The Body Transformation Blueprint Review

Body Transformation Blueprint – My Review


Scam or Legit?: 100% LEGIT
Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100 points
Price: $77
Experience level: Beginner to Intermediate
Type Of Training: Weight Training
For what?: Building muscle & Fat Loss
Owners: Sean Nalewanyj


Best selling fitness author Sean Nalewanyj put together solid piece of product. The author has been a natural bodybuilder for a LONG time and really understands the TRUE essence of building muscle and strength NATURALLY as well as losing excess body fat.


This product is not some brand new magical discovery. Sean put the first version of this program together almost 10 years ago and has been fine-tuning it over the years to implement the latest discoveries on exercise science and all the time evolving strategies which relate to building muscle and losing fat!

This product offers no BS information on how to pack size and strength to your frame as fast as it is humanly possible and also gives you everything you need in order to lose that stubborn body fat.

That being said this program has the same foundation as every single successful strength- and muscle building program on the planet. But let me tell you one thing, you have to be ready to put in the work for months to come.

If you think that this is somekind of a magic pill that will suddenly gain you a serious amount of muscle mass over night by just reading the content, believe me it will not happen. But instead if you’re committed and serious about changing your body and getting all the positive results that weight training has to offer, you’ve found one of the best programs just now.


The Body Transformation Blueprint is fully electronic workout program tailored for people that want to build muscle or lose fat.

The information in the program is solid, backed up by the latest discoveries of exercise science along with the countless years of helping other people do reach their fitness goals, be it muscle growth, fat loss or both.

Basically the program contains everything you’ll ever need in order to make your desired progress.

So what exactly you’ll get in terms of products:

“Muscle Building & Fat Loss Decoded” E-Coursecover-ebook

  • This is the main book of the whole package and it has 257 pages. This book will give you science based information divided to 5 different categories which are:
  • #1 WEIGHT TRAINING – Everything you’ll need to know muscle growth stimulus, to law of intensity and progression, workout frequency, workout volume, exercise selection, choosing a rep range, rep speed, resting between sets, etc.
  • #2 FAT BURNING – Information on cardio intensity, duration, timing, HIIT, Low intensity, warming up, calorie readings, cardio exercises, info about fasted cardio, etc.
  • #3 NUTRITION – Guidelines how to structure your diet and goes into topics such as calorie intake, dietary structure, protein, fats, carbohydrates, calorie counting, water intake, meal frequency, pre- & post-workout nutrition, etc.
  • #4 SUPPLEMENTATION – Supplements that really do work and what doesn’t and is the use of them even necessary.
  • #5 PRODUCTIVE PROGRESS TRACKING – Information on how to track you progress and program modifications.


The No-Fail Workout Systemcover-workout

  • The actual weight training and cardio training programs with the amount of reps, sets and exercises. Also includes the different variations per exercises what you can substitute if you have some limiting factors such as injury or mobility issues.

The No-Fail Meal Planscover-mealplans

  • Ready made meal plans for different calorie requirements. Very handy to see what different calorie amounts an macro nutrients look per meal.

The No-Fail Supplement Guidecover-supplements

  • Supplements are not by any means necessary when building impressive physique but there are a small handful that will assist you to some degree with your goals. In this book Sean has listed Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplements that are scientifically proven to enhance perfromance.

Access to The BTB Video Exercise Databasecover-exercisedata

  • Including videos for all the general exercises that will be performed by following the instructions of this program and more importantly how to use PROPER FORM when doing these lifts, which is absolutely essential in order to prevent injury and strengthen your body & posture.

1-On-1 Personalized Fitness Coaching with Sean himself for 3 monthscover-personaltraining

  • Ask anything from Sean through e-mail what you have in mind and he will answer you generally within 24-48 hours. I like to mention that VERY few programs on the market have direct access to consult the author on anything. Yes not just the program but different aspects of life and wellbeing.

The Printable BTB Progress Trackerscover-trackers

  • Different kind of tracking manuals for you to fill in to track your progress. This is one of the most overlooked aspect of muscle building and strength training.

Delicious Body Transformation Recipe Bookcover-recipes-2

  • Delicious receipes which are easy to cook and will fit your meal plan. Everything from different kind of smoothies to chicken fajitas.



Geared towards absolute beginners to intermediate lifters who are serious about changing their physique. If you’re willing to put in the work this program will work for you, that is for sure. But if you’re going to just read it and expect something magical to happen, don’t bother jumping on it.

This book has quite minor value for advanced lifters.


Sean gives you a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product in some way. For the first three months you get personal e-mail access to Sean and his advice and you can ask him any questions regards to the program or building muscle in general.



The price for the program is 77 US dollars. This is really affordable if you compare it to basically anything there is on the market from Personal Training (50-100 USD per SESSION) to ready made workout programs from professionals (about 50-100 USD per single program).


This program is designed to be done with the following equipment:

  1. Squat Rack
  2. Adjustable Bench
  3. Barbell
  4. Pair Of Dumbbells
  5. Pull-Up Bar

Although the fact is that you can absolutely do everything with just:

  1. Pair Of Dumbbells
  2. Bench

But mind you, this program has the main focus in progressive overload, so you will need dumbbells that you can add weight into. Since doing romanian deadlifts or goblet squats, one-arm bent over rows with dumbbells you will be significantly stronger in them compared to bench press or overhead press for example.


  • Focusing on the proven basics of muscle building
  • Backed up by scientific research (all the studies referenced in the program and there is a LOT)
  • Has all the information that you need to know & nothing you don’t
  • Promoting hard work and not any magical pills, powders or “secret” workout techniques
  • No misleading marketing promising unachievable amounts of muscle mass
  • 2-in-1 program for muscle growth AND fat loss
  • Well written, not dry overcomplicated text
  • The author Sean Nalewanyj is well respected & authoritative figure in the fitness industry through his honest and transparent information on what really works and what doesn’t


  • Lack of mobility / stretching work (although Sean has free videos of this in his youtube channel)


As I’m writing this line of text, it is 19th of April 2016.

This could be quite a long block of text about myself and my history but I’ll try to keep it as short and on the point as possible!

Looking back now, I’ve been working out 3-6 times a week with this program for the past 2 and a half years and it’s been a fun, filling little hobby that I’ve found.

I stumbled upon this program like most of you reading this review, searching for a workout program that would build muscle and burn excess fat that I had gained during my 3-4 year span where I had not worked out one bit and I didn’t want to get scammed out of my money. I wanted to change my body and I was ready to put in some cash to learn how to do it right.

Before this 2½ year timeframe I had been in the gym around 8 months on two different occasions, somewhere around the age of 17-20. I was an eager one to train back then (and still am!) but one thing I didn’t understand or have the guidance was proper lifting form so I ended up hurting myself on both of those occasions and forgot the whole gym stuff because I thought my body just was not meant for it.

Looking back now, that was a really dumb mistake. I’ve wasted YEARS and YEARS of good progress because I was just lazy and thought that my body just was not meant for lifting.

Eventhough you’ll have an injury or two, you can still train different body parts that are not hurt and progress and mend the injured parts and eventually train them back even stronger than before.

I was so dumb to ditch the whole weight training because some minor shoulder and glute injuries that I both did to myself because I didn’t really know how to lift with proper form.

Some people in the comment section have asked me to post pictures of my progress “to put my money where my mouth is” and prove that I actually walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

So I decided about 2 months ago that I will do a small weight cut and see how I’m looking at the moment.

Mind you, my goal has never to be one of those ripped guys, I enjoy healthy and strong looking body with decent fat percentage. Although if you want you can get to really low body fat percentage with the guidelines in this program.

In fact I do not aim to be bodybuilder and I think bodybuilding as a “sport” is really detrimental to ones health.

So here are four pictures of myself. The first one is about 3 years ago before I started working out. The second one is roughly 2 years into my lifting and the two last ones couple days ago.

progress_finalMy progress certainly is nothing magnificent and honestly it could have been even better but I’m not the type who wants to revolve my whole life around getting in great shape, I rather keep working out as a part of my life than my life as a part of working out (does this even make sense lol).

I did go out with friends to drink, I ate foods that I enjoyed on a constant basis, had a week or couple complete lay offs from the gym BUT nevertheless I stayed consistent and focused on the BIG PICTURE and kept grinding week after week, month after month.

I’m personally more than happy with my progress with this workout regimen and will keep training with the same principles that I learned from it as long as it yields results.

I hope you found this little “story” worthwhile if you took the time to actually read it.


When it all comes down to it, the positives massively outweigh the negatives and this program gets my full 5 star rating.

The Body Transformation Blueprint is in my opinion the best muscle building course available on internet that I’ve personally come across. It gives you EVERYTHING you need in order to pack on muscle and strength to your frame or lose that excess body fat.

I personally started with this program and still structure my workouts with the same principles introduced in the book, be it building muscle or dropping that body fat. This program relies on heavy basic compound exercises which will yield you the best results. I can guarantee you that if you follow this program as it is instructed, you will absolutely be able to gain some serious size and strength.

