Insanity Vs P90X

By | October 12, 2015

Insanity Vs P90X – Which One Is Better?Insanity vs p90x

These very popular workout programs are both made by BeachBody company that has established their base on the fitness market very well.

As they’re a huge company that has build a successful business, they’ve cranked out a lot of different products to the market.

Here I’ll try to shed some light into two of the most popular workout programs of the company which are obviously Insanity and P90X.

Before we go onwards, It is important to point out that it’s not wise to approach this whole situation with the mindset of which one is better. The reason for this is the fact that while both of them are weight loss products, both of them work a bit different way and will result slightly different outcomes when it comes to your body composition.

I’ve already done comprehensive, in-depth reviews on both of these programs and you can check them here (insanity) and here (p90x).

This article will give you broad look to differences of both products to help you understand how they differentiate with each other.

So on we go!


First let’s dwelve into Insanity and see what it is made of.

  • Price: $145
  • Timeframe: Insanity is made to last 60 days.
  • Workout Duration: 45 minutes.
  • Equipment: With Insanity there is no need for equipment except yoga mat, since all of the exercises are done with your own bodyweight.
  • Cardiovascular Training: You’ll have to complete cardio workouts on a daily basis with this program.
  • Training Phases: Insanity has two workout phases with just one week recovery in-between.
  • Progress: Your progress is monitored within every 2-3 weeks to see how you’re coming along.
  • Nutrition Plan: Stays the same for the whole duration of the regimen. Although you’ll be upping your calories a bit on the second phase.


  1. You will be doing a LOT of cardiovascular work. The training sessions will be very intense and you will be soaking wet after completing them. You’ll burn a lot of calories with each workout session.
  2. There is no need for any equipment such as weights so you can do the program anywhere, anytime.
  3. As one session lasts 45 minutes in total, it might fir better for people that are busy.
  4. As you have to monitor your progress fairly often, you’ll see tangible progress (hopefully!) and this will motivate you to push forward.


  1. There is no training with weights so you will not be building a lot of muscle in the process. If you’re goal is to just drop body fat this won’t be an issue.
  2. The workouts tend to tax way more of your lower- than upper body.
  3. Since the workouts are really cardio oriented, it will affect to your other sport activities a lot also. Many runners for example feel that they cannot recover enough to do their runnings if they’re doing insanity workouts simultaneously.
  4. The pace of the Insanity workouts are HARD. If you’re someone that is not familiar with exercising, Insanity may be too much out of your comfort zone. There is nothing worse than hating your workout regimen.
  5. The actual exercise regimens are quite repetitive and some people may find them boring.

Check my in-depth Insanity review here.


Now let’s look a bit into the P90X…

  • Price: $100-300
  • Timeframe: The program is made to last 90 days.
  • Workout Duration: 1 hr 15 minutes.
  • Equipment: You will need to invest atleast into pull-up bar and dumbbells, preferably barbell and weights also.
  • Cardiovascular Training: You’ll have to do 2 cardio sessions per week with the P90X.
  • Training Phases: P90X has three workout phases with one recovery week in-between.
  • Progress: Your progress is measured by the start of the program and at the completion.
  • Nutrition Plan: For each training phase you’ll have a different nutritional regimen to follow.


  1. P90X will build strength and muscle along with improving your general fitness.
  2. You will also be working to improve your flexibility and mobility with the program.
  3. As the workouts of P90X are bit more revolving around weight training, it will not affect your other sport activities too much.
  4. You will be training your whole body.
  5. A lot of variety between the workouts so it will reduce your chance to get bored with the program.
  6. Keeping a workout log can be a good motivating factor since you can track your progress every week as you can add more weights or more repetitions to the exercises.
  7. You’ll be eating bigger portions couple times a day of food to keep away the hunger.


  1. As you have to get atleast a pull-up bar and dumbbells, the price is higher. Also you’ll need more room to execute the workouts and unless you’re ready to travel with your weights, you cannot complete the workouts anywhere else than in your gym / home.

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Conclusion On Insanity Vs P90X

So when it all comes down to it, it’s impossible to give you the answer which one is better…

  • If you like as fast fat loss as possible, go with the Insanity.
  • If you want to gain some muscle while burning fat, go with the P90X.
  • If you like grueling cardio workouts, go with Insanity.
  • If you like more lifting weights, go with P90X.
  • If you enjoy bodyweight training, go with the Insanity.
  • If you hate grueling cardiovascular workouts, go with the P90X.

As you can see, ultimately the choice will be determined by the factors that feel the most valuable to you. They are both effective programs for fat loss that will work, but only if you’re serious and put the effort in them.

As with any fitness goal the most important factor is the fact that you have to find something that you can do for a long period of time.

If you’re doing something you absolutely hate on a weekly basis, what are the chances that you will stick with it?

The marketers always like to pinpoint the scientific facts that why this and this workout works so well. But all that great research and hype means nothing if you cannot stick with the regimen itself!

So my advice is pick the one workout program that feels the most intriguing to you and the one that you feel that you can really stick for.

To get more information on both of these programs check out my in-depth reviews at here:

That’s all there is to it folks.

Have you tried either one of the programs? If so, please leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Insanity Vs P90X

  1. Allen

    Good side-by-side comparison of these two workout programs. I have to point out that in your negative comments about P90X, you say that it cannot be done outside of the home/gym without taking your weights with you. Actually, you can use resistance bands in lieu of dumbbells. I know that using actual weights are superior, but the bands will still get the job done and can easily be packed in one’s luggage when traveling.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot for the input 🙂 Yeah you could substitute dumbbells with bands for certain occasions.


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