Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review

By | July 1, 2015

Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 ReviewMSG2_3

Scam or Legit?: 100% LEGIT
Overall Ranking: 85 out of 100 points
Price: $40
Experience level: Beginner – Intermediate
Type Of Training: Weight Training
For what?: Building Muscle
Owners: Jason Ferruggia

I was on the hunt for another review and stumbled upon Jason Ferruggias updated version of Muscle Gaining Secrets and decided to look into it to see if it’s full of fluff or a legit product that offers real value for your money.

The first thing that made me cringe was the name itself, Muscle Gaining “SECRETS”. I’ve been always praising this message in all of my articles on this site:


Significant muscle growth is accomplished by YEARS of hard training and proper nutrition along with adequate recovery. There is no secrets of shortcuts, pills or potions (other than steroids). Or if you happen to know some secret, please tell it to me. I’d be more than happy to know it!

But just hold on a minute! Eventhough the name itself is a bit sketchy, let’s look into the product itself and not bash the whole thing just because of the name has been established to attract potential customers.

So onwards we go…

About The Author Jason FerruggiaMSG2_author

Jason Ferruggia has been a personal trainer for years and he has claimed a positive status because what he preaches has helped thousands of people reach their desired body.

For a guy that has this kind of reputation, you really don’t want to mess it up by putting up some mediocore BS on the market to just make money.

Jason has been featured in all of the big game names in fitness industry:


And on top of this he really seems to practice what he preaches. There is no denying it that the guy has a great developed physique.

Jason has an attitude of no BS and he praises hard work and dedication over quickfixes. This is trait that not many people possess because it’s way more attractive to promise you lightning quick results that are not possible than to tell you the saddening truth that building muscle and strength requires a lot of hard work over a long period of time.

Also I like the mindset that he has about weight training. He likes to call his program a kind of a hybrid between building muscle and getting stronger. And in my opinion this is what weight training should be about.

What Exactly Is Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Workout Program?MSG2_2

The main program of MGS 2.0 is the e-book that totals 145 pages of information on weight training, nutrition and recovery.

What comes to equipment, you need to have access to barbell and dumbbells. A squat rack with bench, barbell, dumbbells and weight plates. So this program can be used in a home gym if you have the equipment listed here or commercial gyms. You only need the very basics of lifting equipment, not fancy machines.

The e-book itself is divided into 19 chapters and every chapter is packed with essential information on how to pack on muscle.

Here is an example from the book:

Chapter 5: The Seven Critical Factors Of Constructing Effective Training Plan

  1. Exercise Selection
  2. Training Volume
  3. Number Of Repetitions Used
  4. Repetition Speed
  5. Rest Intervals Between Sets
  6. Training Session Length
  7. Training Session & Body Part Frequency

And then for each topic Jason goes into detail on how to structure your ultimate training plan and why.

And I have to say that I aggree with every rule that Jason outlines in these 7 different rules. He believes in structuring the plan with having multi-joint compound movements as the base for every workout. And these exercises indeed yield the best results when the goal is to build muscle and strength.

The program is designed to build your whole body in a balanced fashion. So if you’re looking to get only big arms, while neglecting everything else, this program is not for you.

But if you’re looking for big arms, big back, big legs, big chest, big everything, this program WILL deliver, IF you put in the work.

That being said this program is not something you can just read and expect to wake-up jacked up after couple weeks of training. You have to walk the walk, not talk the talk.

The nutrition advice is maybe a bit lacking although it gives the general important outlines of calorie consumption and protein, fat & carb intake. But there is an upsell available called “The Renegade Diet” which goes into detail of nutrition. By adding $20 to the package you’d total in $60 for MGS 2.0 & The Renegade Diet in a bundle, so it’s very reasonable deal!

There are also important factors explained in the book such as Training Intensity which is often times overlooked by beginner or intermediate lifters.