Another thing with this program is that you don’t have to make bodybuilding your #1 priority in life in order to achieve serious results (although if you’re really serious ofcourse you can do it!). There is so much broscience debunked in the manual such as the old mantras:

    • “you have to eat every 2-3 hours to remain in anabolic state to build muscle”
    • “you have to be in the gym for grueling 2 hour workout sessions everyday to make progress”
    • “you can spot reduce fat”
    • “you must use supplements to build muscle”
    • “you have to consume aggressive calorie surplus to gain most amount of muscle”
    • “you cannot enjoy any foods you like, only clean foods has to be eaten at all times”
    • “you have to use very complicated workout regimens to get serious results”

All these things are completely counterproductive since you basically have to live and breath bodybuilding and your daily life revolves around eating when the clock says so, going to gym when the clock says so, eating only chicken-rice-broccoli on every meal and so on and so forth. And nothing could be further from the truth. You can absolutely get into really impressive shape without sacrifising your whole life to bodybuilding.

You don’t have to train and eat like competitive bodybuilder to build maximum amount of muscle mass and get into 8-10% body fat!

If you’re complete beginner and don’t know where to start or you’ve got some experience in the gym but haven’t seen the results you’ve been looking for, this book is for you.



95 / 100 Points





Got questions about the program? Or have you used it? I would love to hear your opinions and experiences with this program. Drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

– Jesse 🙂

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135 thoughts on “The Body Transformation Blueprint Review

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot! This is a great program for beginner or advanced lifters out there.

      1. Brett

        Hey Jesse I’m wondering if this program is suited for Ectomorphs? I was looking at your review on Jeff Masterson when I saw that you recommend this program #1. Is it worth it to spend money on these programs or just to count calories and I do GVT for for a month and than switch to strength for a month and so on. I have a basic understanding of nutrition. I take creatine, bcaa, and weight gainer protein powder.

        1. Jesse Post author

          Thanks for the comment Brett!

          Yes the information that this course / program has can be applied to any body type. Ofcourse there is a genetic variable that will ultimately determine how you will end up looking, how well you build muscle, what are your stronger points in terms of strength and muscle insertion points and muscle bellies. But those things you have absolutely no control on. Get strong and see where you end up, that is how you build the most amount of muscle you can.

          About is it worth to spend on money to this program it totally depends on what you value. If you want all the information you need and you do not like to beat around the bush and research information yourself then this is a great knowledge base which serves as a foundation for your years to come. This is not just a workout program. It is basically a beginners guide to everything important related to building muscle. And there is even 3 months of coaching on top of the product, which in itself is usually worth hundreds or thousands, depending who you’ll hire.

          Your #1 priority should be getting stronger in compound exercises, whatever program you choose to follow. That will yield the best results that you can get. Muscle is a by product of you getting stronger.

          Hope this comment and these reviews helped you in any way.

          The most important thing is to keep consistent, no matter what program you hop on. All the best and keep training!

    2. Martez

      Hi jesse, i was going to purchase the body beast program, until i read your review. I just have one question. Does the blueprint program offer scheduled workouts that you can follow along with? Like a day one ot day two routine?

      1. Jesse Post author

        Yes it does. There will also be video database for all the exercises outlined within the exercise regimen so you know how to execute proper lifting technique. All the best to you Martez and stick with the program you’ll experience great strength and muscle gains!

    3. Chris Hunt

      Hi Jesse, I am a female who has been in the gym most of the last twenty-five years and a champion swimmer in my youth. Since turning sixty-seven this year my Naturopath asked me to slow down from 5 days to 3. She felt since being diagnosed with osteoporosis and a broken pelvis I was overdoing it a bit. Having said that, my bone doc said I’d be recuperating for about 6 months. I used a walker for a week and a cane for a week. After that, I went back to help in the move from one home to the other. I’m really not your regular, “pushing seventy grandma!” I have a jaw disease that stops me from eating food. For the last twelve years I have eaten a power bar with Sentha 6 (a protein whey) that I make at home. I am 5’6 ” and weight between 106 and 109 pounds. I have good definition for someone this skinny but would like to bulk up as much as I could. I am the MC for my 50th high school reunion in May. I would love to have even BETTER arms and stomach than I have now as a short term goal. My long term goal? Be the Seniors Body Building Champion at seventy-three! Kidding?? Not a chance!! My question is (and please don’t waste our time and money), is your program a good staring point?

      1. Jesse Post author

        I think with your injuries and age you absolutely should NOT train with the guidelines of this program. The best thing you could do is find a coach who specializes training people at your age 🙂

      2. Sherri L

        Dear Chris,
        Would you be willing to share the recipe for the protein bars you mentioned in this article? Store bought bars are too sweet for me.
        Sherri L.

    4. Shawn Walker

      I deal with a lot of low back/hip pain. This is all due to extremely tight muscles etc, that have been performing incorrectly for years and years. I spend a lot of time stretching, and working on these problem areas, as they greatly affect my daily life….I am typically in consistent discomfort on a daily basis. I have wanted to start a transformation program for years, and every time I start, the pain/discomfort gets to me to much mentally and I quit. I can do most exercises, but most leg workouts really cause me to stiffen up, which leads to pain. My question is simply, do you think a program like this can be adjusted to take out things like squats, deadlifts, and other multi-muscle group movements, and replace with something else? Or, are those movements too vital to making major changes. Those are the ones that cause immediate distress. Until I can re-train my body to use glut muscles properly, I am not sure what to do…. Thanks!

      1. Jesse Post author

        Thanks for the question Shawn!

        I deal with hip problem and tight ankle that both together wreck my lower back but I still have decent leg development.

        For recreational lifters there isn’t one exercise that is mandatory, but in all honesty the basic compound exercises in my book always have the advantage in building mass BUT what people tend to forget is the fact that there are many different compound lifts that you can probably work around of your injury, like I have done.

        Definately train atleast your upper body with the guidelines of this system and as you get 3 months of free coaching contact Sean and he will adjust the program for your lower body.

        All the best to you Shawn and keep growing stronger both mentally and physically 🙂

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot for the input Michael! I try to do these reviews to help people to steer away from the harmful products that serve no purpose. I know how frustrating it is to spend money on a product and then realize after purchasing that I’ve just bought a pile of carbage.

  1. Diondre

    This is a great review on this body transformation blueprint program. I’ve been looking into to getting a program to help with my muscle building goals. I’d say I’m slightly above intermediate. Would you say that this program is ideal for me or do you recommend another?

    1. Jesse Post author

      If you’re beyond intermediate lifter and you’ve been hitting gym for about 3-4 years and your big compound lifts are somewhere between 300-500 pound range this book probably isn’t for you. Although depending how much you’ve done research on exercise science there might be some golden nuggets of information about training, nutrition and supplements that you haven’t discovered yet. The great thing in this product is that it has the latest important discoveries of exercise science in simple to read form what works for the actual training, nutrition and supplementation.

  2. Emily

    hi Jesse
    I have never heard of this program and I have tried a lot of them! 77$? That’s such a good price for all it includes! However, I am a tad confused. Is it a type of program one does at home with no weight, using their own body weight? Like the Insanity workout for example? It does seem like a complete program as it also includes meal plan. You have videos and a course too?

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot for the question Emily and I’ll be more than happy to clear this out for you. This is a weight training program not a bodyweight. You get access to exercise video database where there is actually almost every single exercise on the planet performed by the correct technique by the author himself. And this is a complete program on weight training, fat loss, nutrition, supplements and progress tracking. All of the infromation is up to date and valid with the current exercise science we have at hand. The author has a no bullshit approach and that is exactly what this program offers.

  3. Omair Shakil

    Jesse, I stumbled upon your website by accident while looking up reviews on Sean’s training package. I have been following Sean’s Facebook page for a few months now and like him for the fact that he doesn’t peddle any brands and has a simplistic attitude on training and eating.

    I want to try out his personal training package and am willing to put in the effort but wanted an unbiased review on how helpful it would be over what he already discusses in the articles he has available for free on his website.

    Did you try out Sean’s program yourself?

    Look forward to your response.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Yes I started with Sean’s program and I still base all my training around the principles outlined by his system. Has been working wonders for me. Sean is one of the only people within the industry giving science based no BS information and I really appreciate the content he puts out.

      I hope this review answered your questions atleast to some degree 🙂 Always more than happy to help!

  4. Steve

    Jesse, thank you for the information you provide regarding the programs you review. My interest now has shifted from Athlean-x to Sean’s Body Transformation Blue print. I’m sending him a message as well, but I wonder if you know whether or not I can delay my 3 month availability to Sean via email, as one receives with his program purchase, for a few months after purchase while I rehab a shoulder issue. In other words, I wonder if I purchased the plan now if I could delay the online access to Sean for a couple of months until I can actually start the program…

    Perhaps I’m just thinking out loud here as I now realize it’s a question better posed to Sean N. himself, but after typing all that out here I’m gunna hit “Post Comment” now dangit!

