Is Creatine Bad For You – The Science Says NO!

By | January 22, 2015

Is Creatine Bad For You – The Science Says NO!

image_24324_original_X_450_whiteSo you’ve decided to get some Creatine, BUT… Is Creatine bad for you? According to numerous studies it’s perfectly safe to use so rest assured! Creatine is found also in meat & fish and your body produces about 1 gram of it in a day from your diet so rest assured, you’re not taking some laboratory made drug. Instead your taking a natural supplement what your body produces any way! But to get the required amount that enhances your performance, you should eat about 4 kilograms of meat a day and needless to say this is impossible.

I’m going to list here some important points and what findings have been discovered in clinical studies. So let’s look into the most common arguments people come accross when talking against supplementing with Creatine.

But important note first…

In this article we’re talking of Creatine Monohydrate!

I have not looked any of the other forms of Creatine because Monohydrate is the most researched Creatine supplement on the market. And great thing in it is that it’s also the most Bioavailable AND the most affordable!

Ok so let’s get to it!

#1 Creatine Damages Kidneys

Probably the most common claim is that Creatine causes kidney damage, or harms them in some way. This has been proven false by a research conducted in 2008. LINK HERE!

They tested 60 patients with parkinsons disease, all of them were older men. 40 of the people got creatine and 20 of them got placebo. All of them were put to supplement Creatine daily over the next 2 years, 4 grams of creatine per day. The researchers were especially interested the effects of Creatine in kidney function and after the two year they discovered that there was no altered state in the function of the kidneys.

Is there any specific evidence that Creatine doesn’t cause renal damage?

Another study was contucted in 2008 where the researchers took 18 males of age between 18-35 and they gave 9 male subjects 10 grams of Creatine for the next 90 days. LINK HERE!

The object of the study was to find out if Creatine causes any stress to the function of kidneys. And once again the researches came into conclusion that the Creatine didn’t cause any negative effects on the control group.

#2 Does Creatine Cause Cramps?

A study done with players of NCAA Division I-A (FBS) football training and competition season came to conclusion that the Creatine users experienced significally less cramps, heat illness or dehydration, muscle tightness, muscle sores and muscle strains when compared to the group who didn’t supplement with Creatine.

#3 Creatine Bloats You Up?

One of the common points people make is that it “bloats” you up and makes you look soft and puffy. This is not true. While Creatine will increase your total water weight, the water is stored directly inside your muscles, not underneath the skin! If anything Creatine will get you looking more dense and hard!

#4 You Have To Use Loading Phase?

So called loading phase means that you take 20 grams or Creatine for 7 days in order to reach the maximum saturation of the muscles. This makes actually no difference since your body cannot utilize any more than about 5 grams a day so all on top of that more or less go to waste. Just stick with the 5 grams a day for as long as you want to enjoy the benefits Creatine has to offer.

#5 Is Creatine Safe For Women?

There has not been found any difference between male or females. So it’s safe to say women who are looking for a bit more boost to their performance should definately try supplementing with Creatine!

#6 Is Creatine Safe For Teenagers?

There has not really been studies done with teenagers using Creatine. But for at that young age the Creatine supplementation is not necessary since the hormones of your body are at monstrous levels so just stay away from Creatine and exercise and eat right, that’s all you really need!

#7 Creatine Works For Every Person?

This is not true. About 10% of the people that supplement with Creatine will not respond to it in any way. So the only way to find out is to test by yourself.


Creatine has been used for tens of years and studied in hundreds different studies and the researchers and long time users have all come into same conclusion, it’s safe and it works and its affordable.

But bear in mind that supplementing with Creatine will not give you steroid like gains. It takes about 2-4 weeks for your muscles to get fully saturated with Creatine and after that you’ll able to enjoy the performance enhancing benefits it provides (if you’re not in the 10% group who can’t get nothing out of it).

And what kind of effects we are looking at here? Usually you can get somewhere between 1-3 reps more with a given weight when comparing with and without the supplementation. But that small edge will give you that extra push if you want to take yourself to a bit new level.

So let’s recap all the main points here once more:

  1. Creatine does not harm your kidneys
  2. Creatine does not cause cramps
  3. Creatine does not cause bloating
  4. You don’t have to use loading phase
  5. Creatine is safe to use by both genders
  6. Teenagers don’t need to supplement with Creatine
  7. About 10% of the users are immune to the effects of Creatine

So if you want to gain a bit more strength, lean mass and explosiveness you should definately try supplementing with Creatine without fearing for your health!

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Have you had exeperiences supplementing with Creatine? I’d love to hear your opinion or suggestions. Drop me a line in comment section below!

And remember guys & girls, train smart and train HARD!

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