P90X Vs. Body Beast

By | October 7, 2015

P90X Vs. Body Beast – Which One Is Better?P90X Vs. Body Beast

So you’re getting serious with your fitness goals and think about hopping into P90X or Body Beast program by Beachbody Company.

I’d guess your goal would be burning some fat and building muscle or even both at the same time?

If you want to get really to the nitty-gritty details of each program, I’ve done in-depth reviews of both of the regimens which can be found at here (Body Beast) and here (P90X).

The true question here is not so much which one is better since they’re both meant for achieving a bit different goals.

Body Beast is geared towards building muscle and P90X is more focused on improving all areas of your fitness.

So let’s look a bit which program would suit better for your specific needs.

#1 Workout Preference

Whatever exercise regimen you’re starting, the success of it is measured by how well can you stick with it. Picking up a workout plan that you hate to perform on a weekly basis for months and years to come will be the most disastrous step to take!

So that is why it’s really important to take into consideration what type of workouts you personally enjoy.

It is worth to mention that both of these programs take 90 days from start to finish.

With P90X you’ll be doing mixed workouts that will include a lot of cardiovascular work, bodyweight exercises, some resistance training, core strengthening, yoga, stabilization etc. So in P90X there is a lot more different variables within the actual exercises and your goal is not just to build muscle, the goal is to get you fit.

With Body Beast you will just train with weights. There is no cardiovascular work included in the program. The only thing body beast aims to accomplish is build muscle and strength. So if you’re a person who gravitates towards lifting weights and hates cardiovascular work, body beast is a no-brainer.

#2 Are You After Fat Loss Or Muscle Growth?p90x_vs_bb_2

Another thing you’ll have to consider is your ultimate goal. Are you getting into these programs for getting ripped or building muscle and adding some size to your frame?

Important fact here is to take your current level of fitness into consideration. If you’re obese you might want to burn that excess fat off first if you’re looking to build muscle. And then again, if you’re very skinny you probably have a basic level of fitness and you’re after that muscle mass…

I’d always encourage first to get your body fat percentage around 10-15% range if you’re interested in building muscle and you’re beginner.  If you’re obese right now and you’ll want to build muscle you’ll probably just end up gaining more fat along with the muscle. Obesity usually also means that your health is not on point…

Eventhough my site is generally revolving around information on how to build muscle, my #1 priority still is HEALTH!

And I’d encourage you to aim always to being healthier. Eventhough you might be interested in building muscle that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your health. You can be healthy and strive for impressive muscle growth nevertheless!

When everything comes down to it, if you’re on the heavier side I’d suggest you to go with

  • P90X for fat loss (and general fitness) Check my in-depth review HERE!
  • If you’re on the skinny side and got decent level of fitness and you’re interested packing on some muscle go with Body Beast. Check my in-depth review HERE!

==> Looking to build muscle and/or lose body fat as fast as your individual genetics allow? Check out my #1 Recommendation for muscle growth and fat loss HERE! <==

#3 General Fitness Or Strengthp90x_vs_bb_3

Like mentioned before these are two different programs for two different goals.

With P90X you’ll be training for general fitness through different High Intensity Interval workouts using your own body weight, weights, martial arts (Kenpo), yoga. Your not just training your muscles to get bigger and stronger, you’re developing better overall health in general. There is no need for me to list all the positive health benefits that cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and general strength will have. The ultimate goal of P90X is to get you into fit shape and a body that is all around healthier.

With Body Beast there is not a holistic approach to your fitness. The only goal of this program is to increase your muscle mass and strength. There is no mobility work, there is no cardiovascular work. Only eating to fuel your muscle growth and completing different resistance training regimens. If you’re interested in muscle growth I’d strongly suggest to read my in-depth review on Body Beast HERE!

Price Of The Products

  • P90X goes with a price minimum price tag of $100.
  • Body Beast is quite a lot cheaper since you have to break the bank for minimum $49.90

Are The Products Really Good And Effective?

As I’ve reviewed both of these programs in-depth, I know exactly what they’re made of.

I have to say that for general fitness and fat loss P90X is a decent product, although it is not the best on the market today. Check out the in-depth review HERE!

If you’re really into building muscle and strength I don’t think Body Beast is the program to go for. Please check out my comprehensive review of Body Beast HERE to really get into the details and the fact that does it really work as well as the Beachbody company is claiming.