    Anyway, again, thank you so much for your site here.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Steve great choice! You will not be disapointted for sure. Follow the program and everything will fall into place.

      And what comes to Sean I’ve been in contact with him couple of times and he always replies back and I’m sure he will help you out with that 3 month coaching plan.

      All the best to you and keep growing stronger! 🙂

  5. Steve

    Jesse-I came across your site while looking for reviews on Body Beast . I don’t mean to come across as too skeptical but I’m wondering why you don’t post a photo of yourself that shows your results with this program . The picture you post doesn’t entice me to fork over $77.00 – or any amount for that matter . Can you convince me and others that you have truly benefitted from it ?
    Thanks ,

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot Steve. I’m actually in process of losing weight by following principles of this program and I will definately include my photos when I’m done with the cut.

      And also remember that my body beast review is just my opinion and like with everything else you’ll find people that disaggree with me and that is completely fine, to each to their own.

      But Body Beast and Body Transformation Blueprint cannot even be compared since TBTBP is on a whole another level regarding quality information backed up by real science compared to body beast.

      All the best to you.

  6. Gary

    Hello Jesse
    I had already purchased Body Beast and agree about the points you raised on your website, I followed the link which led me to The Body transformation Blueprint and raised my interest level.
    From my experience all the programs I have purchased have a set period of time (Months) then after you have completed them they want to sell you another program.
    Does The Body transformation Blueprint system allow me to design my own programs or does it mean I will be bombarded with emails from this and other companies selling the latest programs. If the book allows me to deign programs, from your experience out of 10 and 10 being the best what number would you give it.

    Good website and great detail

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks for the question Gary. In Body Transformation Blueprint you got the basic templates for workouts and then you can customize them a bit if you have some exercises that you lack the equipment or injury prevents you from performing them. And no there will be no other programs than this since there is no need for that. Like I mentioned this program has everything you’ll ever need to know about building muscle. Although if you’re getting really advanced you might have to start really advanced periodizations for further gains which are not included in this program. For beginner and intermediate lifters this is the best package I’ve come accross. This program gets 10/10 rating from me. Thanks a lot and all the best to you 🙂 And if you need just e-mail Sean and he will help you to design a program for you after you’ve purchased the program if you’re not happy with the template he gives!

  7. Peggy

    Jesse-Came across this while searching reviews on Body Beast. I totally agree with your dislikes about the program. So I went to Sean’s website and followed the entire free interactive video until the order page. Just contemplating if this is for me. I am a 51 year old female looking to gain muscle and loose around 20 lbs. I have worked out at home with videos for the last 30 years. I prefer challenging workouts that I can perform all of the exercises and keep up with the instructors. That said I really like P90X but found that it was impossible for me to do a chin up or pull up, and God knows I tried. Many of the other exercise were also beyond my abilities. I am currently finishing up Chalean Extreme with great results. I finally decided to get on board with my diet and have lost 15 – 20 lbs. in the last 5 months. I am looking to continue a different and challenging (for me) 3 day per week weights and 2 day per week cardio program. Sean does make rapid weight lose promises on his video which I did not like. I also have never worked out without following along a video and pressing play. I think I am ready to try this approach mentioned on Sean’s video. I would like to do the Body Transformation at home, I have a bench and bar with all sorts of weights and plenty of dumbells. Can I do the workouts without doing chin ups? Is the lifting too much for this old girl, be honest I am not a beast? I would like to hear your imput before I purchase. Thanks!

    1. Jesse Post author

      Peggy that is GREAT to hear that you’re into lifting weights at that age, awesome awesome awesome!

      Sean’s program is not a follow-along and to be honest if you’re serious lifter follow-along routines are complete waste of time. With the equipment you have at home you can absolutely do this program! There is not a single exercise that is absolutely vital to build muscle. Basically any compound movement can be replaced with another compound exercise if you have injury or something else that prevents you from doing a certain exercise, when we’re talking about general fitness and general strength development and building muscle. It’s a different ball game when the goal is to get good at certain lift or a specific sport.

      This program is highly customizable and you don’t absolutely have to perform pull-ups BUT what I could suggest to you is doing negatives and buying resistance bands so you can start progressing doing your first pull-up! I even have a full article about it here!

      And lifting is certainly not too much for you and there is not need to be a beast. Lifting will actually only be good for you, but that being said I want you to avoid heavy weights at first and use PROPER LIFTING TECHNIQUE AT ALL TIMES! There is an exercise video database within the program so you’ll have detailed instructions how to perform the lifts outlines in the program. As you feel comfortable with the exercises you can slowly start adding weight and keep getting stronger.

      The reason why I want you to pay close attention to the exercise techniques is the fact that as we get older we will not be able to get away as much as we did when we were younger (I don’t mean myself I’m still relatively young but just giving an example) since aches and pains are all part of the iron game.

      Anyway I hope this cleared out some smoke for you and don’t jump in too fast but build yourself gradually into it and you’ll be golden!

      – Jesse 🙂

  8. Sam

    HI Jesse:
    Does Body Transformation Blueprint provide a plan to follow. I understand there is a data base of videos to pick from. I am a 46 year old female that tried P90X/sculpt classes/spinning, etc at gyms and have been active till last injury. I have 10-15 pounds to loose and muscle to build. I was considering body beast till I read your review.
    I need something that I can push play and follow instructions and a pre planned program for gaining muscle and strength will do great. I can do my own cardios by spinning, walking but need to really need strength at this point and need a program tell me what to do in a planned, prescheduled way. Basically ,LAy it out for me. I have very busy schedule and do not have patience to read and figure things out to come up with a plan that will work for me. I can spare 1hr a day to exercise but can not do researching, figuring out what to do. I will prefer a program geared towards beginner that is all planned out and gives results. I work out but still can not get the definition, strength I desire besides 10-15 pounds to lose.

    1. Jesse Post author

      This is the reason why I find this program so good. It gives you everything you need to know and I mean EVERYTHING. You can attain the same amount of research based information that is included in the manual BUT it will take you about 6 months, so if you’re not interested wasting 6 months and you’re not interested beating around the bush, this complete body transformation system is something to consider on! So to answer directly to your question there is a planned precheduled way laid out for you within this program. Keep growing stronger Sam and remember to embrace the journey! 🙂

  9. Anita

    Hi Jesse! Great review, I was looking for Sean reviews and this is a great one! One question, is it able for female? I’m a 28 yrs old woman, “false” skinny, who want to transform my body, I lift weights for 2 years but I need a good plan to gain muscle. Thank you!

    1. Jesse Post author

      Anita weight training between males and females should not be any different! For women it is already harder to build muscle than males so you should definately train hard and try to get stronger over time, that is the key to building muscle. So to answer your question, yes body transformation blueprint can definately be done by women also 🙂

      1. Lucky

        Jesse…Thanks for your review. Do you know how long each routine is? How many days per week? Or it has few options to select from in terms length and frequency of routines?



        1. Jesse Post author

          Thanks for the question Lucky. The duration of workout depends on your own pace, but I get them done within an hour. And how many times per week is ultimately up to you also, but there is basically 3 different workouts: A (Upper-body Push), B (Upper-body Pull) and C (Legs). You’ll basically do 3-4 exercises of heavy compounds per muscle group and then some accessories on top of that. I’ve been doing the routine 2 on-1 off for now and it has worked great and when I started I did just 3 times a week and experienced great gains. But now I try to hit every muscle group about 2 times per week. There is just one template, but as you get the 3-month coaching from Sean you can contact him and he can adjust your routine if you want to change it to suit better your needs.

          Hope this helped you 🙂

          1. Lucky


            Thanks for the response. One more question. The main book is in PDF form online or we will receive a hard copy? Let me know



          2. Jesse Post author

            It’s completely electronic format including videos etc. The main books are in PDF format.

    1. Jesse Post author

      I guess you’re wondering what equipment is needed? If you have a squat rack, barbell and dumbbells you can do this at home. But this is not a bodyweight program that can be done without equipment.

      I Hope this helped you 🙂

  10. Michael

    Hey Jesse,
    I believe Sean has several different programs available. To start off, I would like to cut down some weight and then build back up the proper way. I’m about 195, 6’2″ and would like to lose about 15lbs of fat and then work my way back up to about 190 with the additional 10lbs being muscle. Do any of his programs offer both solutions; cutting, then muscle growth? Which of these programs can be taylored to this?

    Thanks for the honest reviews.


    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot for the question Michael!

      Yes there are three different workout splits and they are all HIGHLY effective due to the high frequency! You can choose between three different splits which are:

      Whole body

      You can ultimately choose any of these if you feel that a certain split fits your schedule better, but if you’re a beginner the idea is to start from full body routine, then move onto the upper-lower and finally push-pull-legs.

      That being said you could absolutely accomplish that goal with this program since it has both a fat loss and a muscle building module and that is actually a really legit plan how you’ve visualized it in your mind! Depending on your current lifting experience you could even build muscle while stripping off that body fat and then once you attain desired body fat percentage you start a lean bulking phase so you will stay in great shape all year around and minimize fat gains along with muscle gains.

