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How Long To Rest Between Sets

How Long To Rest Between Sets Here is a quick little article to end up the confusion of how long to rest betwen sets within a workout. So what is the optimal rest time between sets for muscle growth? Is it 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes or 5 minutes? To be honest it all… Read More »

Recovery After Workout

Recovery After Workout – How Long Should You Actually Rest? Many new lifters are quite puzzled by how long should they wait before their muscles have recovered from a weight training session. There is no cookie cutter answer to this question since there are so many different variables that will affect the way one recovers… Read More »

What Is Training Intensity?

What Is Training Intensity? I decided to write this article to help all the new lifters who feel a bit lost on how hard they actually should or should not train. There are lot of different factors that will affect your training intensity but for natural lifters the best way to gain muscle is to… Read More »

Are Squats Bad For Your Knees – The Truth!

Are Squats Bad For Your Knees – The Truth! An age old question about knee health and squats, are squats bad for your knees and would you be way better by ditching them altogether. Truth to be told, if your squat technique is on point it will certainly not destroy your knees, if anything they… Read More »