How To Gain Weight And Muscle Fast – A Guide To Fast & Effective Bulking

By | April 4, 2015

How To Gain Weight And Muscle Fast – A Guide To Fast & Effective BulkingHow To Gain Weight And Muscle Fast

So you’ve made the decision the change your body. But you’re a bit lost on how you should go about structuring a fast and effective bulking phase. Check out this article to understand how to gain weight and muscle fast.

It doesn’t matter what people have been telling you about your genetics. If you’re skinny NOW it doesn’t have a thing to do with your ability to build muscle. Many of the great bodybuilders and athletes have been really skinny and got picked because of it. And look at them now!

Everyone can build an impressive physique as long as you put in the WORK. There is no pills or powders that will yield you overnight results. The only thing standing between you and your goal is YOU!

What To Take Into Consideration

The thing is when you want to gain weight and muscle fast you will end up with more fat than you might later want to. Ofcourse to everyone this is not the case but I’m assuming that you’re quite skinny and want to just add that mass to look and be bigger.

What it comes to size, you can build only a certain amount of muscle. But fat you can gain as much as you basically want. The amount of muscle you will want to mazimize to the best possible degree. And how much you want to add fat is totally up to you. Although you should bear in your mind that you possibly will want to get rid of that fat once you’ve gained enough muscle and the more you gather it, the more you have to lose it.

The reason why I’m saying this is that shedding that excess fat is bascially a one way street. As you go into a fat burning mode you will lose strength and maybe a little bit of muscle.

So there is two different kinds of bulking modes which are:

  • Clean Bulking
  • Dirty Bulking

So let me get into details of both of these a bit…

How To Gain Weight And Muscle Fast With Dirty BulkingHow To Gain Weight And Muscle Fast

This is the more carefree attitude towards bulking. As the name implies you will just shove down food down your throat and make sure that you get enough protein in your diet and that you hit atleast 10% calorie surplus.

The positive thing in this kind of dieting is that you will gain a shitload of muscle and strength but you end up also slapping on that excess fat kind a bit. And as stated above what goes around, comes around. When you decide to shed that fat you’ve gained through the months or years, it is a one way street. Your strength levels will drop and you might lose a little bit of muscle.

But those two things are not really a thing to be scared about. As you’ve reached the certain level of body fat where you feel comfortable and you go back to calorie surplus your strength and muscle will come back quite fast. This is the result of restricting your calories to be able to burn fat. Your muscles basically won’t have enough energy stored to work with their maximal potential.

All-in-all dirty bulking is a good option if you want to gain the most amount of overall MASS to your frame in a short period of time. But beware, dieting this way you might find yourself a bit puffier faster than you’d like to.

How To Gain Weight And Muscle Fast With Clean BulkingHow To Gain Weight And Muscle Fast

This one is a bit different approach than the dirty one and requires more work in your part. This is because you have a certain limit of calories and macronutrients in place what you can eat every day. You’re not just eating anything in sight to make you big.

The advantage is that you can stay relatively lean while gaining muscle and strength. This way of bulking is certainly a bit more healthier way to gain muscle but it will not be as effective if you want to add that overall mass since your trying to minimize the excess fat.

If you want to structure an effective clean bulking phase check out THIS article on how to structure a perfect diet for your needs.

All-in-all clean bulking is better way to go if you want to be relatively lean while still building muscle and strength.

How To Structure Your Weight TrainingHow To Gain Weight And Muscle Fast

This is the most important variable in your whole process of fast weight gain. If you don’t want to become just fat blob, you have to incorporate weight training to your overall plan. Despite what everyone has told you about how to build the most amount of muscle, training with weights is simply the most efficient and effective option possible.

The really nice thing is that as you’re a beginner in the gym you will be able to grow muscle fairly quickly. This is something you definately will want to take advantage of by structruring your weight training program in correct fashion.