      I’ve come into conclusion that the strength gains that you can accomplish by aggressive bulking do not translate to muscle growth in a linear fashion so I myself recommend lean bulking to stay leaner year around while still building as much as muscle I can with my genetics. Then if you want to get even leaner for summer example you have to only drop weight for 4-12 weeks to get really ripped! That is awesome 🙂

      Anyway any scenario I listed here is highly endorsed in this program and you will definately get your results if you end up purchasing this program. If you’re not sure please check out seans youtube channel out first there is A LOT of free valuable content available.

      All the best to you Michael 🙂

  11. Steve T.

    I would like to know if Seans blueprint, once purchased, can be accessed from any of the 3 devices i have or if i should download it onto the device best used if allowed only one “download”. Is it a site (portal) accessed by password? Are the e-books downloadle only to one device? My ideal is using laptop to print, phone for reading out and about and on pad for use at gym… Do i need to purchase program using device best served or is there complete portability?

    1. Jesse Post author

      You’ll get access to a private website where you can download all the materials, the main products are in PDF format (except the video database and some other stuff, it is within the “members portal”) I believe you can use the the download site for like a month or even more, you’re better by asking Sean himself about this, he replies to every e-mail in my experience. But for sure the downloads are not limited to only one device that I’m sure of. Hope you found this helpful 🙂

  12. CB

    Hey Jesse,

    I am a 43 year old male, and am very interested in this program. I currently have 5-50 Selecttech dumbbells, a weight bench, and a pull-up bar. I do not have a squat rack. I have completed a few rounds of P90X, Insanity, and am currently doing Body Beast. Do you believe that I would benefit from this program with the limited equipment that I have?


    1. Jesse Post author

      Yes you can substitute all the barbell movements with dumbbells but I strongly advice everyone to use them both in order to get “the best of both worlds” so to say. Dumbbells are great due to the fact that they require more stablization on your part and you’re actually using both of your arms as a stand-alone unit so there is less muscle imbalance issues to worry about. Although with barbells the overall strength gains are better if you’re after better performance in specific sports for example or just want to be as strong as possible. Also you get a bit more variance to your movements since you’re not stuck with only dumbbells or barbells. Neither one of them is bad but to use them both, it is the best in my opinion.

      I don’t know your current level of strength but maximum 50 pound dumbbells sound quite light to me in order to really push yourself to grow bigger and stronger.

      But anyway with the equipment you currently have you definately can do this program.

      I hope this reply helped you in any way 🙂

      If you don’t feel comfortable of purchasing Seans program, please e-mail him or watch his free content at youtube since there IS A LOT valuable stuff for free!

      All the best to you 🙂

  13. CB

    Thanks for the reply! I don’t know my current level of strength either! I haven’t done a heavy lifting routine yet. I am using the 5-50 dumbbells for isolated body parts at this time. I am interested in getting a rack and barbells but want to buy used and havent found one that will fit yet.

    I am not really looking for size. I would like to get muscle gains and lose fat (<10%BF) and just be stronger. Defined and cut is my goal, with some muscle but not looking to get yuuuuuuge. I am sure this program with the proper nutrition can achieve those goals.

    1. Jesse Post author

      No problem CB 🙂

      Yes this is the most comprehensive and well thought out program I’ve personally come accross AT THE MOMENT. And yes you will attain those goals with this program, just put the work in and you’ll be there 🙂

  14. Brody

    Hey Jesse I have read your review on both body beast and the body transformation blueprint. I am a 15 year old freshman and I play basketball and I weigh 150 pounds. I am trying to pack on muscle for next season and am willing to work hard just wanted a program to follow so I know what to do when I do get into the weight room.So you think body transformation blueprint is the best? Also what kind of results could I be seeing after completing the program? Thanks for your help!

    1. Jesse Post author

      Brody thanks for the comment. Great to hear you’ve interested in gaining strength and muscle since this will definately help you in your sport!

      Out of over 20 workout programs I’ve reviewed Body Transformation Blueprint has been the best hands down, it is a GREAT program for beginners and intermediate lifters who have not reached the gains they feel they should. Advanced lifters will find basically no value out of it.

      About the results, you will get stronger and bigger for sure. If you really push it I’d think that you could build around 15-25 pounds of muscle within your first year of lifting if you’ve never touched weights before and you got basic genetics and you’ll keep your diet and training on point.

      Just make sure you’re lifting with correct form and don’t end up hurting yourself!

      Hope this helped you in any way Brody 🙂

  15. JJ Johnson


    I stumbled upon your review of Body Beast when researching the product, and I am now intrigued by TBT. I think you may have answered my questions in your response to CB, but I am curious if I can expect to achieve the results I’m looking for with limited equipment. Like CB, I own adjustable (5-55 lb.) dumbells, Swiss ball, bands, etc; however, I do not own a flat bench or squat rack. My goal is not to gain mass, but to lean up a tad, as I have a somewhat stocky build (5’9″ 205 lbs.). At the age of 35, I am simply trying accentuate what took me 10-15 years to build (prior to partially torn labrum 5 yrs ago, I had lifted heavily since my teenage years). Strength is not my top focus anymore, so I don’t care if I ever get back to benching 300 lbs. I have big chest, broad shoulders, arms, and big ass, so definitely don’t want to gain any weight or add a lot of mass; I’m more interested in taking off a few pounds and trying to lean up. Do you think it would be possible to achieve these goals with TBT using my very limited equipment? Going to a gym isn’t an option at this point (due to living in rural area, kids’ school schedules, and working out of my home), so I am leery of wasting my time with TBT if my goals are unfeasible due to owning limited equipment. So, I guess my overarching question is this: can I shred up with 5-55 lb. dumbells and a Swiss ball using TBT in the privacy of my own living room? The foundation is there, it’s just a mater of refining it.

    Thanks for any feedback you can offer.


    P.s. I did GSP Rushfit on and off for the past 3 yrs. I felt like I was in great shape every time I did it, but felt like I hit a plateau ( more of a mental thing than physical) last time I did it. Loved the high-activity and calorie burns, but I’m bored with it and would like something different (hence…TBT curiosity). Anyhow, have you heard of Rushfit? If so, what were your experiences with the program?

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks for the input JJ Johnson, really appreciate it!

      In my opinion, with your current body composition and goals you don’t need to purchase any fitness regimen if you’re just interested to shedding off that excess fat you’ve accumulated.

      If you want to get to the best shape you can, yes the TBT will help you with that but the 5-55 pound dumbbells will not be enough and as you mentioned you have just these dumbbells and a swiss ball and you’re not intersted to build more mass and strength anymore.

      So my advice to you is simple:

      #1 Figure out your maintenance calories (HERE) and start tracking what you eat and hit that number for a solid two weeks.
      #2 Train with your dumbbells 3 times a week FULL BODY and go as heavy as you can with them (I suppose 55lbs dumbbells are quite light for a guy with your experience and build, but listen to your body as you mentioned you have a torn labrum AND I would highly suggest going to doctor with your workout plan and asking is it ok to workout with your regimen because I’m not a person that can cast judgement on this kind of issues)
      #3 Do different variations of dumbbell squats (single-leg and regular, google bulgarian split squats), dumbbell deadlifts (single-leg and regular), bent over rows, dumbbell presses (overhead press, on a medicine ball), chin-ups / pull-ups if you have a pull-up bar, and some core work with planks with 3 sets per exercise. Add some bodyweight stuff in there if you see it necessary.
      #4 After 2 weeks decrease your calories 10-20% of your maintenance and continue this as long as your weight keeps dropping and when the weight loss stalls decrease another 10-20%. Repeat as long as you seem the need to.
      #5 Your diet should consists of 1.5-2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight (in your case 93 * 1.5 = 140) 20% coming from healthy fats and the rest from carbohydrates.
      #6 Do some cardio 2-4 times a week (this can be anything from walking to playing with kids, etc. The idea is just to get some cardiovascular work and not go balls to the wall killing yourself)

      With your goals I think these guidelines will be more than enough for you to attain the body composition you’re after.

      Hope you found this useful! 🙂

      If you have more questions just reply here and I’ll get back at you.

      1. JJ Johnson


        Thank you for your input! I have printed out your recommendations and plan to implement them with my lifestyle. The partial labrum tear issue has been and on and off since my accident, but it has only slightly hindered my workout programs. I did return to the gym after my injury, but not with much consistency. With that said, I didn’t notice that the injury was holding me back from doing any of the old exercises that I done. I really only stopped doing flat bench (barbell) and military press (dumbell). Obviously, I am never going to put up heavy weight on the bench again, but I’m okay with that. If I can rep out lower weight with dumbells and get a good burn, I’ll be just as happy.

        I suppose the reason that I inquired about TBT was due to my fear of not having enough equipment at home. In my bodybuilding days I had always had gym equipment to use (squat rack, bench, etc.); however, I am much less optimistic that I could get that same burn from my own home, with much less equipment at my disposal. If there is another way to get a similar burn using what I have, though, I am certainly interested. Your feedback helped put some things back into perspective for me.
        After my experience with programs like Rushfit (which is something I would have scoffed at before), I have become much more open to the benefits of BWF training with limited equipment.

