Back workouts for men – 4 Exercises to build a massive back!

By | November 5, 2014

Back workouts for men – 4 Exercises to build a massive back!

backSo you want to build that big back? Then you’ve come to the right place my friend! I’m giving you the absolute best exercises for developing your back!

Having a strong back is in my opinion the best attribute in body. Strong back gives you so much practical everyday strength. It will translate to every activity you do, be it construction work or carrying groceries.

The thing with this workout which I’m going to give you, you won’t be just training your whole back, you’ll develop your biceps and forearms also!

And before I’ll explain the exercises I want you to remember couple of VERY important tips!

Start with light weights!

Important in order to get your back activated. The muscles in the back is one of the most difficult muscle groups to activate so you really have to get the mind muscle connection with your back in place! One good cue is to “pull with your elbows” not with your hands.

Maintain a good form!

Keep neutral spine, retract your shoulder blades together and “show off your boobs” and keep your core tight.

Ok so now for the exercises:

#1 Deadlift

The king of all exercises. Everyone should do this. This exercise uses every single muscle in your body. But let me tell you It also takes time to master this exercise but once you do the benefits will be so great.

Personally my back has grown a lot thicker since I started deadlifting and its no wonder. Especially the upper part of the motion requires a lot of mid and upper back.

I believe this exercise carries best over to the everyday life. I mean having a strong deadlift means a strong body (strong BACK and legs).

I’ll put a technique video here so you’ll get the hang of it!

Rep range:

6-15 reps for 3 sets.


#2 Barbell Row / One Arm Dumbbell Row

Another exercise for back that I absolutely love. Activates the whole back nicely. You can experiment with different kind of grips, palms up or palms down, wider or narrower grips.

Remember to start with light weights so you can get the technique and form right! Really often beginners put too much weight and the strain doesn’t go to back.

Rep range:

6-15 reps for 3 sets.


#3 Chin-ups

Or if you’re not strong enough you could use Assisted chin-up machine (if your gym has one) or substitute this with Cable Pull Down.

Again you can use different grips, palms up, palms down, palms facing eachother (if the chin-up bar has the hammer option), very wide, shoulder wide, narrow, etc.

If you cannot perform any chin-ups you can also start doing only negatives and try to descend as slowly as you can and then jump back up to bar and ascend. You get the picture!

Rep range:

Max reps x 3 sets

Adding extra weight would be necessary if you can perform all 3 sets in 12-15 rep range.


#4 Back extensions

The last exercise in our back workout. You probably know what these are. Lie on your stomach (or back extension bench) and lift your torso up.

Rep range:

8-15 x 3 sets

Consider adding extra weight when you can do 15 reps for 3 sets.

So here we have it. The best back workout for men! Do this workout for once a week to build that strong and muscular back! Aim for progressive overload in order to push yourself stronger and bigger.

Here I’ll give you an example what this workout would look like:


15 mins jogging on treadmill


Warm-up sets starting from 30kg x 10, 40kg x 10, 50kg x 10.

– Set 1 = 60kg x 15, Set 2 = 70kg x 12, Set 3 = 80kg x 10

Barbell Row:

– Set 1 = 40kg x 15, Set 2 = 40kg x 12, Set 3 = 40kg x 10

Chin-ups OR Cable pulldowns

– Set 1 = 12 chin-ups, Set 2 = 10 chin-ups, Set 3 = 6 chin-ups

– Set 1 = 40kg x 15, Set 2 = 50kg x 12, Set 3 = 50kg x 9

Back extensions

– Set 1 = 15, Set 2 = 15, Set 3 = 12

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Thank you for reading this article! Did you find it helpful? Do you have some suggestions or questions? I’d love to hear them! Drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Remember, train hard and train smart!

– Jesse 🙂

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