Building muscle and strength naturally – No BS information!

By | October 30, 2014

Building muscle and strength naturally – No BS information!

The long debated and researched topic of bodybuilding and strength training: What is the BEST way to build muscle and strength without using any enhancement of steroids.

As a new lifter its easy to get caught up by the arguments of the old and wise. There is a lot fancy terms thrown around such as Negatives, Drop sets, Super sets, etc. when discussing the best ways to build muscle.

For a person who is just starting out you should not pay attention to advanced stuff like that. See, building muscle is actually quite straight forward and not a rocket science. In a basic form its breaking down the muscle tissue and repairing it. Practically this means performing exercises or movements (in the gym with weights or bodyweight) which strain your muscles. After the workout is done you’ll eat and the proteins from food will repair that broken down muscle tissue and make it bigger and stronger. Thats it, in bare essentials, building muscle.

Now for a beginner the best way to build muscle naturally comes from putting heavy emphasize on basic compound movements such as: Deadlifts, Squats, Benchpress, Overheadpress, Chinups, Rows. The reason behind their superiority lies in the workload capacity to your body. When you’re preforming these big movements your body has to work as a whole unit and incorporate big muscle groups to work. For example a deadlift will use every single muscle in your body opposed to bicep curl, so needles to say to get the best bang for your buck you should spend your maximum effort with the compound exercises.

Another really important factor training with the compound exercises is they’ll train your joints and core and this will benefit your overall health and longevity. Performing heavy deadlifts, squats, bench, overheadpresses and rows you will build a strong and natural posture which will keep everything in your body aligned like the way it supposed to be. On the flipside of the coin they can also ruin you, so drilling down the good form before start going heavy on these movements is ESSENTIAL.

I didn’t want to go too much detail in this post but to sum it all up here is a summary of the important points:

– Construct your program based on compound movements.
– Eat the right foods.
– Get enough sleep.
– Avoid machines in the gym (only for assistance work or pumping)
– Get into right mindset that building muscle requires time. All the programs that provide FAST results are BS. Muscle does not build fast naturally.

Happy lifting everybody 🙂

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