        Anyhow, it was great chatting with you. As a HS English teacher at an online school, I definitely appreciate the constructive feedback. I hope other people value the information that you are providing them with, as well. You’re doing great work here!


        1. Jesse Post author

          Thanks a ton for the input again JJ.

          If you accomplish your body recompositioning, report back to me. I’d love to see if you’ve accomplished your goals! Helping people and knowing that I’ve had at least a small part in that makes me really happy.

          Now go put the work in and embrace the journey and you will get there for sure 🙂

  16. Steve


    I am a 5’8″ 150lb male. I did p90x a few years ago but I would like a program that builds more muscle. I have very limited equipment (5 – 52.5lb Dumbbells and a pull-up bar) and from reading your comments, it doesn’t seem like these will be sufficient for this program. Based on the equipment I have and my goal to build muscle, is there another program you can recommend? Thanks.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks for the comment Steve.

      The key for building muscle is progressive overload, lifting heavier weights over time, doing more reps and sets, etc. So if you really want to build muscle you should definately invest in gym membership or more weights, you can do this program with a adjustable bench and dumbbells, your dumbbells are just not heavy enough since you will grow out from them quite fast. And the pull-up bar is great since you can do weighted pull-ups (I bought some chain and quick locks for $5 total!). Since all the best programs will demand increase in workload and weight over time you should either get a gym membership or buy heavier dumbbells and an adjustable bench IF you’re serious about changing your body composition.

      So a simple answer is that there is not a good program that you can sustain and build muscle with 52.5lb dumbbells and a pull-up bar BUT you can start with them and if your dumbbells are adjustable you can just buy more weights when the weight gets too light.

      The Body Transformation Blueprint is the best program I’ve came accross and actually I thought of doing my own program but it would end up almost identical to this one so I see no point in it.

      Hope this helped you in any way Steve 🙂

      1. Steve

        Thanks, Jesse.

        I sit at a desk most days, so my goal to start is to get back into shape and feel good again (like I did when I was doing P90X). But I want to get rid of the scrawny look and build some good lean muscle as well.

        Time is an issue tho as I have kids and work full time.

        1. Jesse Post author

          All the power to you my friend!

          Although I never recommend p90x like programs to anybody although they will get results but they are not sustainable. If someone wants to workout with p90x or other similar products they can search free programs from youtube that will work just the same. The idea of those products are just to get you working for 2-3 months and then change to something else and pay over $100 again. The programs basically just tell you to do something to get you moving and nobody has to pay money for that.

          All the best and I hope you start to lift those weights seriously since there are dozens of very strong health benefits other than just changing your body composition!

  17. Carlton

    Jesse..i am 51 year old male, i have severe arthritis in my right hip so my doctor is against me lifting weights, so will this program work with resistance bands until i can lift again and if so are there a certain type of bands that i will need.

    1. Jesse Post author

      This program cannot be done with resistance bands.

      Thanks for the comment Carlton 🙂

  18. Ken Tincher

    Great review! I’m 50 yrs old, somewhat athletic still but flat out getting fat – about 23% body fat at 5’8 and 201 lbs. Quit drinking soda a year ago and lost 10lbs, then started doing free weights in basement and lost another 10 lbs. Two months without lifting and semi better diet and gain 10lbs back. Now I’m 3 weeks into Body Beast and I don’t really feel the progress and the muscle groups don’t seemed to be worked enough each week. I found your write up and this program and it totally makes sense. My questions:
    1. I like to have Sunday’s off…what is the best cycle to optimize the other 6 days that will allow me to lose fat and build muscle. Not trying to get huge, just a bit bigger and defined.
    2. I understand running / aerobic exercise gets the heart rate past the fat burning stages – are guidelines included in the book on how / when to incorporate conditioning…it’s not as important to me as muscle growth and weight lose but wonder how much it is considered by you / Sean.

    3. Is this a good plan for someone that is 50?


    Ken T

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks for the comment Ken! Great to hear that you’re still working out at respectable age of 50.

      So let me give you my take on your questions.

      1. You could do either 3 x full body workouts on monday, wednesday & friday and cardio on tuesday, thursday & saturday then rest sunday. Or another option would be upper-/lower split on monday, tuesday and thursday, friday and wednesday & saturday cardio and sunday off. The program has 3 different splits to choose from depending on your lifting experience (or preference) so everything will be explained in detail about these splits.

      2. Kinda answered it already on the first one but me and Sean recommend about 2-4 cardio sessions per week. One big mistake a lot of people make is to include too much cardio too soon. Depending on how rapid fat loss you’re after you might not even need cardio at first but there is an detailed chapter on this in the program itself.

      3. I don’t see any reason why this would not be a good program for a 50 year old person. Just pay attention to proper lifting form and there is an exercise video database within the program to learn all the key movements. Film yourself doing the exercises that helps A LOT!

      Thank you and I’m glad if you found this helpful 🙂

  19. Scott


    I’m a 41yo father of 4. I’m 5’8″ 230# with diabetes and all sorts of other health issues. I’ve heard that strength training can be a big help for someone like me, but frankly these programs seem to be for guys who look like they are starting out a lot more fit than me and looking to become big. My goals are fat loss, increased strength, and reversal of inflammatory and chronic disease. I stay incredibly busy with work and kids and cannot spend massive amounts of time on a program. I also cannot eat high protein diets and supplements because of my medical issues. Am I barking up the wrong tree? The closest I came to jumping into a program is watching the body beast infomercial. When researching that this morning I found this review and your page. Nice work.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks for the input Scott!

      First let me say that I’m not qualified to determine if someone with health issues is allowed to start an exercise regimen, always ask your doctor first.

      But yes strength training / weight lifting has proven numerous times that it has a myriad of different health benefits.

      This program is for people that want to cut through all the BS and get the information that you need when the goal is to build muscle and lose fat as fast as your own individual genetics allow.

      I usually get my workouts done in an hour 4 times a week at the moment.

      About protein consumption, you absolutely do not need any supplements. This program gives the basic recommendation of 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight but if you’re in a calorie surplus you can build muscle even with 0.75 grams per pound of bw. These are not even close to high protein diets that put you eating 2-4 grams per pound of bodyweight which is complete insanity.

      Thanks for the comment and I hope you found this article helpful 🙂

  20. JG

    I’m an ex-athlete with a bum knee looking to lose 50+ pounds and get back in shape and something close to the physique I used to have. I had surgery on the knee years ago and I have no pain just the surrounding muscles are weak. Would you reccomend this program for me?

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks for the question JG.

      Always consult your doctor before starting any fitness regimen, I’m not qualified to assess that.

      That being said you could absolutely do atleast the exercises for upper body (and choose the ones that take your lower body out of the question) and get great results.

      The idea of this regimen is to build muscle all over your body which will create a strong, healthy physique. Don’t make the mistake that I did and use one injury as an excuse to not to work out other parts of your body that you can hammer without the use of your injured body part 🙂

      Hope this review helped you in any way JG!

  21. Ron Gracey

    Hi Jesse, I am about to turn 69 in July 2016 and weigh 275 pounds. I’ve had double knee surgery and have no pain in my knees. I have neropathy in my feet and take medicine for it. I am also Type 2 Diabetic. I want to lose weight and build strength and thought that you might give me some input toward me purchasing this product for me training if my Doctor says its ok to do so. Two years ago I tore my left rotator cup and did not have any surgery done. It doesn’t hurt so I guess its ok now. I am looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks so much.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Great to hear you’re interested in working out at that age, awesome!

      You can definately use the diet module for your weight loss goals in this regimen BUT I’m not sure about the strength training. With your age and injuries I think you cannot push the weights with the same intensity that younger guys do, no offence!

      I believe Sean has trained a lot of seniors so your best bet would be e-mail him before purchasing and explaining your situation to him and ask would it be possible for you to train.

      Everyone who purchases this regimen will get a 3 month coaching package where you can ask anything from Sean regarding changing the regimen, working around injuries etc. and you definately will need to alter the program due to your injuries and age.

      So contact him first via facebook or e-mail:

      Hope you found this helpful 🙂

  22. Cheyenne Klos

    Hello. I put in a purchase for this due to reading your review and is it really all digital? Cuz I like hard copies of things. I do much better that way then everything digital.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Yes it’s all digital. Although you can print the PDF e-books if you like hard copies more. There is no hard copy available.

  23. Derek Pattimore

    Hello Jesse,

    Great review BTW keep up the great work!

    I really want to purchase this but I do not own a large set of dumbbells. I only have up to 20 lbs right now. What is your opinion of the Powerblocks or Bowflex Selectec? Or are there any other cheaper kinds around that work just as good or better?


    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks for the comment Derek!

      I think the PowerBlocks are good ones but the Bowflex Selectec I’d stay away from. I’m planning to do a comparison or individual review on both of those popular dumbbells soon.

