Mike Chang Six Pack Shortcuts Review – The Real Deal Or A Scam?

By | May 15, 2015


Scam or Legit?: 50/50
Overall Ranking: 30 out of 100 points
Price: $97
Experience level: Beginner
Type Of Training: Bodyweight / Weight Training
For what?: Building muscle & Fat Loss
Owners: Mike Chang
Website: www.sixpackshortcuts.com

About The Author Mike Chang

You’ve probably heard the name or seen Mike Chang on youtube or facebook. As of today Mike Chang has the biggest fitness channel on youtube with heaping 3.3 million subscribers!sixpack_shortcuts_2

Ontop of that Chang really has a well-developed physique that demands respect and shows that he is not a beginner to the iron game, he seems to know his stuff about building that rock hard muscle, But…

I had some extra cash to spend and I decided to purchase Six Pack Shortcuts program and find out is it worth the hype on the internet. The things I found out in the program were not a shock to me since I knew from watching Mikes youtube videos that the program seems to be a bit more marketing oriented than actual weight loss program.

Mike Chang is truly a bit controversial character in the fitness community. Some label him as a straight up fraud and others grant the utmost respect for his efforts of helping people to achieve their fitness goals.

He has appeared with some very big names in powerlifting / strongman and bodybuilding. Not sure though if the these guys have been just wanting to gain some free advertisement over at Mikes channel or are they really sharing some ideas with Chang, who knows.

Some of Mikes videos have good information but some of them have become viral jokes between people who take weight training seriously. And I have to admit that the infamous Towel Rows were the tip of the iceberg.

But before I’ll give my opinion of the product and the man behind it, let’s look a bit to the program in-depth.

The Afterburn Effect – Mike’s Hidden “SECRET” To Fat Loss

This is the marketing catch that you can find in almost every single article and video Mike posts out and it’s the one SECRET formula that he turned himself from fat to fit and it’s called…


The afterburn effect is just a fancy gimmick for our bodys natural reaction to exercise known as EPOC = “Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption” and Mike Chang has taken EPOC and transformed it into interesting and marketable name.

And this “Afterburn Effect” has been labeled to happen after HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) only and that is why all of Mikes workouts revolve around HIIT training.

Well the truth is that whether you’re doing LISST (Low Intensity Steady State Training) or HIIT to burn off your fat, it doesn’t make a difference in the overall picture IF you’re lifting weights.

Recent years HIIT has been the name of the game and now everyone is scared to do any stady state jogging or other low intensity training because it will not burn fat as efficient as HIIT. Also people like to cling onto the “fact” that HIIT helps you preserve muscle mass in a more efficient way than low intensity cardio training, so now everyone is scared to go jogging because it will burn off all of their muscle.

Well this is a bit outdated information and as long as you’re training with weights, HIIT will not bring you too much anything else than the calories burned during the time of exercising. Although it is true that HIIT burns more calories compared to LISST in a shorter period of time.

But the bottom line is that as long as you’re training with weights it really doesn’t matter which type of cardio you choose to do.

I’ve personally got the best results from fat loss by sticking to moderate amount of HIIT and LISST doing cardio that I personally like.

There is absolutely no need to follow one specific type of cardio. If you hate running and you’re put to run, the program is already setting you to fail.

The best option for fat loss is to pick something that you feel you can stick to over long period of time and enjoy doing.

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The Positivespositives

There were some positive things in the program:

  • Incorporating some of the compound movements to the exercise selection such as squats and deadlifts.
  • Mike Chang can be entertaining.

The Negativesnegatives

Ok so, there are quite a few things that raised some red flags to me and let me list them down here:

  • Making way too big of a fuss about the “Afterburn Effect” which is made to be far more important than it actually is. There is no “magic technique” to weight loss like this afterburn is made to sound like, it’s just a big marketing gimmick. Weight loss is the result of Calorie Deficit and the best way to accomplish it is to structure a good diet along with powerful exercise regimen!
  • The workout module includes some quite weird stuff such as doing deadlifts and squats as a last exercise of the regime as you’re already worn out and for movements that are such demanding to have your full focus and attention, it can be dangerous to perform them as a last exercise in the regimen! And the whole workout programs are not designed to be efficient at building muscle and gaining strength while losing fat. They’re are full of different split training which is definately the best way to go about it if you’re seeking the best results.
  • The “Zero Willpower Eating System” which is the diet part of the course contains some outdated information on meal frequency that you have to eat every 2-3 hours to build muscle. Along with that the guidelines of what to eat are really basic and you can find them by using google in 2 minutes. And on top of that Mike gives some advice how to pack your meals into tupperware containers, I mean come on.
  • The exercise techniques are not teached properly in the videos. Especially the heavy compound lifts such as deadlifts and olympic weightlifting exercises. All of these exercises can be really dangerous when performed with bad form.
  • There is not enough emphasize on diet as it is way more important than the weight training when shedding of fat and acquiring thosse rock hard abs.
  • Using gimmicks to claim that you get to know techniques to “SHORTCUT” yourself to achieving six pack abs, when truthfully there are no such things as shortcuts when you want to achieve your desired physique. Everything is the result of your hard work and commitment. THERE IS NO SHORTCUT!

