Action Hero Muscle Review

By | August 5, 2015

Action Hero Muscle Review

Scam or Legit?: 50/50
Overall Ranking: 30 out of 100 points
Price: $47
Experience level: Beginner – Advanced
Type Of Training: Weight Training
For what?: Muscle Growth / Fat Loss
Owners: Josef Rakich

My friend mentioned me about some quite new fancy workout program called Action Hero Muscle by some fitness model who has a huge following on social media.

That sparked my interest since I really enjoy doing these reviews to help people to save their hard earned money or investing something that really works and delivers results.

So I decided to take this complete training program under my magnifying glass and find out does it really hold any value or is it the same old scheme of over hyped marketing using different gimmicks, secret techniques or magic shortcuts to achieve the body that you deserve and strive for.

Before I’ll give you my conclusion let’s check a bit in-depth into the program itself…

About The Author Josef Rakich

Professional fitness model, sponsored athlete and ISSA-Certified personal trainer with a social media following that I’ve never seen before. Josef Rakich has roughly 2.3 million facebook followers, over 50k twitter followers and a good 50k youtube subscribers. Talk about dominating the social media right!

Other than that there was not a whole lot of information available from the guy since he is very new to the whole fitness industry as a figure.

He has a great physique there is no doubt about that so he definately has been lifting for good 6-10 years.

What Is The Action Hero Muscle Program?

The program is designed to give you that “action hero hollywood -look” with a V-taper that basically means broad shoulders, thin waist and ofcourse big arms along with the six pack.

So the idea of the program is to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat.

Whole course lasts 12 weeks and you’ll workout 45 minutes per session, 4 times a week.

The actual content that you will get when you purchase the package consists of:

  • Action Hero Muscle workout plan and follow-along videos
  • Comprehensive nutrition plan
  • Special report 5 Ways to Light Your Fat Burning Furnace
  • Action Hero Muscle Extreme Fat Burning Cardio Plan
  • The Action Hero Muscle Supplement Guide
  • JR’s Top 5 Muscle Building Shortcuts


The Muscle Stacking Technique Of AHM Program

Ok so this is the holy grail of this program and Josef claims that the type of training you have to do will yield 10 times more powerful results compared to traditional workout regimens.

Josef states that by using unconventional workout routines tailored by his “muscle stacking” techniques you will cause a fat-burning, muscle building “interplay” that will yield the 10 times more powerful anabolic state in your body.

Ok so this reeks of the classic marketing gimmick that he is offering something that nobody else in the fitness industry knows.


Well let me tell you something, there are no secret stacking techniques that will give you 10 times more powerful gains, even people using crazy amount of steroids cannot achieve 10 times more powerful results, not even close!

Josef claims that his “unconventional” training methods will build your muscles into bigger and bulkier muscles and that you cannot experience the same effect with traditional workout regimens.

The fact is that it is virtually impossible to sculpt your muscle how you want it. The only way you can do it how you want it is to inject synthol into your muscles with a needle. Synthol is an oil that many high level bodybuilders use in order to shape their chosen bodyparts.

Apart from that the only way you can sculpt your muscle is growing it bigger. That is the only thing that has effect on how your muscles will look along with your body fat percentage, when your body fat goes down your muscles will have more shape and definition.

You either make the muscle bigger, reduce your body fat or stay the same. The actual shape of your muscles depends on your genetics, how your muscle insertions take place within your body, how your muscles attach to the tendons and so forth.

So after reading this I started to get a bit sketchy. The classic scheme of discovering some secret on how to build muscle and burn fat with lightning speed.

The truth is that there are no frigging secrets or shortcuts. It all boils down to training hard, eating right and recovering enough, over a long period of time.

On top of this “Muscle Stacking” this programs come also with the “Jack Rakich’s Top 5 Muscle Building Shortcuts”. Again trying to sell some quick fix solution that holds no value.

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What I Like In The Action Hero Muscle Program

So looking at the material I found the following to be useful:

  • Incorporating basic compound exercises
  • Follow-along videos were entertaining
  • Contents of the program are well structured and written

But eventhough these were the things I found some value, there were still stuff that could be made better! It was really hard to try and find something good from the whole program.

What I Do Not Like In The AHM Program


  • Gimmicky marketing promising 10 times more powerful results with “unconventional” training methods that are ineffective and just divert you from making the greatest progress you can.
  • The whole Muscle Stacking technique is not supported by any research and it is just made up from the wind, once again the classic misleading marketing gimmicks to push this product to you.
  • Not focusing on the basics of lifting which are squats, deadlifts, rows, chin-ups, bench presses, overhead presses.
  • Nutritional information not very thorough.
  • The whole program just feels really shallow, like it’s put together for quick cash and not really trying to help people to reach their desired fitness goals.
  • Claiming that the unique “muscle stacking” technique will make your muscles big and round when the truth is that you cannot do such a thing. The only thing you can do is grow your muscles bigger and the shape they will take depends purely on your genetics.
  • A lot of customers have been complaining in forums of the ineffectiveness of the program. Some people have even accused the program for doing fake customer reviews.
  • In general the whole program tries to give you a quick fix shortcut (like one of the materials is labeled) to building muscle and burning fat while in reality THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES OR SHORTCUTS. Hard work and consistency is the name of the game.

Conclusion On Action Hero Muscle Review

I’m sorry to say this but the negatives massively outweigh the positives in this program.

When it all comes down to it, Action Hero Muscle program is definately not your choice if you’re serious about changing your body composition.

The whole program oozes of mediocrity and the marketing is so full of gimmicks that I cannot recommend this program for anyone.

I mean even the duration of the program is only 12 weeks. You build muscle in a matter of years not a couple of months. Building muscle is quite slow in the big picture and like I stated before there are NO SHORTCUTS and if someone is trying to tell you otherwise, they are just trying to rip you off.

But anyway if you’ve made up your mind and you feel that the Action Hero Muscle is the program of choice for you, go grab yours HERE with the best price available.


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Tired Of The Misleading Marketing And Gimmicks? If You’re Serious About Building Muscle, Check Out My #1 Recommendation HERE!


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