All in all this 145 page book really has everything you NEED to know and there is no additional BS thrown in to complicate things for you.

Also you get the acceess to ask questions Jason himself if you need any help with the program or whatsoever.

For Who The Program Is Tailored For?

This program is geared towards complete beginners or early intermediate lifters. Basically people who are interested in serious muscle building program or have been working out for a while but still feel a bit lost or are not experiencing the growth they’ve been looking for.

Also this program requires a lot of hard work. The exercises are intense. So if you’re not ready to take your muscle & strength building seriously, do not bother buying this program.

What I Like & Don’t Like In The Program

So the pros and cons of the program are as follows:



  • Jasons no BS attitude towards training
  • Using heavy compound exercises as the base
  • Focusing on progressive overload over time
  • Emphasize on hard work, not supplements or any other magic tricks
  • 145 pages of good reading, no unnecessary rambling
  • Free month of online coaching
  • Includes printable exercise regimens
  • Fully electronic product so you get access RIGHT NOW if you want to
  • 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee
  • Instructions on every exercise on how they should be done to maximize strength, muscle growth and decreasing injury risk
  • The whole program is very easy to follow and understand


  • Some outdated information on meal frequency
  • The lack of in-depth nutrition guide (but there is the upsell!)
  • The program will be quite intense for people who are not familiar what it takes to build muscle

All in all the program definately delivers and the positives outweigh negatives really well.

Is MGS 2.0 A Scam?

Definately not. This is a legit program that will yield results if you’re ready to put in the work it demands from your end.

Jason is a real person with the credentials and not some faceless anonymous guy selling BS information on the internet, he is out there and he makes it happen.

There are tons of testimonials that speaks for themselves.

Also the training methods introduced in the book are the same principles that have been around since early days of bodybuilding and strength training. Lift heavy, aim for more reps or weight over time, eat enough and recover.

Conclusion On Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review

When it all comes down to it, Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 is really good program for adding some serious size and strength on to your frame.

The training methods that Jason praises are the exact same stuff that I myself advice people to execute. Heavy compound exercises companied with progressive overload. If you want a “SECRET” that is the secret right there.

You even get the 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee so you don’t have anything to lose really. If you don’t like the program or you won’t experience any gains, no problem. Just send Jason a message and you’ll be refunded.

If you’re still wondering wether to invest into this program or not, please make sure first that you are willing to put in the work. If you’re going to half ass this stuff stay away from this product. This is meant for people that are motivated and serious about changing their body composition.



That is all there is to it folks. Remember to train hard and train SMART!

Have you used this program? If so I’d love to hear your experiences with it. Chime in down below and let me know what you thought about the product!


6 thoughts on “Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review

  1. rohan arora

    Great review.
    Muscle building secrets is one of the best muscle building programs available on the internet. It can be followed by both beginners who are starting with their muscle building journey as well as people who are already working out but not seeing results. Though the exercises become intense and difficult in the end, but the program still remains on the top.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Yes. It’s a common misconception that women should train differently compared to men. Train to get stronger and muscle will grow.

      All the best to you 🙂

      1. Meagan

        I just started bodybuilding. I did crossfit for a couple years but I never got bigger. I have a badass coach right now who has won bodybuilding competitions. I hired him to get me started so I can get a feel for the intensity, mentality, pain, and just how to even use a weight room. but I cant afford him forever. so I am looking for a program I can do on my own soon. thank you for your website Jesse!

        1. Jesse Post author

          Thanks for dropping by Meagan!

          Muscle gaining secrets is a legit program. Like every single solid program, it emphasizes getting stronger on compound movements. That is the key for building muscle when you’re not using steroids. Period. It’s all about progressive overload. Muscle is just a byproduct of your performance increase (getting stronger).

          And as your name implies you’re a woman so don’t think you have to train any different than men do, it’s one of the most misguided information ever.

          All the best and keep growing stronger and bigger both mentally and physically 🙂


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