      I’ve been using dumbbells like THIS and I believe they are actually the cheapest option available. THE ONLY downside in them is the fact that you have to be careful when you get them into position when doing bench press or incline bench press since the locks can bruise and hurt your thighs if you don’t have the correct technique. Although with some basic DIY skills you can craft some cushion to the locks so this wouldn’t be a problem anymore. It can be a valid option for people who want to save money.

      Hope this helped you Derek 🙂

  24. Kris

    Hey Jesse, I liked your comprehensive review. Found it while doing some research on other programs. I have to maintain a good 2 mile time for the Army, want to lose some weight, build/ maintain strength, but not build huge amounts of muscle. Don’t want to haul it around the track when I run, if you know what I mean. Does this program fit the goals I am setting for myself? If not, can you point me in the right direction?

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks for the comment Kris!

      As you mentioned the primary goal for you is to burn off fat and maintain / build strength, while not building too much muscle. This program will suit your needs perfectly. There is a whole module on fat loss with a primary focus on maintaining / building strength.

      As a natural lifter it’s really difficult to build muscle and strength while you’re burning fat at the same time because the #1 driving force for fat loss is calorie deficit. As you’re in a calorie deficit your body will start to use your excess fat as an energy source and this results in fat loss. On the flipside of the coin building muscle (and strength) demands a calorie surplus to ensure that your body has the fuel to keep the muscle building process in place.

      Also, you don’t have to fear of building huge amounts of muscle since it takes months and years to actually build muscle without using gear.

      Run the program and focus on the compound exercises and getting stronger in them and you’ll be golden.

      And remember that you’ll get 3 months of coaching with the package so you can fine-tune the program even more to your desired goals.

      Hope this helped you out Kris 🙂

  25. Cliff

    Hey what’s up Jesse, I’m a 25 yr old male that have been looking to get in great shape for years now. I’ve tried the whole gym thing with no real guidance or supplements and it had yielded no results for me. To be honest I get a little frustrated and discouraged because I’m not seeing any results. I was just about to buy the Beast Body right up until I stumbled onto your review. I’m looking to lose about 60-65 lbs I currently weigh 293 lbs. I know it’s going to take some time, hardwork and dedication and I’m honestly will to put forward the maximum effort. I don’t just want to lose the weight but also pack on muscle and have a nice physique. In all honesty and no BS will TBTBP get me to my desired weight and physique???

    1. Jesse Post author

      Great to hear you’re interested in changing your body composition Cliff!

      It’s great that you’ve embraced the fact that your change will take time. I usually advice people to stick at bare minimum 1 year to their fitness goals. And most of the time the process ends up taking more time than you’ve planned out. But that’s ok as long as you’re consistent and focusing on the big picture.

      I think TBTBP is the best program that I’ve personally came accross to date. It certainly can do everything you’re looking for. This is the most “no-BS” product in my opinion and it has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

      I believe every lifter should start with the guidelines outlined within this book. It’d serve as a great kick-start to the whole iron game and you wouldn’t have to stumble around for the first months or years knowing what the heck to do in the gym, you can just cut straight to what works and what doesn’t.

      With your experience and body fat percentage you can definately build muscle and lose fat simultaneously. Just don’t be too aggressive with your fat loss regimen.

      Also there is a 3-month coaching pack included so you can structure with Sean your whole process and tweak it accordingly if there is a need for it.

      Hope this helped you in anyway and all the best to your journey ahead, I really hope that you will reach your goals and with your attitude and dedication, I’m sure you’ll attain the physique you’re after. Just remember, THIS PROCESS TAKES _TIME_ no matter what everyone tries to tell you.

      All the best.

      – Jesse 🙂

  26. Zach Cerny

    I have been looking for a great home workout plan that doesn’t cost a fortune. Im curious as if theyre are DVDs for each of the workouts, and do they follow a day to day base. Also, would I be able to complete this with a weight ball and dumbbells? Or is it essential I get a bench and a squat rack? Thank you for the reply!

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks for the question Zach.

      This program is completely electronic and you will not have any dvd’s to follow. Instead you get different programs that you follow and you’ll have to track your progress with the program sheets included in the regimen. There is an exercise video database within the members section where you get access after purchasing the product which includes all the materials for you to download and or view on internet.

      The weight ball is useless, dumbbells will work fine. You can get far with dumbbells but if you want to make most of the program you will need a barbell also and somekind of a bench (preferably adjustable).

      The whole thing while thinking about dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, bands etc. is the fact that they are all great TOOLS and to make the best possible progress you can and you should use ALL OF THEM due to the fact that you can progress better when you have more options to aim for progressive overload and you can get different stimulus. It is a great option to start with just dumbbells or barbell but if you want to make most of any weight training program I believe you should use atleast barbell and dumbbells.

      Hope this helped you in any way 🙂

  27. Rodger Clark

    Jesse….I am a 66 year old male. 90 days ago I weighed 268 lbs. I am only 5’6″ in height. Today I weigh 218 lbs. This weight lose started because of personal stress. I have started working toward better cardio. But I want to get stronger and not just maintain the weight lose but continue to loose. I would at least like to get to 180 lbs or even a little better. Is this program for me….a beginner ?

    1. Jesse Post author

      Great to hear Rodger that you’re interested in working out. The health benefits are really significant from weight training and reduced fat percentage.

      Yes this is the best program I’ve come accross for beginners. You will get to know everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s really a “no-BS” complete program.

      Muscle building, strength training, fat loss, diet, etc. everything significant is covered in the manual.

      All the best to you 🙂

  28. Graeme

    Great review Jesse

    You mentioned that you drank alcohol whilst being on the program and from what I’ve seen online about it, it advises no alcohol consumption. Am not a big drinker myself however I do like a couple of beers here and there. So say for example you had 4 beers how would you fit that in the diet, as in how would you count the calories against the protein carb and fat intake of your daily diet plan? As i thibk am right in sayiing that alcohol as a micronutrient is 7 calories per gram.


    1. Jesse Post author

      Alcohol in moderation is not a problem. Excessive drinking can be.

      If you drink 4 beers on a saturday night don’t even stress about it. If you’re staying consistent with your calories every day the extra calories from 4 beers means basically nothing. Although if you’re trying to get extremely lean and ripped it can be a problem but I don’t advice anyone to go under 10% bodyfat due to health problems.

      When you hit the gym for 1-4 years you will look great with 10-15% bodyfat.

      All the best to you 🙂

  29. Derrick Brown

    I have been reading your reviews about different programs, its still hard to decide which to choose though
    I used to run a Judo club, but since that died, I have been going to the gym, doing mainly cardio, rowing machine, stepper, running machine) I can still bench 200 pounds though, I can squat 100 kg for 3 sets 8 reps
    I am 65 now and to make matters worse, I am retired, I don’t walk or do as much now, but I do travel a lot (trips lasting 8-9 months) don’t really get much chance of a gym workout, but do a lot of hiking, trekking and walking up and down mountains and hills
    Even my wife has commented about my gut now, so its getting serious, I have never dieted, because I couldnt live on a diet for the rest of my life, when you come off it the weight comes back (I am a 36 inch waist 44 inch chest, weight about 86-87 kg)
    I’d like to drop 10 kilo or so, but I cant see it happening
    I have looked for a meal plan, but they all seem more than I eat at present (I eat 2 meals a day, light breakfast and dinner, meat and veg
    Any suggestions ?
    I have developed a gut, I have been told that crunchies and sit ups don’t work (I used to do hundreds of them, now I don’t do any now)
    How do I get rid of the gut ?
    I have looked on youtube, there are lots of ways, most I have tried, they don’t work

    1. Jesse Post author

      This program is the best Derrick that I’ve come across up to this date.

      The thing with your “gut problem” is that it’s mainly due to the fact that you’re probably storing your fat in that area, like most of us men. And doing tons of crunches and sit ups are certainly not the best way to go if you’re trying to get rid of the gut.

      So how you will get rid of the gut? You have to drop your body fat % low enough that it goes away. BUT with your age it’s normal to have some gut.

      Has your weight stalled at 86-87 kg? If it is, you probably are at a maintenance regarding your calorie intake and exercise. So what you should do is start to monitor how much you actually eat on a daily basis and then drop that number with 10-20% and see what happens.

      All this and more is explained in this program so you don’t have to guess out anything and you will get a 3 month coaching plan so you can have an online personal trainer who will help you personally and custom anything you need.

      And eating just 2 times a week is fine if you like to do it like that.

      Hope this helped you in any way Derrick.

