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7 Body Building Tips to Break Through a Plateau

For most of us, great body building tips offer a fast track to muscle growth. But, what happens when you’re following all the rules and you’re seeing zero gains? What if you’re busting your butt in the gym, day in, day out, and you’re just not seeing the results? What gives? Chances are you’ve hit… Read More »

The Best Ways Women Can Build Muscle

When it comes to women weight lifting at the gym, the tide is turning. For years, women were told the same thing over and over: “You should be thin, not muscular.” Though health is important, healthy women can look many different ways. Depending on what body type you have, being muscular, thin, or overweight can… Read More »

Top 7 Muscle Building Mistakes

Here I’m going to list the top 7 most common muscle building mistakes that I’ve personally come accross between folks training in the gym and some of these I’ve been quilty myself! There are definately even more mistakes that I have done on the way but these 7 are the first that came into my… Read More »

How To Build Upper Body Strength

So you’ve been bit by a fitness bug and wondering how to build upper body strength and add some lean muscle to your frame. That’s good, real good! With this comprehensive article I’m going to give you good advice how to build that power to your upper body so you can feel better and be… Read More »

Is The Pump Necessary For Muscle Growth?

Many bodybuilders and folks who are just interested building some muscle on to their frame, often times ponder with the same old question of is the pump necessary for muscle growth. Every single guy or girl who has been hitting the gym for awhile knows the feeling of the muscle pump. And to be honest… Read More »

Kettlebells Vs. Dumbbells

Kettlebells Vs. Dumbbells – Which One Is Better? As the kettlebells have started to break through in the recent years, they are becoming a staple to almost every decent gym. This leads to a situation where, mostly beginners, are quite puzzled with these weird rounded iron balls with a handle. Although kettlebells have become a… Read More »

Muscle Gain Vs. Fat Loss

Muscle Gain Vs. Fat Loss There is a lot of information on internet circling around this topic. Most of the time the groups are divided into two camps. The other side says that you can gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously, the other side says that you should focus on one task at a time.… Read More »