Is The Program A Scam?

Although the program is not good, I cannot really label it as a full scam.

The truth is that if you’re not exercising at the moment and you jump into Mikes program you will make progress due to the fact that it gets you moving and doing atleast SOMETHING.

But if you’re serious about dropping bodyfat & gaining muscle and want to do everything the right way and you’re actually ready to put in the work, Mikes program is not for you!

Mikes cheapest package goes with $97 and for that buck you can get much better whole exercise regimens on the market today.

In my #1 recommendation you can even get personal coaching with the same price so you can contact the author if you have any questions how to do something outlined in the program or any other stuff related to your fitness or life goals. This is huge since it really takes the guess work out of the picture.

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Conclusion On The Six Pack Shortcuts Review

Mike Chang is a popular figure and I would be lying if I said that the program will not work at all. But the truth is that…

The six pack shortcuts is not worth of your money!

I mean the whole program just reeks of marketing, fancy words and mediocrity. But the fact that it can work to some extent is that Mikes customer segment is catered to complete beginners.

And the funny thing is that for beginners any kind of workout regime will yield results. But that being said you can still make far better progress if you focus on some quality programs rather than Sixpack shortcuts.

I mean think about the name of the product itself Six pack “SHORTCUTS”, let me tell you, there is no such thing as a shortcut to gaining muscle or shedding excess fat to get visible six pack. It requires consistent work and effort and discipline to accomplish those goals, there are NO SHORTCUTS!

So please spare your money and invest it into something that is up to date and has valuable information that counts and will yield you the best results possible!

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Did you find this article helpful? Have you used Six pack shortcuts? I would love to hear your experiences with the program! Drop me a comment down below and let me know what you think.

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44 thoughts on “Mike Chang Six Pack Shortcuts Review – The Real Deal Or A Scam?

  1. Chris

    Hmm, whenever I see ‘short cut’ in the title of a health product the alarm bells start going off in my head. Surely there are no real shortcuts in fitness and in health?
    Did you try this product for long and where there any sort of improvements to your body look?
    It looks a bit scammy to me!

    1. Jesse Post author

      Yeah fitness and short cuts never ever goes hand in hand! There are a LOT better programs that will get you results without all the misleading hype that this program contains. I created this site in order to help people and steer them away from bad information and I wouldn’t recommend this program for anyone that is interested in fat loss, muscle growth or in general fitness. Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment 🙂

    2. Xavier

      Hey Jesse, I’m a 14 year old kid who has been working out for about 2 months now and still no luck. Any chances you can give me advice on what to do? Thanks and love your reviews man!!! Keep up the good work!

      1. Jesse Post author

        That is great to hear Xavier! One of the most important aspects of building muscle and strength is to embrace the fact that it will take a lot of time. Don’t believe any BS that using this and that workout program you will experience crazy amount of muscle growth over short period of time, 99% of the time they are just scams trying to rip you off of from your money. So stay consistent and fall in love with the lifting, that is the mindset that will get you to reach your goals. As you’re quite a young guy I’d advice you not to lift heavy as your body is still developing. Spend your time on learning the correct lifting techniques and use light weights. Build your workout regimens upon basic compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench, overhead presses, chin-ups and rows. Throw in couple assistance exercises like face-pulls preferably with bands and lateral raises and tricep pushdowns and bicep curls. Try to hit every muscle group 2-3 times per week and eat about 0.8-1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Eat in a calorie surplus of 5-20% from your maintenance. Try to get good sleep every night. Do some cardio in terms of a hobby or just for the sake of health benefits. These simple things will get you on the right track! Keep training and growing stronger my friend 🙂