      All the best to you

      – Jesse 🙂

  30. Derrick Brown

    Well since I have finished at the judo club and retired from work, I may as well see the world and when I aint doing that, get to the gym
    I may not be the strongest guy down there, but there are several people that ask me to spot and push them for that extra rep (bench press, squats, even dumb bell or bar bell curls)
    Even the amateur body builder grabs me at times for a session
    Going to the gym or walking is better than day time TV (even in the UK its pretty dire) in fact anything is better than that, even gardening or just going out for a long walk
    I’m not the oldest in our gym by any means, there is a guy who is in his 70’s, but he will always be found on the tread mill (he walks miles on there, they have even named the machine after him,’ Eddies treadmill’

    I’ll give this program a try, I have nothing to lose apart from my gut, but I know I don’t do anything as much as when I was running the Judo club and working, I reckon this is where the weight increase has come from

    Now you mention dropping my body fat ? it sounds easy, but I know it isn’t, even on 2 meals a day (its what I ate while I was working and I just got into the habit (being a plumber, I never really had time for lunch)
    I have toast, a couple of boiled eggs and at least 2 mugs of coffee (I have my own hens, so eggs are only a day old at worst)
    For an evening meal I have either chicken breast, steak, pork, most of the recipes I use are on Musclefood and if you follow them they aren’t bad (they provide all my meat anyway) I have no idea what the calorie count is though for each meal
    I have seen suggestions about eating from smaller plates is an idea for losing weight (to me a plate is a plate)
    I know its said cardio is good for losing weight and body fat, but I reckon I do enough and I don’t seem to lose any

    1. Jesse Post author

      Sounds good Derrick. I’m sure you will accomplish your goals!

      Yeah the calorie counting becomes important if your weight loss stalls.

      Weight training should always be done, doesn’t matter if you try to burn fat or build muscle. It’s the best thing for changing body composition, there is no getting around that fact. Cardio is great and I do 3 sessions a week, if you just lift weights you probably will not be in a very fit state. Yeah you could become very strong and big but what is it good for when you gas out climbing a set of stairs?

      Just my 2 cents.

      All the best to you Derrick 🙂

  31. Valerie

    Hi, I have gained many pounds over the last couple of years. I need to lose weight, I am not a runner or huge cardio fan although I do like to walk and hike. Someone told me to start lifting weights which burns fat, provides the cardio I need and will build muscle. I will be a beginner although I do have many past years of being fit and gym work outs, that was when I was younger. I will be 50 (female). I was looking at the Body Beast, read your reviews and I am now considering this program. I need all the guess work out of it for me. I need a “here’s how you do it, here’s a schedule, now follow it” work out at home. Is this the program for me?

    1. Jesse Post author

      Yes this program is a step-by-step program and leaves all the guess work out of the picture. Contains Way more crucial information on building muscle and burning fat than body beast.

      All the best 🙂

  32. carl

    What are the types of routine in the book? and which one do you prefer the most effective?

    1. Jesse Post author

      You got three different ones, full body, upper/lower (2-day split) and push/pull/legs (3 day). I personally use full body or upper/lower since it gives me more frequency and more elevated protein synthesis. I believe full body or 2-day split is the best regarding to muscle growth.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  33. Ernie

    Hey Bud,
    I’ve been weight training for a long time. When i was younger (I’m 38 now) it was to get into summer shape, and as i got older i did it for pure fun and to fight father time. I got fat. There’s no two ways about it. My age caught up with my eating habits. I was about to go the Body Beast route until i stumbled on your review and went to watch Sean’s video. I really appreciated his candid approach. I appreciated even more that he was not selling a brand of drinks or supplements. He’s just coaching you on hard work and eating for success. The price difference for Sean’s program with the add-ons at the end VS beach body’s product are lopsided. HOWEVER, one jug of the over priced shakeology and the comparison is over. I am all in on Sean’s program. I’m going to read,read,and read some more while starting to eat per his plan immediately. I’m 6’4″ and roughly 300-305 pounds. I want to be at least 50 pounds lighter and strong. i want to hit my forties with a bang. My wife will be joining me on the this journey, We are excited to change, and i wanted to give you a high five for your review of both Body Beast and Sean’s plan.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Exactly man, you’re on point of the shakeology / supplement thing. The money is made in supplements, not in training programs. For example the shakeology is an ongoing bill, you will wind up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars on an annual basis to supplements that you actually do not need. For a workout program that you can use couple of years or even the rest of your life, you usually pay something between $49-100 and that is it.

      You can be sure that you’ve invested in a solid product that contains no BS information and you will cut years of fondling around by reading the whole book and you will be golden just do as instructed!

      Everything best to you Ernie and be sure to drop by and tell how your progress is going. 🙂

      1. Ernie

        Update! Ending week 2 beginning week 3
        -Diet has been 70-80% inside the program limits. I travel for work and it’s a dam challenge to hit my macros on the road. I have to fly so packing my jug of protein is not an option.

        – I haven’t weighed myself but I’ll step on the scale after month 1 is over. I started at 305, I’m 6’4″ tall and 38 yrs old. (Fat boy)

        – After 2 weeks I’ve lost an inch in my waist, 5/8″ gone from my chest, and my neck has held steady at 19″.

        – I’m on the cutting program, so I’ve been on a caloric deficit. Cal goal is 3200 calories (200g of protein, 92 grams of fat, and 330-380 grams of carbs)

        I’m flippin pumped man, I’ve hit the weights hard and my body is responding nicely to the diet and supplementation.

        1. Jesse Post author

          A huge thank you for taking the time to drop your progress report here, AWESOME.

          You’re definitely on the right track here. Just keep on grinding and stay consistent, the gains will follow without a doubt!

          All the best to you and keep at it.

        2. Crl

          How many sets per body part do the full body routine contains? And the Upper and lower split?

          1. Jesse Post author

            Almost every routine contains 3 sets per exercise.

  34. Neeten Siewnath

    Hi Jesse,

    My name is Neeten, I’m from the Netherlands. I’m very interesting to purchase the Body Transformation Blueprint. I was considering P90X or Bodybeast. But after reading your review, I would like to start with BTB. However I have got 1 question, how long will it take, before I receive the documentation. And do I receive real books or is it all e-books.

    So how long will it take before I receive everything and what will I actually receive, after ordering?

    Kind regards from the Netherlands,


    1. Jesse Post author

      It’s completely electronic product so you get immediately after purchasing.

      Great choice of program and keep lifting and you will get to your goals for sure 🙂

  35. Donna

    Hi! I was about to post a question but fortunately kept reading and Valerie asked exactly what I needed to know! I was thisclose to ordering Body Beast, but found you through a review search – and I’m glad I did! Looks like TBT is more of what I need. I’m 52 (almost), female, and about 50 lbs overweight. Currently (according to my high-tech scale), I am at almost 50% body fat! I think this is the push I needed. I do have a couple of questions: how critical is cardio to this program (I loathe cardio but love lifting!), and can I expect decent results if my diet is not totally right? I have a terrible time keeping my eating in check (I stress eat, and the past year has not been kind to my husband or me). I know any activity is better than what I do now, but I get discouraged easily and need to see results. Thanks so much for the great review!

    1. Jesse Post author

      Doing cardio for weight loss with the program is not necessary BUT it is recommended. To be honest, your diet does not need to be totally right. With the program you will get a calculator that calculates your daily calorie needs with your own individual needs and stats (age, gender, weight, height, activity level).

      Calories are what matters, there is no getting around that fact. After you get your daily calorie intake from the calculator you follow it with the guidelines given in the manual for macro-nutrients. Protein is consumed for your own body weight, fat is consumed with 10-20% of total calorie intake and carbs will make the rest. Again you don’t need to be totally right with this stuff, being close is enough (remember the total calories!).

      Technically you could eat just junk food and lose weight as long as you fit it to your macros but I do not advocate this since you will run into myriad of other health issues and they might not keep you full for a long time.

      Although the stress eating will be a problem that you have to get sorted out, doesn’t matter how good your plan is but if you binge on food nothing will help.

      Another thing to understand is that do not expect fast results. If you want your weight to drop in a month or two you will set yourself up to failure. Commit to 6-12 months and you will have a much greater rate of success.

      Hope these helped you and all the best!

  36. Carolyn

    Do you have a recommendation of a good core building program or routine? We have a teenager with a hypermobility muscle disorder who needs to strengthen his core and continue to maintain it as he ages and his disorder progresses. He is strong but has low muscle tone. An example of this is his punch hurts but he has difficulty gripping and pulling and helping move things like a wood pile. His 8 year old brother can lift and carry more than he can (wood, groceries, etc). Thank you for any help. I considered getting a product like Body Beast or a program like the one posted here.

    1. Jesse Post author

      I have a really strong friend in iron who also has hyper mobile joints, although he is not a doctor he has a ton of experience training with hyper mobile joints. Contact him at

      All the best 🙂

  37. Andrew

    Hi Jesse, great review but I’m still very skeptical about this program because of the fact that there are very little reviews for it. A few questions came into mind… did you personally buy this program for 77 dollars and if so why did u buy it with little to no reviews? Did you just know that it was going to be good or something? Sounds like a risky buy. Another question came into mind, will I be reading a lot and can I start the program right away? Yes, im fully aware that committment has no boundaries even when it comes to reading BUT I’d rather do a whole lot of working out than a whole lot of reading. I’m also quite confused, will I be working out from the book or the videos? I saw your recent pics and I thought they were incredible! Congrats! Keep it up~


    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks for the questions Andrew, more than appreciated.

