Eat Stop Eat Diet Review – Scam Or Legit?

By | May 13, 2015

Eat Stop Eat Diet Review – Scam Or Legit?Eat Stop Eat Diet Review

Scam or Legit?: 100% LEGIT
Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100 points
Price: $20
Experience level: Beginner To Advanced
Type Of Program: Weight Loss
For what?: Fat Loss
Owners: Brad Pilon


I purchased this ebook about a year ago and have been using the guidelines it gives whether I’m bulking or cutting.

The great thing in this book is that it is written in easy to understand manner and offers really valuable information on how the system works, truly anyone can and will experience great results IF they commit to it!

I like Brad Pilons critical standpoint on fitness industrys nonsense. He advocates research based information instead of so called “bro-science” and biased researches that fitness industry relies on to just sell more supplements without genuinely caring about peoples progress and health.

Everything this book has is safe and natural to do. There is no secret pills or powders. Everything is based around our human biology so you can rest assured that it has everything you need to know and everything you don’t!

About The Author Brad PilonEat Stop Eat Diet Review

If you’ve never heard about Brad Pilon you’re missing out quite a lot. Since 2007 he has been a huge advocate of intermittent fasting. And the recent years IF has gained a lot of interest from fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders alike, and it’s not a wonder because it really does work.

Brad had a really high position in one of the biggest supplements companies in the world before publishing his book Eat Stop Eat. He left his lucrative position to continue academic studies and the main subject of his work was metabolic effects of short term fasting.

And the knowledge he gained through these studies have been wrapped up as this revolutionary Eat Stop Eat Diet e-book! Ontop of being passionate about weight loss, Brad is no beginner to the iron game. He really has an awesome physique and knows how to truly build muscle and what works and what doesn’t.

How The Eat Stop Eat Diet Works?

The short answer is that the Eat Stop Eat Diet works in the same way as every single successful fat loss diet does:

Eating in a Calorie Deficit!

Eat Stop Eat Diet Review

And what does calorie deficit mean? It means spending more than consuming. In a nutshell a diet has to be structured so that your weekly calories will be reducted to a certain amount so that you’ll body will be burning fat.

For example you figure out your BMR and end see that your daily calorie maintenance intake is 2500 calories. Then you subtract 500 calories from that and you’ll end up with 2000 calories per day and over the course of the 7 day week you’ll be in 3500 calorie deficit which will burn approximately 1 pound of fat per week.

And what Brad Pilons program does it takes a bit different approach that allows you to eat with your regular diet but you’ll create the deficit by Intermittent Fasting.

In the book you will find different techniques on how to break the fast, how to cope with it, how to easily fast without feeling hungry, etc.


Intermittent Fasting & Brad Pilons E-Book

Intermittent Fasting might sound really weird since most of us are used to eating on a regular basis throughout the day, breakfast, lucnh, dinner, and couple of snacks in between. Keeping the meal frequency high by eating every 3-5 hours you’re not really giving your body time to get rid of all the toxins that you accumulate when eating in general, even when the food is healthy there will be certain amount of stress to your body to get rid of.

And while Intermittent Fasting is fasting, it has to be made clear that it is not the same as regular Fasting.

The difference between IF and regular fasting is the fact that you’re allowed to drink fluids that contain no calories. Coffee is another substance you’re allowed to drink since it will not break the fast. Basically any fluid that contains no sugar, fat or protein is usually fine to drink while fasting, although water seems to be the best option.

When you are fasting for 16-24 hours your body doesn’t have to spend energy to anything else than repairing itself. There are a huge array of different health benefits that Intermittent Fasting triggers and all of them are listed in Brads book. And by the way, no you will not lose any muscle while fasting, quite the opposite!

I completely understand that if you’ve never done Intermittent Fasting before it might be quite intimidating idea. But Brads book teaches you all the steps how to ease yourself into fasting, if you want to just jump straight in and fast for 24 hours right now, it will probably be way too difficult.

Can Everyone Use Brad Pilons Diet?Eat Stop Eat Diet Review

The program is perfectly suitable for everyone out there as long as you’re human! Your current fitness level doesn’t matter since the principles are the same no matter how experienced you are with different weight loss programs.

Somehow women tend to think that this fasting only applies to men and they will get no value out of it. But that is plain and simply wrong! This program will work just as well with women as it does with men, your sex doesn’t make any difference in here.

Is The Eat Stop Eat Diet A Scam?

I can genuinely assure you that this program is 100% legit fat loss program. Like mentioned before it uses the exact same principle that every successful diet uses, calorie deficit.

Just the way that the deficit is accomplished is different than in the regular diets. In Eat Stop Eat the deficit is mainly obtained by intermittent fasting. There are many different variations of fasts you can do and you can find them all in the book and see what suits your needs the best.

Ontop of that the author of the program has appeared in numerous interviews, tv-shows and exhibitions. Brad is not afraid to stand behind his product because he believes in it and it truly works. The author is not some faceless anonymous expert hiding somewhere on the internet, he is a renowned researcher and truly practices what he preaches!

Can You Preserve Muscle Mass While Dieting With The Program?bench

Absolutely. In fact short term fasting has a myriad different health benefits along with the raise in anabolic hormones in your body.

But that being said, like any other diet Brad Pilons way is the same. If you try to rush your fat loss diet it can be counterproductive to maintaining or even growing your muscle mass. Like with any diet easing yourself into the diet and starting slow will yield better results than going balls to the wall from day 1.

Is The Program Backed Up By Scientific Evidence?

Brad Pilons e-book is purely based upon clinical studies with people and literature of different researches on different health aspects of short term fasting.

In fact there is 317 peer-reviewed scientific studies supporting the information that the book holds!


Does Brad Pilons Program Actually Work?

Yes it does. But only if you commit to it. This program is not something that you can just read and not implement and expect results. Remember that in the fat loss world there is no magic pills or powders that will transform your physique overnight!

Consistency is the key with any diet and Brad Pilons diet is no different. You stay in calorie deficit by following the guidelines ruled in the book and you will be golden.

Conclusion On Eat Stop Eat By Brad Pilon

To toot my own horn here, I fast couple of times every week. It doesn’t matter if I’m bulking or cutting, I’m still using the principles outlined in this book.

This is because fasting is really effective way not just to shed fat off but to build muscle and give your body an enviroment of cleansing and repairing. Like I mentioned above short term fasting has a huge array of different health benefits to your body, all the way from increased fat burning to cleaning toxins and raising anabolic hormone levels!

If you end up purchasing Brad Pilons Eat Stop Eat, you can rest assured that you’re investing your money to a system that works like a charm (as long as you commit to it!) and you’ll probably stick with it for the rest of your life.

The great thing in this book is also that it debunks many of the myths that still circle around the fitness industry such as “you have to eat a meal every 2-3 hours” and all the other nonsense floating around.
Eat Stop Eat Diet Review


That is all there is to it folks! Have you tried Eat Stop Eat? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comment section below.

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