      2. Jay P

        Xavier, I see that Jesse already gave you such a great response and hit it right on exactly. However, you can lift your ass off if you want. Heavier weight as you get stronger I fine. I have proof, because I trained my son at 14. He as the smallest and shortest guy in 9th grade. Odd him being short when I am 6 feet tall. However, working out with me every day, by the time he became a senior, he was the biggest guy in school, Bodybuilding muscle wise. Big biceps and abs to show. I always increase the lifting weight as he got stronger no matter how old he was. (over 14 yrs) never younger. I also started working out when I was 14. Good job. At school, my friends would say hey Jay, show your golf ball. I had that on top of my bicep muscles. I flexed my arm and showed them. Anyway, If you want, I can email you a great work out plan to help you show off more muscles. All Free, I am not on here to make money. ymra9877@hotmail.com

  2. MilenaLo

    Hi, when it comes to training programs,shortcuts to perfect body or abs, losing weight – there is soo much scam out there! People want results Now for as little work as possible and would believe any guy out there flashing some beautiful abs or a girl with her before and after shots… I totally agree that basically too much fluff works for the beginners, – i guess those are the people who buy into this form of marketing. You make some excellent point about the techniques that are definitely not advisable to do at the end of the training when one is tired. I believe it is irresponsible of Mister Chang to offer such an advise. As for the regularity of protein take every few hours to build muscle – really??! What is the scientific basis for that? Won’t that create very high acidity and toxicity in the body? Btw, some of the largest animals on earth are vegetarians. How do they do it?
    I have also have personal experience of burning fat effectively with low intensity aerobic training ( 60 % of my max heart rate) combined with weights training and i did not loose muscle mass, i gained it.

    1. Jesse Post author

      It is true that the weight loss industry likes to take advantage of people who are in bad shape. Usually the people who are looking into fat burning products are ready to do anything that would work to enjoy better well being. Unfortunately there are lot of scammers hawking around them to empty their wallets and they couldn’t care less about really helping the people in need. This is heartbreaking.

      And what comes to the regular protein intake between 2-3 hour intervals it’s an old myth that has been proven false in various studies. Depenging on the protein source it can take up to 48 hours for the protein to be fully absorbed. Different kinds of proteins will be absorbed at different rates. Here is a study which had women eating either 79% of their protein in one sitting versus divided into 4 different meals in a day and the study found no difference in the protein digestion between the two groups. Another study looked into doing Intermittent Fasting and eating all your required protein in 4 hour window of a day and they didn’t find any negative impact on muscle preservation.

      All in all our digestive system is far more complex and there is so much to take into consideration when talking about protein and food absorption in general that you cannot just think it as something that is completed within few hours and base the old myth about eating every 2-3 hours to stay in “anabolic state”.

      Thanks a lot for commenting!

  3. Loes

    Well that’s quite a dissapointment Jesse. You can’t start-up YouTube without not stumble over this trainings. Perhaps I have to make someday a video and training too with all kind of interesting abbreviations.

    The other day I came across an article about “Get payed, losing Weight”. That was some kind of lottery. You put in some money, and you predict how much weight you will lose. The one closest wins the bet. Liked that one:)

    But to come back to the Six pack business of Mike Chang, I think a lot of people will fall for his offers. Because they think they will make it with this vids, and comparing to the gym, they might think they have a bargen.

    Unfortunately, it often doesnot work as you see on YouTube, because you need self discipline to work out at home. Perseverance to do it on your own.

    But that’s my opinion 🙂
    I wonder how long this hype will stain:)

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment Loes!

      Yeah I cannot see Mr. Chang going away with his insane youtube fame. The only thing I have to give to him is the savy marketing though.

      And you exactly hit the spot with the discipline be it home or gym.

      Everything good for you 🙂

  4. Evie

    I do agree that if you start any exerciser regime you’re going to see results in the beginning. I do like to walk and use arms and leg weights while I’m walking. It seems to be working fine for me.

    When I see shortcuts I always wonder what kind of gimmick is it going to be. I feel that eating healthy and finding the right fitness regime for a person’s lifestyle will keep a person healthy.

    What about the 2 to 3 hours of eating, I tried that and couldn’t do it. I felt like I was forcing myself to eat. I tend to eat when I’m hungry. What are your thoughts on that?

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot for commenting!

      Yes eating when you’re hungry is the way to go. Just make sure you hit your daily calories.

  5. Matthew

    Hi Jesse,
    Great review although the title says it all! People who look for shortcuts to six pack abs are always going to be disappointed and products that claim to have the answer very often don’t. It is a well known fact that six pack abs start in the kitchen so it seems strange that this is the weakest part of the program. Furthermore, the marketing would suggest that this is being aimed at beginners because people with more knowledge likely wouldn’t buy into the hype. Squats and deadlifts are fairly advanced moves and therefore shouldn’t really be attempted by beginners without clear instruction; if the instruction in the videos isn’t good then this could lead to injuries.
    Thanks for letting people know before they buy!