      Yes I did buy this program almost 3 years ago I believe, I think at the time it was a bit cheaper than now as it stands in $77. I didn’t find any reviews as I recall when I first bought it. What I found interesting in the program was the author no BS attitude towards building muscle. He didn’t put false expectations on me and he said that the basics are everything and the most important thing is progressive overload, calorie surplus & rest when the goal is to build muscle, the muscle is simply a byproduct of you getting stronger. All lifters that do not use gear, that have average genetics and have a lot of muscle mass are ALWAYS strong. Build your foundation of strength first and then you can start to get more advanced training methods.

      About the reading. I don’t know what you think is a lot but you can go through all the materials in a day.

      And you can start the program right away as it is fully electronic product so you will download the PDF’s from the membership site where you get access after purchasing and there are all the tools mentioned in the review on the site also.

      You will be working out from the book and keeping a logbook. The videos are there for reference and I encourage people to study lifting form on all the basic compound movements from youtube on top of Sean’s videos to get more different viewpoints on how to execute them properly.

      Thanks a lot for the comment. If you have more questions feel free to drop them here!

      All the best to you Andrew 🙂

  38. Gene


    67 year old male. 50 minutes cardio 6 days per week. Worked with PT for last 6 months lifting lighter weights. Can I use this program

    1. Jesse Post author

      I do not see any reason why you couldn’t 🙂 All the best and keep working at it!

  39. Kelly Reed

    I am a 52 yo female that has always tried to lift weights, work hard, and keep healthy. I am 5’6″ and 216 lbs. I was a Masters Degree Registered Nurse for over 20 years until I had a head injury from riding a roller coaster. I have balance issues I would like to overcome as well as losing 50 pounds. I would like to gain more muscle mass everywhere and get some definition. I had a severe right tibial plateau fracture in 2011 and both knees will need to be replaced in 3-5 years if they can wait that long. I can’t run or do anything that puts excessive movement on my brain, such as jumping jacks, lunges, etc…. Do you think this program would work for me? I am desperate to find the right program. I have a gym membership and use machines and towers 3-5 days per week. What do you think? I feel I am in a rut. My husband is terminally ill and I am under a lot of financial stress so weight lifting and walking are a release for me.

    1. Jesse Post author

      You’ve had to overcome some really tough things in your life. I’m really amazed and inspired that you still have the urge to lift weights and get in shape. If something is amazing, that truly is!

      I’m sorry but with your medical history I’m not qualified to give an answer if you can start doing this program. You have to consult your doctor and ask what she / he thinks about you starting to lift free weights involving multi-joint exercises.

      All the best to you Kelly and I really hope everything goes well with you!

      – Jesse 🙂

  40. Lisa

    Does the meal plans have bs recipes or just basic foods in a meal plan form? I’m not rolling in the dough to buy a million ingredients for recipes nor do I have the time to read and make recipes. Simple plans is what I need.

    1. Jesse Post author

      In my opinion quite basic recipes. Although the program teaches you how to construct your own meal plans so you can eat the way you want and adjust it to the guidelines of the program. I eat very basic foods on a daily basis and it’s been more than enough for me.

      Thanks for the question and all the best to you 🙂

  41. Kip

    Hi Jesse,
    I need a good workout plan. I went to a gym for 2 years and followed the rutine the trainer set up for, and special diet. I went 5 days a week and 2 hours a day. After 2 years I started asking why I wasn’t gaining muscle and losing weight. The answer I got was that my muscles are stringy muscle and won’t build like others do. Is there a problem that can help with string muscles

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks for the question.

      2 hours per sessions sounds like too much to me. Also 5 days sounds too much. And gaining muscle and losing weight is also a tricky thing, you can basically pull it off if you’re new to lifting but otherwise it’s quite hard without using steroids, although there is the minority of genetic freaks who can do it.

      Your muscles being stringy, meaning that you have more slow twitch muscle fibers in your body might be true and it means that you will not get that round dense muscle mass rather than the bulky fast twitch look. Genetics are very important when considering bodybuilding. I know many guys that are really strong but still look quite normal to be honest even though they’ve been hitting the gym for several years. Usually this type of people do very well in powerlifting because they can compete in very light body weight and being very strong. BUT these people are minority.

      How did your training routine look like when you trained for 2 years? Was it the basic 5 days split where you train back. chest, shoulders, legs, arms on different days or more high frequency style of program where you do fullbody 5 times a week? Did you try to hit two flies with one stone and tried to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously? If not were you eating enough to support your muscle growth? Did you focus on compound exercises and get stronger at them? How much intensity you put into your working sets?

      I would have to know more about you to really answer to your question to pinpoint what the problem might have been.

      All the best and thanks for the comment!

  42. Crl

    Does the program has 2 different types? Like for example

    Push A PushB pullA pull B
    Upper A upper B

    Something like this?

    1. Jesse Post author

      Yes similar to that. The basic template is like that Push A Push B, Pull A Pull B, Fullbody A, B, C. etc. But ultimately it’s up to you, nothing is written in stone. I personally do the same workout for three weeks straight and then I modify the exercises a little bit.

  43. Roger

    Does the fullbody routine executes 1 exercise per body part only? or 2?

  44. Dave

    If I am unable to to use a bench due to lack of space in my house would it still be a good idea to purchase this workout DVD. Oh and can I do the workouts in this DVD at my house

    1. Jesse Post author

      This is not a DVD. The workouts are listed in the electronic book. Also the movements included are found in the exercise database that members get access to after purchasing. This is not some follow-along BS workout routine. But lack of space? I guess you have a really tiny space in that case. Can you squat there? Anyway if the barbell itself is the problem that its too wide use dumbbells instead. But all honesty you need to have enough space to use barbell movements to make this thing work. Using both barbells and dumbbells yield the best results.

      All the best to you Dave 🙂

  45. Ken

    I’ve body beast for about a year and I’m looking for a new workout program that I can use for a while. How long does each workout take on average? Does the workout program change every month or so and can you use this program for years?

      1. Jesse Post author

        You can But How heavy are your dumbbells? Also using barbell And dumbbells will be far better due to heavier overloading possibilities of barbell training.

          1. Jesse Post author

            For pressing movements they will last you quite some time But rows deadlifts And squats not So long.

    1. Jesse Post author

      On average workouts take 45-60mins, atleast for me. Ofcourse depends a bit which split you use. The program changes a bit on 3-6 week basis But its not set in stone How often you need to change. This is not Just a program its a complete package which also gives you the tools to utilize for years to come. Like I mentioned this has everything you need to know as a beginner / intermediate lifter.

      All the best to you 🙂

  46. Heather

    My husband and I are interested in getting this program but we are wondering if there is a restriction on how many devices we can read this book on. Obviously, I want to read/reference it during my spare time and at work and so would he. Surely we would have to buy it twice???

    1. Jesse Post author

      No please dont buy it twice. You can print out the materials And use the memebership database together. Its in pdf format So any device that supports pdf.

  47. Oke

    I’ve been trying the MP45 workout programme recently. What are your thoughts on this one?

    1. Jesse Post author

      Its an Ok program But 45 days is not enough to see solid gains.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Filtered how exactly? I’ll try to answer every question posted here.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thank you. Not sure what you mean though? The summary is right there within the article in the what I like in it and what I dont plus the conclusion.

      All the best to you 🙂

  48. Daniel

    Hey Jesse! Great review on this program, I just wanted to make sure weather or not this is the right program for me, I’m an 18 yr old male and I’m currently playing soccer which means TOO MUCH cardio for someone who’s trying to bulk up I got practice and games quite often so I was wondering should I still purchase the program? Knowing that pretty much all the hard work at the gym and diet plan might go directly into the trash can due to the amount of time spent doing high calorie burning workouts? Or should I get this program and increase the amount of calorie intake? Wouldn’t it be too much extra work, I would be willing to do it regardless, I just wanted to make sure. Thanks beforehand!


    1. Jesse Post author

      You can use this program in conjunction with soccer training. I’d go with the full body 3 times a week template what you get with the program, maybe even just 2 days a week depending how serious you are. Like you said you have to start eating more if you want results. I’ve done grappling the same time with this program and had no issue putting on weight. You just have to eat more it is that simple BUT depending how big of a surplus you’ll need it might be a bit of work to stuff down all that food into your throat. But whatever it takes someone would say.

  49. Yahir

    What would the youngest age of someone be if they wanted to effectively use this program? I’m thinking about buying this but I am still in High School right now.

  50. Michael

    I read a few more reviews and am curious about something i read, does paying for this program give you permanent access or access for 90 days? Ive done p90x and beast body and am looking for something better for building muscle. Like those programs does this one have set videos and regime with calendar type set up? One where i know from day to day what i will be doing next and i can just click and perform? Or is this more of a choose your own type deal?

    1. Jesse Post author

      Permanent access and 90-day personal coaching from the author himself. There is EVERYTHING you need in the whole package. Cannot recommend it enough. Thanks a lot for stopping by 🙂


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