There is couple of key factors that you will have to put into place which are:

  1. Training with compound exercises
  2. Utilize proper lifting technique
  3. Aim for progressive overload

Check out my comprehensive article HERE to understand how to implement all these three vitally important aspects of weight training!

If you have all of these three principles in place you really cannot go wrong with your weight training plan.


You absolutely will pack serious amounts of mass fast when your training and diet are up to par. But now you have to decide which route you will take on.

If you want to just pack on mass as fast as it is possible go with the dirty bulk. A good option would be to stay in a dirty bulk for the first 8 months and then check how far have you come and maybe then clean up your diet a bit and try to minimize further fat gains by switching to clean diet.

By reading forums at, facebook and youtube I’ve seen that lately the trend in bulking tends to favor clean bulking. I think this is simply because people nowadays want to stay in better shape year around and not just get big and bulky by any means necessary.

All-in-all the decision is totally up to you. Decide what are your goals right now and make a decision that you feel fits the best.

Here is a bullet point list to recap all the important points:

  • As a beginner you will be able to grow really fast
  • Dirty bulking will yield you the most size and strength possible, but also slaps on more fat
  • Clean bulking is a good option if you want to stay relatively lean while building muscle and strength
  • In the gym structure your workouts upon heavy compound exercises
  • Always use proper form when performing any lift. Don’t sacrifice form while trying to lift heavier weights. Only use weights that you are able to handle
  • Aim for progressive overload, more weight on the bar or more reps executed per workout

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Did you find this article helpful? I’d love to hear what you think. Drop me a comment down below and I’ll get back at you!


10 thoughts on “How To Gain Weight And Muscle Fast – A Guide To Fast & Effective Bulking

  1. Marc

    Great write up. I have always been skinny. It took me a long time to gain muscle mass, but that is okay. I always eat healthy and do my workout. Slowly and steadily I gained the weight I wanted. The nice thing is it was all muscle.

    1. Jesse Post author

      That is great Mark. I personally have done both of these bulks and came into conclusion that for me the way to go is clean 🙂

  2. Tavis

    I do workout but I am not into the whole body builder look. I prefer the lean and ripped look. I like compound exercises combined with a clean diet and body weight exercises. What do you think about working out with bodyweight exercises like burpees and pullups?

    1. Jesse Post author

      Travis you’re on the right track. Burpees are excellent for cardio and explosiveness and pullups are great for back development. Keep training and getting better 🙂

  3. dlansing

    Hi Jesse, great stuff you have here. I have to admit, I used to do “dirty bulking” my way in training & diet. Now I no longer do that as I look good from the outside but gosh, my health diagnostics was alarming to say the least with levels pf cholesterol and internal fat! Thanks for sharing Jesse!


    1. Jesse Post author

      Thank you Dlansing. I’m never going to dirty bulk again myself because I already got enough size so I don’t have to slap on a layer of fat to just look like I lift. A valid point of the health issues also!

  4. Emily

    hi Jesse
    I like how you always summarize the info and the key points. As a woman, if I were to do the dirty bulking, I am pretty sure I would only gain fat….I wish my metabolism was faster but it’s not…I do workout a lot though and have been cleaning my diet too. So I think the clean bulking would be for me. When I worked out with a trainer a few years back (I have trained with 3 of them), I started bulking up and having more muscle definition in just a few months, especially in the shoulders. I have not lost much of it since so I am pretty happy about it 🙂

    1. Jesse Post author

      Great to hear that Emily. I generally recommend people to use the clean bulking for myriad of reasons. But I totally understand beginners who want to just gain MASS as fast as possible. Keep training and getting better 🙂

  5. Joss Ryan

    Great article Jesse, I’ve been doing alot of reading recently on micronutrients, and their importance to muscular development.

    1. Jesse Post author

      Thanks a lot Joss! I haven’t done article on micronutrients since the dietary advice I put out is most of the times enough for getting all micros you need since there is a lot of organic food in the diet, especially dark leafy green vegetables. Great site you got going on at my friend! Keep putting out helpful content for all the folks that need it 🙂


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