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot Matthew and you’re totally on point here!

      All the best 🙂

  6. Mike

    Jesse, this is a fantastic thorough review, I was considering giving it a try myself but your review has changed my mind, especially when you mentioned the order he recommends you do the exercises in, you are quite right when you say the deadlifts and squats would be dangerous at the end of an exercise regime, especially at my age lol. Thank you so much, and maybe you should think of making a program of your own, I’m sure it would be great.

    1. Jesse Post author

      That’s great Mike! Happy that you didn’t waste your money into this. For now I’m not too enthusiastic of making my own program since the internet is full of great programs for free or affordable prices.

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment 🙂

  7. Fito

    Hi Jesse

    Great review and by the way, great site you have in here! Very informative stuff.

    I checked some videos from this guy you are reviewing, and the first that impressed me (not in a good way) Is why do this guy needs to show off this torso?
    I mean, I understand that he is in good shape, but If I want to see this, I will rent Magic Mike you know!!! 🙂 LOL

    If I past my surprise of seeing the guy naked from waist up, I really do enjoyed the video, he seems to have a nice voice to his viewers, no doubt he is so popular.

    I liked you review (just said this a minute ago) because you go past the marketing stuff and deep into the scientific background, I think that is very important.

    Thanks for the review and all the best for your site!

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Fito.

      Yeah the guy is entertaining and really knows how to catch attention of the audience. It’s sad that the program itself is really what it is.

      All the best to you 🙂

  8. Boyo

    Hi Jesse, The wife and I are fairly keen home fitness enthusiasts. We tend to buy a new home dvd workout program every 3/4 months. We try to keep things interesting and stay motivated – it can be very monotonous listening to the same trainer on a daily basis. Mike Chang’s program was on our radar as he comes up on lots of search engine results. Having read your review I think we’ll stay clear of it. Thanks for the honest advice.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment.

      Yeah the program is quite expensive compared to others also. There are a lot of better options available to be honest.

      All the best to you 🙂

  9. Ravn

    Hey Saco a very impressive review indeed. Really love your thorough and enlightening analysis of Mike Chang’s six pack shortcuts! You provided convincing and persuasive arguments which are well-founded and judicious. Good job and well done! Will definitely check back on your site for more interesting and insightful critic! 🙂

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot Ravn for taking the time to drop a comment.

      It’s always nice to hear that I’ve helped someone 🙂

      All the best to you!

  10. Ben Clardy

    Great review, very informative. I personally have never purchased a “work out regimen”, nor have I really wanted to. My wife and I are pretty healthy people and we have been working out together for 10 years and I can tell you it takes dedication to get in there as much as we do. I agree with you. There are no shortcuts to being healthy. Health is a lifestyle choice. Eating right and exercising on a regular basis is key.

    1. Jesse Post author

      You’re spot on here Ben!

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment 🙂

  11. Marc Cantave

    I actually used to watch a lot of his Youtube videos as every time I wrote fitness in the search bar his name would come up. There were a lot more negatives than I thought there would have been but I guess I learn something new everyday. thanks for the review and I will try to be more careful with my fitness and do more research on the “fitness gurus”

    1. Jesse Post author

      Yeah well the guy is notorious for spreading bad information. Although I still respect him since he motivates people to take action. But having such a monstrous audience I also understand the urge to put up mediocre advice / product on the market and make huge amounts of money. Mikes a great businessman for sure.

      Thanks Marc for taking the time to comment and hope you’re growing stronger every day 🙂

  12. Get Sport Supplements

    A good review blog well done. I have come across this scheme before but I have not paid too much attention to it as i tend to generally think that anything which markets as a shortcut fast and easy way of achieving something is normally not as good as the title says it is. Its just a ploy tactic to get sales.

    Now ive read your review im glad i didnt look into it any further. It may not be a scam but its not as good as what it is marketed to be.

    From experience a fitness program like Insanity is far more beneficial and provides good results. I should know as ive completed it!.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot for the input my friend.

      Yeah I’ve actually done a review on the Insanity and it surprised me with the quality.

  13. Alan

    I don’t believe Mike Chang is 100% real about those programs however i’ve been into body building for almost 7 years now and i admit after watching some of his training videos , i don’t follow the step by step obviously but there are some excercices that are worth the time and effort and could be beneficial for stamina and strenght. I guess one can take little bits of info and try it themselves to see what works and what doesn’t.
    Great review.