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Conclusion on P90X Vs. Body Beast

By now it should be clear that comparing these two programs is not a good thing to do since they are meant for two different purposes.

So now you need to take a look at yourself and figure out what are you really after here.

  • If it’s general fitness, go with P90X
  • If it’s muscle growth, go with Body Beast
  • If it’s maximum fat loss, go with P90X
  • If it’s increase in strength, go with Body Beast

If you’re interested in either one of these products I highly recommend you to visit my comprehensive and in-depth reviews of both of the programs to really weigh in the pros and cons of the regimens.

==> My Body Beast Review <==

==> My P90X Review <==

If you have any questions regarding any of the programs or if you’ve used either one of them, please drop me a comment down below and let me know what you think of them! I’ll get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

Remember to train hard and train SMART!

==> I’ve reviewed over 20 different workout programs for muscle growth and fat loss and I’d like you to check my #1 recommendation out HERE if you’re serious about reaching your fitness goals! <==

14 thoughts on “P90X Vs. Body Beast

  1. Dawud

    Hi. I’m 10ks overweight, but I hate cardio, balance, etc. It’s completely boring. On the other side, I like lifting weights, and that’s why I think Body Beast would be much more appealing to me. Anyway, I WANT to lose those 10ks. What do you recommend me to do?

    1. Jesse Post author

      If the fat loss is your primary goal I’d go with my #1 recommendation but if the money is an issue for you just drop your calorie intake into a deficit of about 10-20% and lift weights with compound exercises and focus on getting stronger. I do not recommend you to use body beast or p90x for that matter.

  2. Josh

    Can I do Body Beast but do KenpoX once or twice weekly also?
    Want to maintain Martial Art skill while doing BB.
    Input appreciated.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Yes you can. No problem with that. Just make sure you’re eating enough if you’re trying to gain muscle.

  3. Josh

    What 2 days should I add kenpox to the body beast program for optimal results and not mess up the body beast schedule?
    Thanks again coach!

    1. Jesse Post author

      For the days when you’re not doing body beast workouts. Or if that is not possible same day as body beast but later during the day after you are done with body beast.

  4. Edgar

    ¿Wich program is the best fod muscle growth? I have done body beast, and I want another program and better.

  5. LadyB

    Can you do both programs? For instance p90x in the AM and body beast in the evening? You’re saying that they both serve a different purpose.. thoughts?

    1. Jesse Post author

      Nope. That would definately defeat the whole purpose. The p90x is basically just a fat loss program, while body beast is geared towards building muscle. Another demands you to be in calorie surplus (bodybeast) to build muscle and another in calorie deficit (p90X) to burn fat. Trying to use both of these programs will not be a good solution. Even if you want to incorporate some real weight training in conjuction with the p90x, body beast has a 5-day split that is completely garbage in this case to build muscle (and in general also, IMO).

      Also both programs have you training 5-6 days a week so you’re looking at 10-12 sessions per week. That is just way, WAY too much for a recreational lifter or a person that just want to get into shape. 2-3 weight training sessions and 2-3 cardio sessions per week is more than enough for any goal, be it fat loss or muscle growth.

      Now what you have to do is decide do you want to burn fat or build muscle and stick to one goal at a time, this is something that you really cannot hit 2 flies with 1 swing if you’re not keen on using steroids. Although which ever your preferred goal is I suggest to take a look at my #1 recommendation. It includes both, fat loss and musle building aspects and is way better program than any of these beachbody products such as p90x or bodybeast.

      If you have more questions just drop them here and I will get back at you!

      All the best!

      – Jesse 🙂

  6. Ndekezi ndeze

    I’m a power lifter who has lots of strength but want to lose some weight and cut up but maintain some strength. I have done p90xb before and lost weight. Should I do body beast or p90x. I still want to hit the gym and maintain my squats, bench, deadlifts and presses. Doing one in the am and my heavy weights in the evening.

    1. Jesse Post author

      If you’re a powerlifter you should not do either one of them. You should induce a small calorie deficit and try to maintain your strength as well as possible in the big three. Follow a solid strength training program that manages intensity and volume through some type of periodization. You mentioned you’re a powerlifter. How experienced are you? Do you go into a powerlifting gym? There sure are guys that can give you more info on this but my guidelines are really all you need. Absolutely dont do body beast or p90x.


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