises (Harder variation of the previous one)
Hanging Knee raises with rotation
Static holds with Knee raises
Static holds with Leg raises (Advanced)

#4 No equipment

Decided to put this one here even though the article was about equipment. You can build amazing abs without any equipment and thats where I personally started from.

Here is my favourite exercises:

Frog crunches
Leg raises


This was my preferred list coupled with some exercise ideas. Hope you got some useful info what you can implement to your workout routines to achieve that desired sixpack.

Remember the fastest route to six pack is the right combination of exercises, cardio work and diet.

When all three of those work together you WILL get results what you deserve.

Happy training guys!

Did you find this article interesting? Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Would love to know you’re opinion!

– Jesse 🙂

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