  14. Matt Killy

    Hey Jesse!
    That’s a very good review and well written! Loved your article.
    Really liked what you said, that you have to pick a plan that you are comfortable with.
    If you like HIIT, do it. If you like running for 30 min, do it 🙂
    A good way to lose weight is to be happy and motivated so it’s pretty tough to stay in this state of mind if you are doing stuff that you don’t actually like.
    Your website is really interesting and well designed anyway!


    1. Jesse Post author

      You’re exactly on point Matt!

      Thanks a lot for taking the effort to drop a comment, much appreciated. I’m glad if my site has helped you in any way 🙂

      All the best to you.

  15. cj

    Hi Jess,

    Came to your site because I’m searching for a legit review on the “6 pack shortcuts”.

    I saw Mike Chang’s ads numerous times already way back but quite surprise to see a different person in the AD now.
    So I was curious if this is the same 6 packs shortcuts that Mike Chang used to have, and it seems it is.

    I was wondering if he sold this already to someone else or he is still involved in this program. Just in case you know though.

    Anyway your review is great and am reading this post of yours now 🙂

    Thanks a lot

    1. Jesse Post author

      Yeah he sold the program but I’ll have to take a look if the actual program has changed. Will do it soon! Thanks a lot for dropping by 🙂

  16. Kyle

    I feel like the program is deceptive. I ordered supplements to enhance my workout. Instead, I found out they were just sleep aids! Really!
    I was well within the 60 days customer ‘satisfaction’ period, and tried many times to phone them – even on the order number, but no one called back. I emailed via the info on the invoice. Still no response.
    I finally was able to ‘catch’ them with my request for a full refund and was told they were sending me the refund/return info.
    I have not yet received it.
    I Finally found a customer service email tonight – in tiny, pale gray print under a photo, and not on the order site.
    I even gave them over a week to reply in case there were postal issues.
    Tonight, I’ve sent emails to that customer email, and another contact email I happened upon on a different page. I messaged them on Facebook too.
    We’ll see if they truly value their customers, and actually extend service to me.
    If I do receive the ASAP response they claim, and receive the return info and my full refund, I will post that here too.

    1. Jesse Post author

      So sorry to hear that. I hope you’ll get a refund. Thanks a lot for sharing this and letting everyone know!

  17. Wing

    I have seen a lot of ads for this in the past years and I’m sure so have many others. It always seemed off to me with how much he tries to sell the audience. He’s basically regurgitating the same info that’s been around for ages to make a quick buck. And what a buck he has made! Thanks for the review cuz I always wondered what it was about his program that’s gotten so much press?

    And you’re on point with the lack of info on diet. If his program really puts most of its focus on working out, then fat loss is definitely not at the top of his agenda.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot for the input! Much appreciated 🙂

  18. tony

    old article but still applicable today.. ive been on the path if lossing weight for 2 years. started at 308lbs. down to 233lbs today. there are no short cuts. just hard work AND proper diet. I enjoy cheat days and cheat weekends too. Feel better, no more blood pressure meds, no more cholesterol meds… just keep at it. use treadmill for 30 minimum every other day minimum… hit the weights at least every other day minimum. try to work out before a big cheat meal too. it really does help. eat healthy.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Tony CONGRATULATIONS! That is very impressive. All the best to you and your health. Thanks a lot for stopping by 🙂

  19. Stephen

    Hi Jesse,
    Great review on Beach Body programs and Mike Chang.
    However, I can a bit confuse on “prep meal in tupperware containers”, is there a better way to prep meal? Being a office worker I am not sure eating 5 to 6 meal a day is easy, is it all have to do is hitting the minimum calorie?

    1. Jesse Post author

      You don’t have to eat 5-6 meals a day. It’s an old bodybuilding myth that has been debunked by tons of actual research. Everything is in the total calorie intake. You stay in calorie deficit you’ll lose weight, in calorie surplus you gain weight. How you structure your meal frequency does not matter. Eat 1 time a day your set calories or eat it fork by fork every 10 minutes. Doesn’t make any difference.

      Eat how you normally would and that is it.

      Thanks a lot for the question 🙂

  20. Roy

    MMmmmm…. have to be so careful hey Jesse. I applaud your honesty regarding the Mike Chang Six Pack Shortcuts program. You never once said a negative word about the man but rather about what he is promoting. And it’s your opinion. The fact that you actually bought the package and tried it out speaks volumes. You know Saco, I think back on the folk from days gone by when there were no gyms or protein powder etc. Think of the Native American tribes. Those people were ripped man, male and female . They got those bodies from physical activity and eating healthy foods . It was all about lifestyle. This is what we have to get in order. I coached young swimmers (8, 9 10 years of age) who were ripped – not from going to the gym, but by being active and eating correctly.
    I thank you for a very positive review.


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